Suns Taking Calls About Kelly Oubre

The Suns are receiving calls from teams interested in forward Kelly Oubre, tweets Marc Stein of The New York Times.

Stein doesn’t identify any of the teams that have inquired about Oubre or speculate about what Phoenix might want in return. The asking price figures to be steep, as the 24-year-old small forward is having a breakout year in his first full season in Phoenix, averaging career highs with 18.5 points and 6.7 rebounds per game while shooting 34.6% from 3-point range.

Oubre is making $15.625MM this season and is under contract for $14.375MM in 2020/21. The Suns acquired him from the Wizards in December of 2018 along with Austin Rivers in a trade that sent Trevor Ariza to Washington.

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13 thoughts on “Suns Taking Calls About Kelly Oubre

  1. Jcool90

    Wizards wished my boys never traded him. Should’ve offered walls bump ass up, but whatever. Always knew and liked him. Hes gonna be good in NBA.

  2. Skip, Tampa

    Agree, Why, just gave him a nice new contract. He’s putting up very good numbers.
    Got to be trolling for a bigger fish, question is who?

  3. Kelly Oubre for Aaron Gordon

    Gordon isn’t the Magic’s answer at SF cause he’s a natural PF, and for the suns they have Bridges and Johnson who can play SF. Gordon also went to college at Arizona so he knows the area well and would settle well. This year these are their averages ..

    Oubre: 18/7/1.5 while shooting 45/34/88
    Gordon: 14/7/3 while shooting 42/30/65

    But, Gordon is playing out of position and is on a down year and Oubre is having a career best year. So I think both players are about 16/7/2 guys while shooting 44/32 but Oubre has always been much better at free throws.

    Maybe is also worth noting Oubre is only contracted for 1 more season after this year, whereas Gordon has another year longer and his contract which starts at 19 mil decreases every year. I think that slightly gives Gordon a little bit of value but maybe the Magic also have to throw in a second round pick

  4. ZacharyH

    I like how there’s no analysis why they’d be trading him. If it was my article I would say this front office has a history of incompetence

  5. Skip, Tampa

    That is an interesting view on a Gordon trade.
    Would have to add Saric to the deal. So Magic can stay in the playoff hunt.
    Certainly very workable.

    • Don’t think suns would need to add Saric because Gordon has been playing SF anyways and because it’s a straight swap it works out good for them. They get the more inform player so many they need to give up a second round pick. Magic also have Aminu who is the back up PF so it’s not like Saric would get much minutes anyway

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