Kyrie Irving Out For Remainder Of Season

Kyrie Irving will miss the remainder of the season, Nets general manager Sean Marks said today, as Marc Stein of the New York Times relays (Twitter link). The point guard will undergo a procedure on his shoulder.

His last game came on February 1 against the Wizards, where he injured his knee. That ailment appears to be fine, but his shoulder woes, which he attempted to play through while taking a cortisone shot, will cause his debut season in Brooklyn to end.

Irving, who signed a big-money, four-year contract with the Nets last summer, has been limited to just 20 games in his first season with the club, primarily due to those shoulder issues. He has been his usual productive self when he has been healthy, averaging 27.4 PPG, 6.4 APG, and 5.2 RPG with a shooting line of .478/.394/.922, as own Luke Adams detailed earlier today.

The point guard’s best game of the season came in a 54-point performance in which Irving said he had the “Mamba Mentality,” dedicating it to the late Kobe Bryant.

Irving will return next season alongside Kevin Durant, who reiterated that he will not play this season. Durant inked a four-year deal with Brooklyn last summer.

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41 thoughts on “Kyrie Irving Out For Remainder Of Season

      • amk3510

        The Nets are the same irrelevant team they have always been with or without Kyrie. Banking on KD next year is a dang good way to try and get out of irrelevance.

          • amk3510

            I don’t care about either the Nets or Durant. Take off your clown glasses, KD is still an other worldly talent. He didn’t lose a leg…

            • jkoms57

              Lol exactly KD would make any team relevant.

              Let alone, they’re 5.5 games up on a playoff spot without him this season.

  1. richard dangler

    News surprising to no one. Before the season started everyone knew he’d only play a couple dozen games.

  2. jonnyzuck

    It’s amazing that he had that 54 point game fighting through the shoulder injury although i suspect if Durant was healthy then Kyrie would be able to finish the season through the shoulder

    • highplainsdriftr

      He wanted to honor Kobe by showing us what a really talented player with no competitive desire or mental toughness looks like, that way we can appreciate those qualities with Bryant. #gardensnakementality

  3. highplainsdriftr

    Nets are better without him. Maybe they want to make a run at the playoffs

  4. El Don

    Haters gonna hate… trolls gonna troll… & live is life!
    I wish people came here to contribute something positive but… no point in expecting people to be nice, right?

    • highplainsdriftr

      Poor athletes with 200 million dollar contracts, internet can be so mean!

    • Strike Four

      Then make your own sunshine express message board where all negative comments are deleted instantly.

  5. Strike Four

    No point to play Kyrie without KD, plus it minimizes the time for Kyrie to say dumb things to his teammates.

  6. mlbnyyfan

    What a joke. He’s just helping the Nets tank for a better draft pick with Durant next year

    • Chief Two Hands

      If that were the case, Irving would be playing. The Nets are likely a better overall team without him. Irving is a very good individual player, but not a good teammate, as was evidenced by his time with the Celtics.

      • They’re 8-12 with him playing, 17-16 without him. There’s no ‘likely’ about it; they’ve played better without Irving.

  7. Chief Two Hands

    The Nets just got better for the rest of this season. Of course, the real train wreck will come when Irving and Durant have to try to coexist.

    • dynasty in boston

      They’re really 2 of a kind. Playing for stats, not wins. Pain? Nope, I’m waaay too important.

      • southbeachbully

        @dynasty in boston

        Dude I’m not a Nets fan but you’re a clown. The very reason KD is out for the season is because he attempted to play thru his injuries and ended up doing further damage. And Irving showed what he’s made of when he was clutch with the Cavs the year they won it all.

        • dynasty in boston

          Sorry dude. You can put the knee pads away. But the truth hurts. KD went to Warriors after they proved themselves elite. He was going there to pad his numbers.

          He went to the Nets hoping Kaylee could lead. They’re two of a kind.

  8. Sorry crazylarry, I take Melo over Irving. You may hate Melo’s game, but he dresses every game, played hard (on O at least) and contrary to what some want to suggest, is liked by teammates.

    No doubt Irving is a more well rounded talent from a game standpoint, but the attitude and desire to play/compete don’t seem to be there.

    • Say what you will, but Irving has a championship and was vital to earning it. Melo has only made it out of the first round twice and hasn’t done so in 7 years.

      • Appalachian_Outlaw

        Irving also got to play with LeBron when he won said championship. That helps a whole, whole lot.

        I’d take Melo over Irving.

  9. joeyrocafella

    This guy is the softest player in the entire league. He is soft, whiny, and a big complainer. KD will mildly regret his decision to team up with this diva next year

  10. Pablo Boner

    The Nets spending all of that money on a moody, injury-riddled guard with a penchant for burning bridges and a forward being out for the first year of his contract made me question whether or not they re-hired Billy King.

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