Kyrie Irving To See Specialist, Out Indefinitely

Kyrie Irving, who is nursing knee and shoulder injuries, isn’t expected to return to the court anytime soon, as Malika Andrews of relays. The Nets‘ point guard is scheduled to see another specialist for this shoulder this week.

“That’s about all I can tell you,” coach Kenny Atkinson said. “His shoulder continues to bother him. That’s about the extent of it now.”

Irving missed 26 games earlier this season because of shoulder woes. He should have a clearer timetable for a return after seeing the specialist.

Atkinson said that Irving didn’t re-aggravate the injury on a specific play or during a specific practice. It’s something that has been lingering.

“A cortisone shot lasts as long as it can,” Irving said back in December. “You either continue to get cortisone shots, which is obviously detrimental to your health and your muscles, or you go get arthroscopic surgery. For me, it’s just about being able to go back out there after the right amount of rehab, the right amount of rest and recovery and see what we can do for the rest of the season and then re- evaluate after a few months.”

The Nets inked Irving to a four-year deal during the offseason. He has missed a total of 33 games for the club because of his various ailments.

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31 thoughts on “Kyrie Irving To See Specialist, Out Indefinitely

  1. ThePeople'sElbow

    where’s the resident medical exert Ren Avi? are you also a specialist on shoulders? Is Kyrie done? Never gonna be the same? HA!

  2. Man, to imagine what things would be like if Irving actually resigned with boston. Blessing in disguise, as ainge undoubtedly wouldve jumped at the opportunity to do so. To resign Irving and lose rozier only to see Irving have the injury riddled campaign hes had would be very much egg on the face for the C’s. Brooklyn can stomach Irvings deal not panning out with their depth and KD looming behind the scenes, all and all a better fit then the C’s stacking up another FA failure after already fumbling the Heyward deal.

        • Colin Sexton was apart of that trade as the Nets pick right? There was a time before this season where i thought itd he nicer to have a young cheap PG like Sexton instead of overpaying for a guy like Walker, walker may be better but i felt sexton wasnt far off from being a similar player. Not of that opinion now tho, Walker has warmed to me, Sexton seems developmentally stagnant. But perhaps i should wait till Walkers cap hit is more noticeable at an inopportune time, and maybe Sexton is simply in a sophomore slump and shouldnt be written off either.

      • The first year he played zero games while making max money. The second year while working his way back he only gave ya average to sub average production and in much reduced role. And again while taking up max cap space.
        This year has been more in line with what was, at a minimum, expected from him. His offensive efficiency and shooting numbers have more than rebounded. Hes improved as a facilitator slightly, however i think his increased rbs are more the nature of the system/roster then actual improvement.

        But he still seems a bit off defensively, tentative,steals arent everything but i didn’t consider his D lock down in Utah so the down tick is noticeable, and i think that reflects in a slightly lower PER then what he had pre injury. Plus his better FG and 3pct may be due to easier looks by virtue of Brown, Tatum, and Walker all being just as capable off threats. The one season hes actually made a case for being worth the money and its very “meh”. If he opts out, which i think he will, then thats that.

        Freak injury or not, you wasted max cap space for 2/3 years of the deal and i wasnt a fan of signing in the first place.

        • royhobbs

          The man’s leg was almost twisted off, that is not a “fumbled ” deal on Ainge.

  3. Down with OBP

    Is this addition by subtraction? Don’t they have a better record without him?

  4. Irvings missed so many games this year that hes lost hyperlink privileges lolols. I see you mr. Crouse, comin in with the executive editorial decision.

  5. harden-westbrook-mvps

    A waste of $137M, add that to the $160M they sunk into Durant, and that makes close to $300M spent by one of the worst run teams in the NBA.

    • tomjoadsghost

      I’ll tell you a terrible team decision. Reading two #1 picks and Chris Paul for terrible Westbrook. OKC fleeced your HOU. If you don’t have a player over 6’6” you shouldn’t throw stones at other front offices. Hong Kong

  6. harden-westbrook-mvps

    A waste of $137M, add that to the $160M they sunk into Durant, and that makes close to $300M spent by one of the worst run teams in the NBA.

  7. Chief Two Hands

    Irving is way too injury-prone to be the VP of the NBPA. That, and that alone, is clearly the only obstacle standing between him and potential VP greatness.

  8. supercollider

    Irving looked at the schedule, saw the Brooklyn game at Boston on March 3, and decided that March 4 would be a good return date.

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