Lakers Notes: Davis, Cousins, Morris Twins, LeBron

Anthony Davis has experienced a few injury scares during his first season with the Lakers, including one Friday night, but he’s ending concerns about his ability to stay healthy, writes Mark Medina of USA Today. Davis missed almost an entire quarter after bumping knees Friday with Jaren Jackson Jr., but returned to finish off a 28-point, 13-rebound, seven-block performance.

Davis has appeared in 47 of L.A.’s 54 games so far, with the only extended absence being caused by a hard fall in early January that resulted in lower back soreness. It’s a welcome change for Lakers’ fans after Davis’ injury-filled history in New Orleans.

“As long as they tell me it’s nothing serious, I’ll go out there and play,” Davis said. “You don’t know until you check all the boxes. But anytime they tell me I’m cleared and it’s not going to hurt me to go out there and play, I’m going to try to go out there and play.”

There’s more Lakers news to pass along:

  • The Lakers plan to waive injured center DeMarcus Cousins today to open a roster spot for Markieff Morris, but Cousins will remain with the team while he rehabs his torn ACL, according to Shams Charania of The Athletic (video link from Stadium). Despite not playing, Cousins has been a valuable addition to the locker room, Charania adds, and the organization enjoys having him around.
  • With Markieff headed to the Lakers, twin brother Marcus Morris, now on the Clippers, envisions a scenario where they carpool to a potential playoff series, relays Ohm Youngmisuk of ESPN. “We’re two competitive guys, that’s gonna be like really fun,” Marcus said. “Probably gonna ride to the game together. That don’t bother us, to have to go out there and compete — we’re pros, and both of us gonna go hard and both are gonna do the best we can do for our team.”
  • Coach Frank Vogel is looking forward to having the playoff version of LeBron James on his side after frequently watching him from the opposing bench, relays Joe Vardon of The Athletic. Vogel’s Pacers teams suffered three playoff losses to James when he was on the Heat, including twice in the Eastern Conference finals. “He knew everything we were running before we even called it out,” Vogel recalled. “He knew stuff was coming with his anticipation, and intelligence went into that. The determination of whatever it would take to beat us, that is what he was going to do.”
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19 thoughts on “Lakers Notes: Davis, Cousins, Morris Twins, LeBron

  1. mcdusty49

    I knew that Boogie was gonna stick around, it was more of a procedural roster move than anything

    • Chief Two Hands

      Yeah , I am happy to see he will still be with the team. Even just seeing him in a suit on the bench, his positive influence on the team has been obvious.

      • harden-westbrook-mvps

        Why would a guy not on their roster be sitting on the bench with the players on the team, even if he’s wearing a suit?


    I believe they can add him on the last day of the season and still be playoff eligible since he isn’t joining a new team.. so if he is healthy by playoffs, they can Resign him and still add him back for the playoffs..

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      And why would they do that? They would still have to cut someone on the roster to make room for him, it makes no sense at all.

        • mcdusty49

          Dude doesn’t think when it comes to NBA conversations, and most like other types of conversations as well

      • Injury what if
        No one wants that
        If that occurred I’ll bet he returns for the playoffs

        • GABEPERKINS1

          Only delusional rocket fan thinks hop along harden doesn’t travel or commit offensive fouls every play or that same fame thinks me Pringle’s will lead them to title as coach


    He can still train with team and be around team.. just can’t be on bench during games

  4. illowa

    Would like to see the twins start a brawl with each other and get tossed. And about riding together, i knew some twins that would just get into fist fights to see who would drive. This should add some extra entertainment for sure.


    Clippers 1-3 since getting Marcus Morris.. he’s averaging 10 pts a game as a starter.. it’s a lot different putting up Meaningless big stats on crappy team..

  6. jdodge22

    Who is this take no prisoners journalist that came up with an outrageously original idea for an article titled ‘Lebron James is good..says his coach’?? The balls on this guy to put his career on the line and stand up against popular opinion.
    He must have really have had to work the source to get him to go on record with this piece. Article of the year for sure but I think the award committee and voters will see him as a loose canon, too hard to tame and a serious threat to smash the industry standards set by the lazy writers of therefore they will not give it to him. It’s cool though because he doesn’t play by their rules. He’s here to role up his sleeves and get the real dirt that no one else has the guts to get. Joe Vardon has instantly just propelled himself into the ether and beyond. Soaring ever higher his unflappable courage awards him no boundaries or limitations or fear of losing out on a hot scoop. He is the scoop. Joe Vardon.

    • jdodge22

      After I wrote this comment I decided to go and actually see if indeed this was an actual article about how lebron james coach thinks he’s good and somehow to my astonishment it wasn’t a misprint or anything like that. It was yet another lazy ass sycophantic lebron ball washing. Good grief. But hold on the best part in all this is that the athletic wants you to pay for a subscription for the privilege of getting to read the entire article. Comedy gold. But what’s more funny them asking you to pay for this or that by teasing that headline and first paragraph they think you will be hooked and will want to so desperately throw them whatever fee they want just to know how it all ends. I mean I was so excited after reading that the coach thought he was good before but is happy he’s on his team,that I had to take my pants off before i could keep reading. I mean it should be illegal to ask for money from readers so they can feel embarrassed for the writer as he’s wiping his chin off. Him and windhorst will no doubt be rolling around on the floor trying to pull each other’s hair pretty soon.

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