Spurs Rumors: Gay, Carroll, Belinelli, Bertans

The Spurs are “looking at everything” and weighing a variety of potential paths at the trade deadline, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski said on a Sunday podcast with Bobby Marks. At 22-26, San Antonio is 1.5 games behind the eighth-seeded Grizzlies and is at risk of missing the postseason for the first time since the turn of the century. The club will have to decide whether to push to continue that streak, take a step back and retool, or simply stand pat.

Having spoken with executives around the NBA, Jabari Young of CNBC Sports says there’s a belief the Spurs want to push for the playoffs. “They are 100% obsessed with getting that eighth seed,” one executive told Young.

If that’s the case, it wouldn’t make sense for San Antonio to trade DeMar DeRozan or LaMarcus Aldridge. However, moving Rudy Gay is a scenario that rival executives consider more realistic, Young suggests.

“If they get a nice asset back, I think they would do something with Rudy Gay, but I think their asking price is too high,” an exec told Young.

Here’s more on the Spurs:

  • In his conversation with Marks, Wojnarowski speculated that the Spurs may view the idea of trading veterans like DeRozan, Aldridge, and Gay as an “all-or-nothing” proposition. In other words, in the unlikely event that the team could move all three players and get good value back, it could be worth rebooting the roster. Otherwise, it might not make sense to move just one or two of them.
  • The Spurs are working with agent Mark Bartelstein in an effort to find a new home for little-used veteran forward DeMarre Carroll, according to Jabari Young. After signing a three-year deal with San Antonio last summer, Carroll has appeared in just 15 total games this season, including two since Christmas. He has admitted that his reduced role has been “difficult.”
  • According to Young, the Spurs are also shopping Marco Belinelli, a 37.5% career three-point shooter who is on a $5.85MM expiring contract. No serious suitors have emerged for Belinelli, who is considered a liability on defense, Young adds.
  • If Davis Bertans hadn’t been traded last summer, he would’ve seriously considered re-signing with the Spurs in the summer of 2020, a league source tells Michael Scotto of Bleacher Report. That ship has probably sailed now though, according to Scotto, who revisits the saga that saw Marcus Morris renege on a free agent agreement with San Antonio. Morris didn’t tell the franchise directly that he was backing out of his commitment and the Spurs learned of his intentions after he failed to show up for his physical, says Scotto.
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8 thoughts on “Spurs Rumors: Gay, Carroll, Belinelli, Bertans

  1. Spurs are understandably upset with Morris, but the real issue that cost them Bertans was their initial MLE agreement with Carroll. The guy was running on fumes during the last few years of his prior deal.

    • x%sure

      That could be a selling point for Carroll: that Popovich keeps him benched because seeing him reminds Pops of Carroll’s role in losing Bertans.
      He should blame the newish FO guy for it.

  2. Theone23

    Morris definitely screwed the Spurs, but it wasn’t like Pop was using Davis effectively while he was in SA. That would’ve probably continued this year. As for Gay, I can’t see anyone giving up anything of value for a player who should be playing 10 minutes a night at best.

  3. Tazza

    Cleary not going to make the playoffs with DDR and LA so time to consider the rebuild which should have already started.

    Swap Jakob Poetl, DDR and a second rounder for Aaron Gordon and Mo Bamba.

    Listen to offers for Aldridge maybe wait to the offseason and try target Buddy Heild

    Murray and Heild would be a good duo then you’ve got Mills and Walker off the bench.
    At the forward positions Gordon gets to flourish and Bamba can develop in more minutes too.

    • x%sure

      Spurs want the playoffs. Keep the streak alive.

      Spurs may be the Valentine fan, to pair him with Derozan for 2pt power. (DDR is listed as a PF 22% of the time!)
      Mills & White have much better on/offs than Murray & Forbes. The most efficient lineup White//Mills/DDR/Gay/C leaves them short in the take-charge area that Pops likes. Right now the personalities of V.& Young is not fitting in Chicago.

    • Tazza

      They want the playoff but it isn’t happening. They wanted them 50 games ago but it’s not happening and if you waste not trading DDR and Aldridge all you’ll be left with is Murray and White…
      Grizzlies currently hold the 8th spot, Blazers are stronger with Ariza and will get stronger with Nurkic and Collins returning. Pelicans now have Zion which will be a huge bonus for them.

      Spurs are getting left behind so they are better off trading those two, going young and hope to bounce back

  4. What could Gay fetch anyway?

    Would have to be a team like MIA that feels they’re a vet away.

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