Latest On Wolves’ Multi-Team D’Angelo Russell Trade Talks

As multiple reports have indicated, the Timberwolves have been making an effort to orchestrate multi-team trade talks involving the Warriors, Rockets, and Hawks that would help them land point guard D’Angelo Russell.

The basic goal of such a four-team deal would be get a center (Clint Capela) to Atlanta, a wing (Robert Covington) to Houston, Russell to Minnesota, and various assets to Golden State. However, according to those previous reports from ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski and Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer, Minnesota and Golden State haven’t been able to find common ground on a package for Russell.

The Timberwolves may need to give the Warriors flexibility on which year(s) they’d prefer to get draft picks, league sources tell Wojnarowski.

Multi-team trades aren’t easy to complete, so this mega-trade is certainly no lock to get done. But it also doesn’t appear as if the clubs involved have given up yet. Here are the latest updates on these four-team discussions:

  • Within his report, Wojnarowski suggests that Timberwolves forward Andrew Wiggins would almost certainly have to be included in any trade involving Russell for financial reasons, and our Chris Crouse confirms (via Twitter) that Wiggins has been discussed as part of a potential deal.
  • According to Jabari Young of CNBC (Twitter link), Hawks swingman Evan Turner – who has a pricey expiring contract – and Warriors center Kevon Looney are among the other players whose names have come up as parts of this potential trade.
  • The Hawks, Timberwolves, and Warriors are talking about what draft picks (and possible protections) would be involved in the trade, according to Young (Twitter link). The Rockets aren’t involved in that aspect of the deal and would presumably just receive Covington and a center, Young adds.
  • Jonathan Feigen of The Houston Chronicle (Twitter link) hears that the Rockets like Looney as a potential option to replace Capela in the middle if they can land a three-and-D upgrade such as Covington.
  • According to John Hollinger of The Athletic (Twitter link), a four-team, seven-player trade that includes Wiggins, Russell, Covington, Capela, Looney, Turner, and Nene could get both the Warriors and Rockets out of the tax. Wojnarowksi has suggested that the Warriors are interested in shedding some salary — they’d avoid repeater penalties if they sneak below the tax line this year.
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19 thoughts on “Latest On Wolves’ Multi-Team D’Angelo Russell Trade Talks

  1. rxbrgr

    For salary matching, Dieng and Covington are enough for Russell. Hard to see why Wiggins would be absolutely necessary to include, unless it’s because Minnesota just doesn’t want three max contracts on its books….

    • fishy 9 dogs

      For some reason it seems like GS doesn’t want RoCo. They prefer draft picks. That’s why it’s so messy, I guess.

    • Otogar

      But Covington would be going to Houston, so Dieng would no longer be enough. What I don’t understand is why GS would be interested in taking Wiggins contract. So far he’s done nothing to justify his salary.

      • emac22

        They wouldn’t and that’s the problem. They would have to get another team to take Wiggins.

      • rxbrgr

        FWIW, where Covington goes is inconsequential when it comes to salary-matching in multi-team deals. Minnesota just looks at outgoing versus incoming salaries to determine they meet the requirements.

    • Luke Adams

      It sounds like Turner would be going to Minnesota, which would mean they’d be taking nearly $46MM between him and D-Lo. Which would necessitate Wiggins instead of Dieng.

      • fishy 9 dogs

        Luke, wouldn’t it make more sense for GS to take Turner since he is expiring? I feel like it would be easier to move Dieng instead of Wiggins.

        • Luke Adams

          I might need to take a closer look at everything to get a better idea of all the moving parts. But if the Wolves are sending out Covington ($11MM-ish) and getting back D-Lo ($27MM+), they’d need to send out another big contract. Crabbe’s doesn’t work because he can’t be aggregated, which leaves Dieng or Wiggins. If the Warriors were to take Turner, the Wolves wouldn’t have a spot to send Dieng (none of the Hawks/Warriors/Rockets could take him on, based on the other pieces reported).

          It’s possible there are other ways to construct the deal, but it makes sense that the Wolves would be willing to take on extra 2019/20 money (ie. Turner) since they’re about $10MM below the tax and two teams involved in these talks may want to shed salary.

          • fishy 9 dogs

            Ahhh, I see. I thought that the Hawks had room for him. Thanks for clearing that up.

  2. fishy 9 dogs

    This is looking good for the Wolves! I just hope we get at least top 3 protection on our pick.

  3. Wolves unload Wiggins? OK, mystery (as to why Minn would be discussing a lottery pick for Russell) solved. Getting off Wiggins contract is largest asset they’re receiving. That plus Russell costs them Covington and a lottery pick? Not that bad, as long as there’s top 4 protection. Even better if it’s also remote to 2021 or even 2022.

  4. All Minnesota Sports

    This feels like deja vu for me from the off-season…
    But it’s also gonna be pretty ridiculous IF it does happen because DLo would be in the place he didn’t want to be lol
    So if this does go down DLo inadvertently gave major boost to the Warriors and a big F U to the Wolves by not signing with the Wolves originally and making us give up a bunch.

  5. Still don’t understand why Golden State wouldn’t want Covington and Dieng. Look at Dieng’s stats when Towns was out.

    A lineup of Curry, Thompson, Covington, Green, and Dieng looks pretty good.

    • All Minnesota Sports

      Especially with Diengs improved 3 point shooting. Averaging 1 per game on 38% is great. I think he had a stretch of 15 straight games with a made 3…
      Also realizing I use elipses too much…

    • They may, but for it would be without the draft picks. The Bklyn pick is only there because the Hawks are getting Capela and the Rockets’ Covington. Minny is likely only giving up it’s lottery pick to get off Wiggins’ contract (3 more years on it).

    • Warriors want some money relief along with draft picks. Covington is no all star. They already have him in Robinson 3. So there is no need for Covington who would be a expensive bench player.

  6. hiflew

    I was playing with the Trade Machine and got a successful outcome without Wiggins being involved.

    Warriors get
    Evan Turner
    Gorgui Dieng

    Wolves get
    D’Angelo Russell

    Rockets get
    Robert Covington
    Kevon Looney

    Hawks get
    Clint Capela
    Alec Burks or Glenn Robinson III

    Obviously draft picks would have to be added as well to even the talent exchange, but it could be done without Wiggins.

    • hiflew

      Of course the really weird thing is that according to ESPN it would result in a negative win total for all 4 teams involved. Not sure how that would work. Including a staggering -28 wins for the Warriors and -15 wins for the Hawks. Which I believe would put both teams into the red in the win column and make them ineligible for Final Jeopardy.

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