Anthony Edwards Declaring For 2020 NBA Draft

Freshman Georgia guard and potential top pick Anthony Edwards is entering the 2020 NBA draft class, he tells Evan Daniels of 247Sports. Edwards – who has signed with Octagon agent Omar Wilkes for representation, according to Daniels – said that he believes he should be the No. 1 selection this year.

“I think I should go number one, no doubt,” Edwards told 247Sports. “That’s the only place I think I should go.”

While it remains to be seen whether the NBA team that gets the No. 1 pick will agree with Edwards’ assessment, the 6’5″ guard is widely viewed by draft experts as the top player on the board. Edwards currently ranks first on ESPN’s big board, and topped the most recent mock draft published by Sam Vecenie of The Athletic.

“I think he has to be a realistic option for No. 1,” an NBA scout told Daniels. “He has size and strength for position with ability to make shots and create for others. He’s shown glimpses defensively and can impact both sides of the ball. The potential is there to be a future superstar.”

In his scouting report on Edwards, ESPN’s Mike Schmitz praised the 18-year-old’s explosiveness, defensive potential, and ability to create shots, while noting that his decision-making is “a work in progress,” he can be undisciplined on defense, and he’s a streaky perimeter shooter.

In his first and only college season, Edwards averaged 19.1 PPG, 5.2 RPG, 2.8 APG, and 1.3 SPG in 32 games (33.0 MPG). He knocked down just 29.4% of his three-point attempts, despite averaging 7.7 attempts per game.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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15 thoughts on “Anthony Edwards Declaring For 2020 NBA Draft

  1. I don’t see him as a #1 pick. Shooting guard that shoots under 30% from 3 pt range is not better than most other shooting guards. In college a player can be good but in the NBA you must be great. Not sure about his defense but is he a top defensive player?

  2. hiflew

    He’s more likely to be an Andrea Bargnani, Andrew Bogut, or Anthony Bennett type #1 pick than a real game changer.

    Wow, I just realized that those guys all shared the initials AB. Odd coincidence. I guess teams should have chosen option C.

    • All American Johnsonville Dogs

      Definite was a” goodness gracious great balls of fire” type of performance.

  3. bballblk

    Why does he consider himself to be the top pick? Because he led his team to a 16-16 record?

    • hiflew

      Why not? Ben Simmons did about the same in the SEC and was #1. Markelle Fultz led his team to only 10 wins in the Pac-12, arguably a weaker conference, and he was #1. So I can understand his thinking.

      That being said, I would only pick someone at #1 that has proven he can lead his team to a very good record because I want that #1 pick to lead my team to a very good record too. Role players from losing teams are fine, but a #1 overall should not be picked to be role player. I want my team leader to be a winner and not be satisfied with mediocrity.

  4. All American Johnsonville Dogs

    Led his team to a 16 and 16 record?

    He suddenly play all 5 positions on the court and found the ability to guard every player on the floor? Or did you forget he has 4 teammates on the floor with him who should help with scoring and defense?

    Record means nothing. How he performed against better teams and players matter.

    Toppin and Edwards are the two I’d consider for number 1 overall. Wiseman reminds me of Sam Bowie. And ball I’d be wary of as well.

    • El Don

      Well said All American! Really annoys me when people define players by their W-L, as you point out depends on the team you have not just on yourself. I mean as I said before you put Giannis in this years Golden State & they don’t even get anywhere near to the playoffs, as simple as! Even the best player can’t make a bad team win.
      Also look the example of T-Mac he was sooo great, but never when past the R1 in the playoffs, but if you look he always outperformed himself in playoffs, he was a lot better than his great self in RS, but still the teams weren’t good enough so despite him leading the team & been absolutely unstoppable, they never won. Point is teams record ain’t matter at all to define a player!

      • hiflew

        You put Giannis on GS this year and they are in the playoffs. Easily.

        And since you are invoking Tracy McGrady into the argument, there is just nothing more to say.

    • hiflew

      Except basketball is the one sport where great players can lead teams to great records. This isn’t baseball where Mike Trout can in MVP after MVP without ever winning a playoff game.

      Just look at how good Cleveland was at the time LeBron left the first time and how bad they became after he left. And then how quickly they became good again after he returned. One player can make a HUGE difference.

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