Jazz Stars Gobert, Mitchell Cleared Of Coronavirus

The Jazz issued a statement today announcing that all their players and staff have been cleared by the Utah Department of Health after completing their two-week self-isolation periods, as Eric Walden of The Salt Lake Tribune relays.

“The Utah Department of Health has determined that all Jazz players and staff, regardless of prior testing status, no longer pose a risk of infection to others,” the team said in the statement.

That means that All-Stars Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell, who each tested positive for the coronavirus earlier this month, have now been cleared, as Shams Charania of The Athletic confirms (via Twitter).

Gobert, Mitchell, and Pistons big man Christian Wood – the first three NBA players known to have been affected by COVID-19 – have now all been medically cleared and are no longer carrying the virus.

While we’re likely to see more coronavirus cases affecting NBA players and personnel in the coming weeks, it’s good news that several of those who were first diagnosed have come out the other side and made full recoveries.

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13 thoughts on “Jazz Stars Gobert, Mitchell Cleared Of Coronavirus

  1. Strike Four

    Its terrifying that players are getting “cleared” without being tested, even after a 14 day quarantine. America could not be handling this nightmare movie any worse if they tried.

    • yogineely

      Wood tested negative, not sure about these too though. If that’s the case I agree and think it’s 100% irresponsible. Hopefully we’re wrong though

    • Afk711

      Most people are sick for 2 weeks, get better and it goes away. You can’t spread something you don’t have. Crawl out of that ball in the corner.

    • The article wasn’t implying that they got cleared without being reevaluated.

      • Michael Chaney

        Exactly. The state of Utah isn’t just going to magically clear them without having solid evidence.

    • Reflect

      Most viruses you can only get once in a period of a few years. They’re assuming the same is true for COVID 19, but there isn’t actually much data on it yet.

  2. Buckman

    People worry about the increased chances of dying but in 10-20% cases decreased lung function results. That kind of thing would end an athlete’s career.

  3. El Don

    Of course they recovered, why wouldn’t they? Young, athletic & healthy. Not exactly the people at risk, can’t say this is surprising news, they like most of us just recovered from the cold, not a big deal, right?
    BTW I still don’t know personally anyone that has had the virus, is anyone of you actually known someone? Just wondering.

    • HailRodgers12$

      I don’t know anyone personally, but a close friend of mine did. Unfortunately he passed away a week ago.

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