Wolves, Warriors Remain Engaged On Russell; Knicks Also Interested

With three days left until the 2020 trade deadline, the possibility of a D’Angelo Russell trade shouldn’t be ruled out. The general belief has been that the Warriors will probably wait until the offseason to seriously consider a move involving D-Lo, but a handful of reporters have indicated today that a deal this week remains possible.

Marc Stein of The New York Times reported last last night (via Twitter) that the Warriors are “listening to pitches” for Russell, noting that it’s no secret the Timberwolves covet the point guard. ESPN’s Zach Lowe followed up by reporting this morning that Minnesota remains “in hot pursuit” of Russell and isn’t necessarily resigned to waiting until the summer to make a push for him.

Finally, Shams Charania and Jon Krawczynski of The Athletic wrote this morning that the Warriors and Timberwolves continue to engage in trade talks involving Russell. League sources tell The Athletic’s duo that Golden State will only consider a deal that features “significant” draft pick compensation, which the Wolves may be reluctant to do, since they’re still in the midst of a rebuild.

Finding an in-season match for the two teams will be a challenge. As Lowe points out, matching Russell’s $27MM+ cap hit would likely have to involve either Andrew Wiggins‘ or Gorgui Dieng‘s contract, neither of which is particularly team-friendly. The Warriors may also be looking to sneak under the tax line, while the Wolves might be thinking about trading Robert Covington and flipping the assets from that deal to Golden State.

Meanwhile, Charania and Krawczynski suggest that the Wolves appear unwilling to include their unprotected 2020 first-round pick in an offer for D-Lo. One source tells The Athletic that there’s a deal to be had between Minnesota and Golden State, but “something would have to give” on one or both sides.

Here’s more on the Warriors, including another Russell-related note:

  • The Knicks have also registered interest in Russell and discussed possible packages, league sources tell Charania and Krawcznyski. It’s not clear what New York would be willing to offer, but Ian Begley of SNY.tv hears that Bobby Portis and Frank Ntilikina have both come up in discussions with the Warriors. Presumably, Golden State’s request for significant draft compensation from Minnesota would also apply to any deal with the Knicks.
  • Even if the Knicks and Warriors don’t make a Russell trade, they could find common ground on another deal. Begley writes in a separate story that Golden State is looking for trades that would take the team out of the tax this season or reduce its projected tax bill going forward.
  • The Warriors are “widely expected” to trade at least one of Alec Burks and Glenn Robinson III this week, according to Marc Stein of The New York Times (Twitter link). Both players are on minimum-salary deals, so they shouldn’t be difficult to move, assuming Golden State’s asking price is realistic.
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24 thoughts on “Wolves, Warriors Remain Engaged On Russell; Knicks Also Interested

  1. Can the GSW get under the tax while keeping Russell (along with Curry, Thompson and Green) without moving Looney without taking back much money (which would be very hard)-?

    Even the Knicks aren’t dumb enough to give up an unprotected, or even lightly protected, 1st for Russell under his current max contract. Minn has similar contracts they might like to jettison, and a desire to placate his buddy Towns. If Russell is moved now, I’m guessing it will be to Minn. Phx is another place, but hard to see it happening now vs the off season. In all likelihood, GSW is just using the Knicks as a stalking horse.

  2. FromTheCheapSeats

    The Knicks… smh… No. No. No. Nobody wants any of the trash free agents you overpaid. And NO. Nobody wants Frank Ntilikina. He was a bad pick in the first place, hasn’t had any value any of the other fifty times you’ve tried to trade him, and isn’t going magically get some any time soon.

    • clubber_lang84

      But they all expire after the season. That’s enticing to cap conscious teams

      • Which is not the Warriors. They are over the cap for the next several years, no way around it.

      • Aside from AD and maybe Drummond (both player options) there aren’t really any high end free agents available this year. So having a large amount of cap space this offseason isn’t as important as having cap space for the 2021 offseason.

        The few teams that are likely looking to clear significant cap space (for tax purposes)

        • Pressed “post” on accident…

          Continuing what I was trying to say, the teams looking to clear space either don’t really have the pieces to trade out to clear space or are stuck between trying to contend and save some money (like the Trail Blazers).

  3. Skip, Tampa

    Agree completely on how the Knicks play into this.
    Scary thing is Knicks have a clear path to get Warriors under the Tax, plus expiring deals and draft picks.
    This gets them a real seat at the table, if Russell is going to the corner stone to pair with Barrett.
    If Wolves want to keep KAT they are going to have to go all in now.
    RoCo, 2020, 2022 1st unprotected, plus filler. Even if it puts Wolves into the Tax for now.
    Bingo a Big 3 in Minny, plus Culver to boot.
    Can you say 2nd round of playoffs coming into view ?

      • twolvesaremynightmare

        2020 draft is the worst I’ve ever seen, wolves are trying to get him for RoCo & a unprotected 2020 1st rd pick and GSW are saying they want the 2022 (double draft) pick also which will not happen.

    • There is no way Russell goes to the Knicks. So many teams can conjure up better trade packages.

  4. Warriors are NOT trading a 23 year old point guard putting up 24 ppg, 7 assists and 4 rebounds a game with efficient shooting this season unless they are blown away. (See how he fits with steph and klay).

    The only way I see them trading it is for a big haul to a desperate team (hello T-Wolves):

    Wiggings, Dieg, 2020 unprotected first, 2022 unprotected first, + filler/future picks

    they may need to trade Covo for picks/assets or include with wiggings for the trade.

    • again it doesnt make sense for the Warriors to trade Russell until the off season.

      • What makes no sense is teams thinking GSW are worried about the tax. If they trade Russel it will be for a player they need and draft picks not salary relief. They gave away picks to get Russel so of course they will want picks coming back.

    • twolvesaremynightmare

      Hahaha everyone can just stop with the 2022 first round picks. No junk team is gonna trade an unprotected pick from what is potentially going to be the deepest draft ever.

  5. JBHoops

    The Warriors may VERY well be able to package Russell and the #1 pick for a big fish in the offseason. Why would they want to trade Russell for picks when they could might have a legitimate package for Embiid or Simmons if that team decides they can’t play together after the playoffs? Doesn’t make sense.

  6. KnickerbockerAl

    Knicks have picks to trade. They should have signed him as FA. Were scared to pull trigger. This management and coach might be gone next yr. So not sure if they would do any major trade. I’d love to have Russell. But wouldn’t give up this yrs pick. They can have next yrs or Mavs pick we got. 2nd rd pick is high pick. And you don’t have to commit major . Russell will never fit with Klay n Curry. He needs to start. GS moves him and with their top 5 pick. Healthy, They are back as top team in west. Payton, Portis, DSJ, 2021 #1 pick. Warriors need to win now. Their window is NOW. They are better off trading for young vets, team needs. They can also wait till draft. They have options. IMO they will move Russell. Only player I see them keeping is Wiseman. And even him, they would try and get KAT 1st. Wiseman, Russell and future #1 just might do it.

  7. Skip, Tampa

    Because the picks they get from Wolves can still get Simmons on Draft Day.

  8. brandoningramno1fan

    Keep seeing these articles about Minnesota coveting D’Lo. Why did they not go hard for him in summer?

  9. I kinda feel bad for the guy. Played for the floundering Nets before they acquired two superstars, signed by a tanking injured Warriors team just a year removed from their dynasty, and now there’s talks of going to the joke Knicks.

  10. If Wolves are desperate to pair KAT + Russell and not risk losing him AGAIN this offseason they should offer:

    Unprotected 1st 2020
    Unprotected 1st 2022


    Glen Robinson III
    Jacob Evans
    Unprotected 1st 2022

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