Wizards Notes: Embiid, Beal, Hachimura

If the Sixers make Joel Embiid available this offseason, the Wizards would be among the best-positioned teams to trade for the big man, as I explain on Heavy.com. If Philadelphia is looking for the best NBA player available to them—one whose shooting would fit in next to Ben Simmons—the franchise should look no further than Bradley Beal.

Like the Simmons-Embiid pairing, the John Wall-Beal duo isn’t without its warts. Wall, who has three years and over $132M left on his contract after this season, isn’t likely to be dealt due to the size of his deal. As great as Beal has been for the franchise this year (he should have been an All-Star), netting a talent like Embiid would be a good deal for the Wizards.

Here’s more from Washington:

  • Former teammate Tomas Satoransky, who inked a three-year, $30MM deal with Chicago during the offseason, has guarded Beal on various occasions this season. He said it is “not the nicest experience,” as he tells Hoops Rumors. “He is just so athletic with it and he elevates when he shoots so high, so all you can do is contest it as best as you can and hope that he is going to miss,” Satoransky said.
  • Coach Scott Brooks would rather the Wizards make the playoffs than land in the lottery and have a chance at a better prospect in the draft, as he tells Chase Hughes of NBC Sports relays. “Developing is creating winning habits,” he said. “Definitely winning is important. You don’t want to just keep developing and not have anything to show for it. We all want to win and that’s the mentality that we have to have… The small details, they’re important. You don’t just start picking up the small details once you have a good team.”
  • Rui Hachimura and Moritz Wagner each missed significant time this year with various injuries, but both have bounced back nicely, Hughes writes in a separate piece. Hachimura missed 23 games with a groin injury and Wagner sat out 25 games with a left ankle sprain.
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31 thoughts on “Wizards Notes: Embiid, Beal, Hachimura

  1. Curtisrowe

    This whole “if the Sixers make Embiid available” thing over the last few days is ridiculous. No way Philly is trading him. It’s just clickbait stuff.

    • Theone23

      Right, cus no all star player has ever been traded before. It makes sense for Philly to trade Joel, and build around Ben. Joel is a good player but has his issues, is far from perfect, and is a bigger injury risk than Ben as well. It’s clear the both of them playing together isn’t working out for anyone. Best to choose one, trade the other for a big package, and move on. And the right choice would be Joel. So no, this isn’t just click sit stuff and is entirely possible

      • Curtisrowe

        “It makes sense to trade Joel, build around Ben” ahahaha good one. I almost thought you were serious.

    • Tazza

      So what the Sixers are happy to settle for early exits in the playoffs with a great team no way.
      We are in win now mode and if they don’t win Simmons or Embiid will leave, more likely Embiid.

  2. abssamanta

    Man god dang it… I hate when these type of stories are even mentioned, because I superstitiously believe that it may come into actual existence…! I want Embiid and Simmons both to stay and for Philly to find talent to help us win, not go through another “Trust the Process”… we trusted it and we turned out ok once but why can we just not keep the momentum going… some teams don’t even make the playoffs. Yes we will make the playoffs and yes I know we aren’t exactly the best of the true contending teams but I’d rather stay in the playoffs than not.

  3. phillyballers

    Just like Simmons was going to LA instead of getting a 5-yr max extension.

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      Now they’re paying a so-called PG that can’t shoot $34M/year.

      • phillyballers

        He doesn’t make more than 34M until year 4 of the contract.

        Same contract 2 players per 36 who you taking.

        A – 19 pts 4.4 trb 4.4 ast 1.1 stl
        B – 17 pts 8.7 trb 8.4 ast 1.8 stl

  4. phillyballers

    I’d rather roll the dice in the draft trying to fill the SF/SG or via trade than trade Embiid for Beal and then be looking for a center.

    Said it before, there aren’t many trades out there for a SG/SF if they were able to deal Horford, but you never know. If they did make a move it would be for a 3-pt threat. I think most of their packages wouldn’t be the best offer a team would receive. But we also always see a trade and are like “that’s it?”

    Maybe the Kings make Hield available. Would Barnes make more sense in a Sixers uni than Horford?

    Does Chicago go in a different direction and deal LaVine and dump Thad Young at the same time?

    Kevin Love at the 4, sliding Harris to the 3?

    Is there another KP trade out there… who would a team give up to dump a contract?

  5. tbonenats

    Having Wall and Embiid on max deals on the same team would be the worst idea ever.

  6. Jason Lancaster

    So the Wizards, who owe a crazy amount of money to the aging John Wall, are going to trade away a handful of young assets so they can have Embid carry Wall for a couple of years? And then watch him leave in free agency?

    • x%sure

      Actually I think Embiid might like DC more Philly. I doubt he likes boos for instance & DC doesn’t. Embiid prob says he thrives on it or he likes being a bad guy but, considering he’s unhappy anyway, not so.

  7. Tazza

    Would never happen but Joel Embiid for Jayson Tatum and 3 future first round picks.

    Celtics get a young dominant centre who fixes their biggest problem, rebounding. They would have a great young defence with Smart Brown Theis and Embiid, plus stays Hayward and Kemba.

    Sixers get a really good young SF who would fit the team great. Harris can move to PF, Horford to C and everything would be fine. Tatum shoots 43/38/82 percentages which would help with spacing plus his 7 rebounds and 3 assists are nice too. Plus 3 extra firsts.

    Would then turn around and package JRich, Zhaire Smith and the 3 firsts for Bradley Beal.
    Beal and Tatum are friends so you’d have that edge, and Beal would bring even more shooting to your team. He’s a career 45/37/81 shooter and together Beal and Tatum are both great clutch players.

    That’s the dynasty set.

    • Tazza

      End of the day your flipping Embiid, JRich and Smith for Tatum and Beal

      1. Simmons. Neto
      2. Beal. Thybulle. Milton
      3. Tatum. Korkmaz
      4. Harris. Scott. Pelle
      5. Horford. OQuinn

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      It’s a great trade, from a 76ers perspective, to get Beal. Not so much for the Wizards. Yes, they’d get 3 picks; but with Tatum and Beal in Philly, those picks are in the high 20s. Washington would be crazy to trade Beal without getting at least one lotto pick.

  8. Dxit90a

    Tatum is more valuable in today’s nba. Even though I love Embiid game his injury history and big man ball dying hurts him

    • Tazza

      I don’t think so but besides the point, Boston currently has 3 SFs all starting in Brown Tatum and Hayward and they lack a big and it hurts them. They really struggle getting rebounds and protecting the paint against teams other bigs. Theis is nice but he’s a 6’8 PF.

      Embiid is exactly what the Celtics need in terms of big man presence. He could play down low on the block like he prefers too. Kemba has a history of playing well with centres and it would make their defence even stronger.

      1. Walker. Edwards. Wanamaker
      2. Brown. Smart. Langford
      3. Hayward. Ojeleye
      4. Theis. Williams
      5. Embiid. Kanter. Williams

      As a Sixers fan I would be worried about this line up. Especially if they add a couple back up vets like a Jeff Green and Jonothan Simmons

    • phillyballers

      Tatum becomes less efficient by the day. Brown is the rising star.

  9. Buckman

    If your keeping Embiid you want to build a team like the Bucks, a great inside guy with a bunch of shooters. Building around Simmons would look more like the Rockets, a great penetrator or two with shooters. Embiid + Wall would have similar problems to current Philly.

  10. Skip, Tampa

    76ers are $8M over Tax next year w/11 players. Team was built for a title this year. Only 1 player worth their contract and is most tradable, that’s Embid.
    Embid – Caplea
    Horford – Gordon
    Harris – Barnes
    Picks, players and the center piece Star Simmons.

  11. Trading either Embid or Simmons would be an avenue to pursue only after exhausting all others. Re-configuring the rest of the organization – players, coaches and FO people – should start as soon as their season is over, unless they turn it around and win it all.

  12. Skip, Tampa

    Not a problem, keep Embiid and trade out the other 3 overpriced players. It’s actually the better option.
    None of them are worth even close to what they will paid next year.
    Simmons is the only real potential loss. IF, IF he ever learns to shoot.

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