Latest On Evan Turner, Wolves Buyout Talks

Evan Turner is still weighing the idea of a buyout, according to Sean Deveney of The wing was reportedly in buyout talks with the Timberwolves earlier this month but it has been quiet on that front until now.

Turner, who was scheduled to work out for the Clippers earlier this month, would be open to a reunion with the Celtics, Deveney hears. The former No. 2 overall pick spent two seasons in Boston, starting in 163 games for the club.

The Hawks traded for Turner during the offseason, hoping to use him as a backup point guard to starter Trae Young. That didn’t exactly work out and the team shipped him to Minnesota in its deal for Clint Capela.

The 31-year-old Chicago native has played for five teams in his career, as he has suited up for the Sixers, Pacers, and Blazers in addition to the Celtics and Hawks.

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11 thoughts on “Latest On Evan Turner, Wolves Buyout Talks

  1. bobulated

    Dude looked like he had a fork in his back every time he stepped on the court for the Hawks.

  2. Jeff Zanghi

    I guess he wouldn’t be a back pickup for the Celtics for some bench depth. Personally I think I’d rather them get someone who was a little bit of a better 3-pt shooter or a defensive minder Center. But not much seems to be available on that front so if no one better becomes available I suppose adding a solid veteran capable of solid def, rebounding and okay scoring would be a nice addition to a Celtics bench that is lacking a bit of a veteran presence.

  3. Can the entire league offer Turner a buy-out so we don’t have to hear about him any more?

    • jkoms57

      Why does he seem to land solid contracts while his clone MCW gets the appropriate league min?

      Evan Turner literally brings nothing of value to any team.

      • x%sure

        Why are you blaming Turner for errors by GM Olshey and the summer of 2016? He had his best (just average) year just before that.
        Boston didn’t overpay him, paid about a 2/7, and he was on a rookie scale before that.

  4. fishy14

    What a life i remember him being decent when rose blew out his knee and they lost 76ers

    Get paid 10 mill to play 8 min a game score 4pts grab 3rebounds for 6-7 years

    Then sit out a few games for load management

    • jkoms57

      Yep exactly what I just posted earlier.. why does Turner keep making 10x what hes worth?

      I’m not simply hating but just curious.. the dude cant shoot or defend and hasn’t been an effective scorer in a decade.

      Hes worth 2mil max but always makes 10+ what a life

  5. avidsportsnut

    Turner was actually dealt to Minnesota in the massive 4 team, 12 player trade. The Hawks just sent Crabbe to Minnesota for Teague and Graham.

  6. DynamiteAdams

    He could be a good ball handler for Philly to replace Ben for the next couple of weeks

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