Sixers Notes: Trade Targets, Horford, Thybulle, Smith

The Sixers are unhappy with the exclusion of rookie defensive standout Matisse Thybulle from the 2020 All-Star Game’s Rising Stars rookie-sophomore game, according to Keith Pompey of The Philadelphia Inquirer.

“I feel like he’s… having a real impact on a winning team,” big man Al Horford said of the 6’5″ wing from the University of Washington. “I’m disappointed about that.”

Sixers coach Brett Brown had similar sentiments: “Just look at the numbers. I think that he should have been in the game.”

Thybulle, the No. 20 pick in the 2019 NBA draft, ranks 13th in the league in steals at 1.56 a night, a category in which he also leads all rookies.

There’s more out of Philadelphia:

  • The Sixers are in search of an offensive reserve upgrade. Their bench production as of January 31 was 29.0 PPG and 5.7 APG, third-worst in the league. Three realistic targets that have been floated are Pistons guard Derrick Rose, former Sixer and current Timberwolves forward Robert Covington, and Wizards stretch four Davis Bertans. Unfortunately, the current asking price for these targets is a too-steep request of the impressive and cost-effective Thybulle and a future first-round pick, sources tell The Athletic’s Anthony Slater.
  • Horford continues to adjust to his awkward fit on his new team next to current All-Star center Joel Embiid, according to Tim Bontemps of ESPN. The 33-year-old former All-Star big man was signed to a four-year, $109MM contract ($97MM guaranteed) this summer thanks to his offensive versatility and defensive moxie. Horford, generally a center at his last stop with the Celtics, has been featured far more at power forward for the Sixers. 32% of his minutes have been played at the position this season, as opposed to just 9% during 2018/19 with Boston. He has also been relegated to a spot-up shooting role more frequently than in years prior.
  • With the trade deadline around the corner, little-used second-year Sixers shooting guard Zhaire Smith could be an intriguing trade target for other teams, David Murphy of The Philadelphia Inquirer writes. But would the Sixers be giving up on Smith too soon if they moved him in a trade for veteran help? The 2018 first-rounder has played just 10 games in his two seasons with Philadelphia.
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17 thoughts on “Sixers Notes: Trade Targets, Horford, Thybulle, Smith

  1. Wade Herbers

    If the TImberpuppies can get a 1st round and Thybulle they had better grab it as fast as they can!!! Even with the #1 being far down the draft order it would be a haul!!!

  2. x%sure

    If the Sixers are looking for a backup, those three may be an overshoot, esp given what they are willing to offer. Writer Slater also thinks they will wind up with Burks. Coach Brown is apparently worried as much about the point… in the TV game the next up was Shake Milton, who is best around the rim, which they already have in Simmons.

      • x%sure

        The national games esp Saturday; he was always out there. There were doubts of him last year but as an injury sub, I’ve heard no complaints. That might change if he was the named new starter! It could happen; the coach might be leaning that way. Milton looks good for 2nd yr 2nd round. Did he pass Neto and Burke?– Or is coach making a statement.

  3. phillyballers

    Thybulle? Dream on, they need that cheap wing. I would pass on RoCo, very average shooter and making too much and not worth a 1st. Rose doesn’t shoot 3s, they need a Lou Will type, just a pure 3 level scorer off the bench. No one on their bench can score at will except Burke, who rides the pine. Problem is Rose is the only contract they could realistically trade for that provides enough offense. I only see them legitimately doing a smaller trade with contracts like Neto, Bolden, O’Quinn. Not seeing them give up on Zhaire, Bolden, or Thybulle. Mike Scott hasn’t provided much, and is likely to be the matching contract for a higher $ trade.

    Alec Burks, GR3, Josh Hart, Saric, Jevon Carter, Gary Trent, Bjelica. Something along that ilk if they make a trade. They may strikeout in the buyout market.

    • jump shot

      Trent, Jr. or Sr.?
      But, seriously, Trent Jr. would be a GREAT fit fir this 76ers team. And, the young Trailblazer Simons, as well. Either one. But, I think Portland would easier let go of Trent of the two. Ideally, if they could trade Horford for McCollum… the Sixers would be crazy not to do it. Richardson doesn’t do anything for me. The league is full of Richardsons.

  4. phillyballers

    Elton has played against a lot of guys hed be targeting via trade or buyout, youd hope he knows who is legit trash and not worth a bench spot, but then I look at our bench…

  5. Also agree don’t think they need to make a big move for someone like RoCo, DRose, Bertans or Bobi.
    However I wouldn’t mind seeing is make a string of little moves to upgrade our bench unit with some shooters. We have 4 second round picks this offseason obviously we won’t use all of those may as-well use them in trades now.

    I’d swap Jonah Bolden and second rounder for Dario Saric. Then I’d swap Zhaire Smith, James Ennis and a second rounder for Jae Crodwer.

    In doing so we add another roster spot for someone in the buyout market or is a current free agent. Plus we keep 2 second rounders

    1. Simmons. Burke. Milton
    2. Richardson. Thybulle. Korkmaz
    3. Harris. Crowder
    4. Horford. Saric
    5. Embid. Scott. OQuinn

      • All American Johnsonville Dogs

        Crowder is a FA at season’s end.

        Grizzlies can package Iggy and Crowder and ask for a 1st, Smith, and 2 2nd rounders.

        • Why doesn’t it happen?
          Crowder can’t be traded with another player.
          And I see that he’s a free agent but all your giving up for him is Smith who hasn’t played much and 1 of 4 second rounders.

  6. DynamiteAdams

    I’d trade Smith but who wants him even with a second rounder? Also can Horford be traded? I like him but hes only going to get worse as his contract expires and Id honestly rather have Marcus Morris and Wayne Ellington over him at this point.

  7. Skip, Tampa

    76ers have a boatload of 2nds that can get any backup deal done.
    Bolden, Milton, 3 or 4 2nds
    for Burke, GR3

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