Wolves At Impasse With Warriors In D-Lo Talks

The Warriors are moving on from conversations with the Timberwolves about a D’Angelo Russell trade for now, reports Shams Charania of The Athletic (Twitter link). As Charania explains, Golden State has been firm in its asking price for Russell, and Minnesota has been unwilling to meet that price to this point.

The Warriors and Timberwolves exchanged trade concepts throughout the day, but a significant gap remains, per ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, who tweets that Golden State is exploring deals that would help them shed salary and acquire draft assets. According to Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer, the impasse between the two teams can be attributed in large part to a disagreement over draft compensation.

O’Connor reports that the Timberwolves are offering their own protected 2020 first-round pick as well as Brooklyn’s lottery-protected 2020 first-rounder, which would be acquired as part of a multi-team trade sending Robert Covington to Houston and Clint Capela to Atlanta. However, the Warriors prefer future first-round picks, including Minnesota’s unprotected 2021 first-rounder, according to O’Connor, who notes that the 2020 draft isn’t considered a particularly strong one.

Interestingly, multiple league sources told O’Connor that Andrew Wiggins was part of “every iteration” of the potential swap being discussed by the Wolves and Warriors.

Although the Warriors are no longer actively involved in trade talks with the Wolves, Hawks, and Rockets, those three teams continue to engage, according to Wojnarowski (via Twitter). In fact, Charania reports (via Twitter) that those discussions are becoming serious.

Minnesota, Atlanta, and Houston are still exploring a trade that would send Covington to the Rockets, Capela to the Hawks, and Evan Turner‘s expiring contract and draft compensation to Minnesota, per Charania, who says that a new fourth team could emerge to round out the deal. The Nuggets are among the candidates to become that fourth team, tweets Wojnarowski, though he cautions that the situation is fluid and talks with other teams are ongoing.

With Denver looming as a potential fourth team, it’s worth noting that the Wolves have eyes for Malik Beasley, according to our Chris Crouse. Minnesota also has interest in Gary Harris, a source tells Crouse. If the Nuggets deal Harris, it would give them some extra financial flexibility to work out a deal with Beasley, who is a restricted free agent after the season.

There are a ton of moving parts involved in these discussions, so we’ll have to wait to see what’s next. D-Lo remains Minnesota’s top priority, so if the Wolves, Hawks, and Rockets end up completing a three-team trade involving Covington and Capela, Gersson Rosas‘ group could hang onto the assets it gets in that deal and attempt to re-open Russell talks with Golden State closer to the deadline or even in the offseason.

Chris Crouse contributed to this post.

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19 thoughts on “Wolves At Impasse With Warriors In D-Lo Talks

  1. arc89

    Wolves and warriors don’t match up. Nobody wants Wiggins. They already have 2 Covington type players on the team. So without draft picks there is no reason to trade d’lo.

    • the dude

      Settle down. Wiggins has matured and is playing really good this year despite his injury troubles. Teams know better than the average fan though, that’s why they would be ok with him or LaVine or Butler or any player that has talent but the know it all fans think they know better

      • arc89

        If Wiggins was playing that well Wolves would not be willing to trade him and have no need for Russel. If you watched the warriors you would know Wiggins is not the player they need. They need a big center. Why trade your best trade chip for a player you don’t need?

        • Real 2K Insider

          The Warriors went from Harrison Barnes to Kevin Durant.

          They have since gone from Kevin Durant to Glenn Robinson III.

          They’re starting a G-Leaguer at SG, while their first round pick SG has shot 28% from THE FIELD in 920 minutes.

          But sure, the Warriors don’t need a wing LOL

          • arc89

            3 of their starting team has been out almost all year. Their other starter has been out half the year. You are correct they have been playing G league players this year. Wiggins contract is a way over pay for him and would handicap the warriors bench next year. Put Wiggins on the team in exchanged for D’lo would make them worse not better.

      • SheaGoodbye

        Wiggins has been better this year, but he’s still very far from a max contract guy.

        Nobody is going to want him.

  2. harden-westbrook-mvps

    There must be a couple of other players involved in this deal going from Minnesota to Houston. Probably a combination of Bell, Vonleh, or Culver.

  3. All about the degree of protection on the Minn pick. The Bklyn pick (they were to get from Atl) is lottery protected and converts to 2nds after a time. If Minn’s pick was the same, then, for all the noise, Minn didn’t make much of an offer as it might have cost Minn 2 such protected picks just to unload Wiggins’ contract. However, if Minn pick was just only top 4 or so protected and that protection burnt off, then it was the best offer that GSW will likely see. GSW won’t get a bad team’s unprotected pick for DiLo by himself. He’s not even close to worth it. He’s a good young player, offensively, but not a complete player or a special one; and he’s paid like he’s both with a max contract for 3 more years.

    • arc89

      Still Russel is better than Wiggins. So if Minny is only offering a guy with a bigger and worse contract it makes no sense to trade for Wiggins.

  4. Skip, Tampa

    Still another deal possible on the road map just laid out for the a Wolves and Warriors deal to happen.
    Wolves: Russell
    Warriors: Collins
    Hawks: Culver
    Very realistic actually.

    • El Don

      Everybody wins but Atlanta, right?
      I mean D’lo is pretty good.
      JC is an absolute stud, a real star in years to come.
      Culver is a very underwhelming & underperforming project.
      Atlanta says no now, not ever.
      Also Atlanta doesn’t need anymore guards, Trae, Huerter, Reddish, Teague…

  5. washington_bonercats

    The T-Wolves seem to think they’re the only team interested in D-Lo. Not sure why the Warriors would be in a hurry to move him.

  6. SheaGoodbye

    Wolves should resign themselves to keeping Wiggins and just getting Dlo if they really want him.

    Seems they are as incompetent as ever. Poor Wolves fans.

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