Kevon Looney Out At Least 3 Weeks; Stephen Curry Diagnosed With Flu

Warriors center/power forward Kevon Looney is experiencing left hip soreness and will be re-evaluated in three weeks, the team announced on Twitter. Looney has missed the past three games because of pain in the hip area and has played only 20 times all season.

It has been a tough fifth season for Looney, who signed a three-year, $15MM extension last summer. He dealt with a a neuropathic condition early in the campaign, then an abdominal strain caused him to miss 18 games in December and January.

With five and a half weeks remaining, Golden State may decide to keep Looney out of action and get him ready for next season. However, coach Steve Kerr says the organization hasn’t considered that yet (Twitter link from Nick Friedell of ESPN)

In a separate tweet, the Warriors announced that Stephen Curry has been diagnosed with the flu. Team doctor Robert Nied is calling it a “seasonal flu,” adding that Curry has “no specific risk factors” for the coronavirus. Curry returned to action Thursday for the first time since breaking his left hand in late October.

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27 thoughts on “Kevon Looney Out At Least 3 Weeks; Stephen Curry Diagnosed With Flu

    • aircarter777

      The flu shot a hoax!! I guarantee he got the shot and thats exactly why he’s sick again!! Ignorance is Bliss!!

  1. WallyWood

    Warriors looked really good beating Philly with Curry out tonight.

    • x%sure

      Lot of empty seats, but no masks.

      Pascall looked like he can carry a load…as well as being a load.

      • Howie415

        It was a cold rainy day in an area of the city that is hard to get to. National tv coverage didn’t help with attendance.

    • Chief Two Hands

      Philly on the road equals a loss even with their two best players on the court. It isn’t likely to change with both of them out.

  2. It’s simple, there Is the coronavirus’ test, why curry doesn’t do it?

    • Howie415

      You are math challenged. There are only 75k Coronavirus test kits available. There are 330,000k people in the US.

      • jdrew

        Good job, math whiz. There’s actually 300,000,000 people in the United States. That’s 300 million.

        • x%sure

          jdrew there’s nore than that in 2020 & I think you missed the “k”.

      • x%sure

        The politicos will always say they are completely ready and have a plan… no matter what.

  3. x%sure

    “Seasonal flu” is a terrible phrase and likely not even accurate but “common cold” has never been adequate as a diagnosis. It’s a thing so it should have a name.

    Curry probably just has what Michael Jordan once famously had, a “viral infection”– he caught a cold. I doubt Curry has influenza or a problem with his lungs but his thing got the flu-word anyway. Everybody’s cold should get it, with cold meaning what ice is. Maybe call it the twothreedaysdaze!

    • Chief Two Hands

      Whenever doctors cannot come up with an accurate diagnosis, they generally just call it a virus. It would bruise their egos to say they simply do not know. Obviously, viruses do exist, and I am not questioning this coronavirus, but if a doctor only says “virus,” it likely means he simply doesn’t know what is going on. I don’t think all doctors are afraid to admit they don’t know, but I have heard friends and family diagnosed with haven’t a “virus” enough times to know a second opinion usually isn’t enough if that is all they can come up with.

      • Chief Two Hands

        “Enough friends and family diagnosed with having a ‘virus’ enough times…”
        Hate my own typos

      • Howie415

        The biggest typo is that you haven’t been within 5,000 miles of Steph Curry and you have an accurate diagnosis of his illness.

    • Howie415

      Based on your logic. Steph Curry has Stage 5 Pancreatic Cancer. Since you know all of Steph Curry’s symptoms, and you talked to Michael Jordan, so you know that Steph Curry has Stage 7 Brain Cancer. He obviously has a tumor the size of a basketball, which you diagnosed.

      • x%sure

        I presume this was meant for Chief Two? I don’t recall posting about Steph Curry except once to compliment his shooting. My pad only shows the OP separately, all else is on the same indentation.

        Hoops’ comment is of course impossible to be true from the getgo because of the “every single doctor” part. Doctors of all people are not a monolith. The term common cold exists because [the thing] was never given a proper unique name or category, and nobody in the industry wants to have to deal with it or even have it floating around the waiting room (except to make ExpressCare revenue!). Indeed “influenza” originally came from astrology and referred to its effect, without even saying what the “it” was. But at least that gave “it” a unique name to refer to “it” as.

    • HoopsR

      “common cold” has never been adequate as a diagnosis”
      Every single doctor disagrees with you.

  4. jlc1991

    It’s really really hard to read @howie415’s comments and not laugh out loud. This guy is saying other people are “math challenged” and doesn’t even know the difference between thousands of people and millions of people. A simple google search would’ve told him that, but good job bud we all get how much smarter you are than everyone keep up the good work!

  5. JD396

    It’s comforting to know there’s so many virology experts posting comments on this site.

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