J.R. Smith To Work Out For Lakers This Week

In addition to auditioning Dion Waiters this week, the Lakers will also bring in another veteran free agent guard, J.R. Smith, for a workout, reports Shams Charania of The Athletic (via Twitter).

There were reports back in late January and early February indicating that the Lakers were expected to work out Smith. That plan got delayed following Kobe Bryant‘s death and the trade deadline, but it sounds like it will finally happen in the coming days.

Smith, 34, hasn’t been on an NBA roster since last July and hasn’t actually played in a game since November of 2018. In 2017/18, his last full season, he was a solid role player for the Cavaliers, averaging 8.3 PPG and 2.9 RPG with a .375 3PT% in 80 games (28.1 MPG).

The Lakers have an open spot on their 15-man roster after waiving Troy Daniels on Sunday and are expected to be patient as they consider several options to fill that opening.

Both Smith and Waiters have the advantage of having been teammates with Lakers star LeBron James in Cleveland, but the Lakers figure to extensively vet both players, who have occasionally made waves off the court or in the locker room throughout their NBA careers.

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21 thoughts on “J.R. Smith To Work Out For Lakers This Week

  1. Thronson5

    People are lame. So the clippers can add and add and but they lakers add to their roster and all you hear on social media is “how much help does LeBron need?” Meanwhile the deepest team in the league keeps finding ways to keep more depth. Lol. And the people on here, laugh and joke all you want whole the guy makes more in 48 mins than you will make all year or even in your life rule possibly lol. I’d rather have waiters but it’s not like he’s gonna really play much so if he can help let’s get him.

    • amk3510

      Exactly Reggie Jackson was known for being the dude that thought of himself a starter on a team with Westbrook and ended up being lame once he got paid. Yet when the Clipps add that people praise them.

    • Curtisrowe

      So wait, if a guy makes a lot of money, people can’t make fun of him for being an idiot? I appreciate learning the rules for criticizing rich people. I didn’t know.

    • tiredolddude

      Wow, thanks. I feel cheap and insignificant now, and a thousand times more stupid for having read your comment

  2. shmurdascene

    JR Smith or Jamal Crawford would be great signings for the Lakers. I have no idea why they would want Dion Waiters instead of them.

  3. mlbnyyfan

    Must be nice for JR sit out most of the year earn a few million and play on a contender deep into June. Most players should follow this plan.

  4. x%sure

    Dion vs JR: Lebron to decide, then they meet at the club & talk about old times in Cleveland.

    Well probably they all have places in LA anyway.

  5. Dxit90a

    If I had to choose between the two I would take Jr smith. He is a better defender and has better playoff experience and success than waiters . Doubt Waiters would be good for team chemistry.

  6. Natergater77

    Before I get murdered — not criticizing LeBron or Lakers. Honest question, why does it seem they only look at former Bron teammates.

    And legit concern about Waiters. Smith and Rondo all together. Hoping maturity has won out and no issues, but if there is locker room drama will anyone be surprised

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