Isaiah Thomas Not Worried About His NBA Future

When the NBA went on hiatus, Isaiah Thomas had been a free agent for several weeks, but he’s not worried about finding another opportunity down the road once the league resumes play. Responding to a question from a Twitter follower earlier this week, Thomas dismissed the idea that he may have to look overseas for his next job.

Why wouldn’t I get another (NBA) shot though?” Thomas said. “I started 40 games this season (and) got thrown in a trade to make it work to a team that didn’t want me. Nothing more, nothing less. All you need is ONE team to want you. I’ll get back to it real soon.”

Thomas, 31, signed a one-year contract with the Wizards last summer and had a solid bounce-back year in D.C., averaging 12.2 PPG and 3.7 APG with a career-best .413 3PT% in 40 games (37 starts; 23.1 MPG). He was sent to the Clippers in the three-team deadline-day deal that saw Jerome Robinson land in Washington, and was subsequently released by L.A.

It was a somewhat concerning sign for Thomas that the Wizards and Clippers both viewed him as expendable, despite the fact that each team added a point guard at or after the deadline, with Washington trading for Shabazz Napier and Los Angeles signing Reggie Jackson.

Thomas’ defensive shortcomings may have played a part in both teams’ willingness to move on from him — the Wizards had an ugly 120.2 defensive rating during his minutes, and he ranked 500th out of 503 players in defensive real plus-minus this season, per ESPN. Still, he’s likely right that his scoring ability will continue to intrigue NBA teams, if not before the end of a resumed 2019/20 season then perhaps during the offseason.

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13 thoughts on “Isaiah Thomas Not Worried About His NBA Future

  1. Nigel Mckenzie

    Isaiah should just spend like 8 hours a day watching Doug Cristie or Tony Allen play D. D is effort and he doesn’t have it

    • Why should a 5-10 guard watch videos of 6-7 Defenders? Ray Felton, Ty Lawson, Jameer Nelson etc. play defense a lot differently than Bruce Bowen or Dennis Rodman or Klay Thompson. Two totally different NBA defensive strategies and schemes.

      A 6-7 Defender can be relied upon to stop his man one on one a good percentage of the time.

      A 5-10 Defender must be relied upon to funnel the offensive dribble driver toward the team’s plus Defenders.

      • Nigel Mckenzie

        Ok then watch video on Lowry playing d whatever, point is what’s the point of having him run an offence if the other team just scores on him next play.

        • Isaiah Thomas is not built like Kyle Lowry or Marcus Smart and would have to have a different strategy on defense.

          Isaiah Thomas can’t use strength and muscle and aggressive hounding as his defensive Style. He doesn’t have the dog mentality of Patrick Beverley.

          Here’s what I’m saying. Isaiah Thomas is done if he can’t score 20 points a game like he used to. It’s over.

  2. ZacharyH

    He should be watching tape of mugsy bogues play D.

    What happened anyway? Is Isiah permanently disabled, or just not motivated to be his best

    • elmedius

      The hip problems cost him the “extra step” or tiny extra bit of speed… whatever you want to call it that allowed him to get by guys so easily before the injury. He never played defense all that well.

    • Averagebro

      He’s cooked. His whole game was predicated on speed and getting to the rim/fouled. He barely shot 2FTA/gm this season. if he can’t do that he’s basically useless.

      He’ll be good in China.

      • x%sure

        IT should be ‘big’ in China, plus,

        About carrying… I thought I was seeing a comeback of that around the NBA. Jayson Tatum is dangerous when he carrys, but, it should be illegal.

  3. qbert1996

    Use your time off to learn how to play defense man. It has to be frustrating to be considered expendable by so many teams because you’re a liability on that end of the court after all these years.

    • Averagebro

      He was so comically awful in DC. What you don’t see in those decent offensive numbers are his lack of ft attempts. He’s basically just a pullup 3pt shooter on breaks now. Never gets to the rim.

      If you’re gonna be a defensive liability you’d damn better be an All-NBA player on the other end. He once was. He no longer is.

      He’ll be in China next year, and I think he’ll absolutely kill it over there.

  4. Averagebro

    All you need to know is the Wizards were on a historic pace for worst defensive rating in NBA history while he was on the roster.

    Since he was banished to Siberia, they’ve got the 11th best defensive rating in the league and are a .500 team.

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