Latest On The NBA’s Coronavirus Precautions

The NBA’s Board of Governors had a call with the league office earlier today and discussed plans going forward with regard to taking precautions amid the coronavirus outbreak. Adrian Wojnarowski and Zach Lowe of report (Twitter links) that the stakeholders have narrowed it down to two main options: play without fans in the arena or have the league take a hiatus for a period of time.

The greater consensus is to have the games go on without fans, Woj notes. The decision is expected to come as soon as Thursday on what the next steps will be.

The Warriors will play without fans in the arena on Thursday. It was reported that playing behind closed doors is expected to result in a “multi-million dollar loss”

The Sixers are among the teams that will continue to host fans, including tonight’s content against the Pistons. However, Philadelphia and other clubs have sent out memos with preventive and restrictive measures fans can and should take.

The Wizards have opted to remain open for business, for now, despite the D.C. Department of Health advising against holding non-essential gatherings of over 1,000 people. However, Washington doesn’t have a home game again until Sunday, so the decision to play without fans isn’t as urgent for the district as it is for other teams.

The NCAA announced that fans will not be allowed to attend games for the men’s and women’s tournaments this year.

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24 thoughts on “Latest On The NBA’s Coronavirus Precautions

  1. Eat Right, exercise, die anyway. What’s the big deal? We hit 70 or 80 if we’re lucky and bye bye. The wages of sin is death, so we’ve earned it. 10 out of 10 die. Get right with the Lord, have a good life, love others, and pray for God to save you. If you ask Him He promises that he will. Amen Lord take me now.

    Jesus paid or I will. Simple Plan. And the gift is free.

    • Jason Lancaster

      If you’re here commenting, who’s down on the corner screaming about the Bible at anyone walking by?

      • Sorry guys. I do that like once a year. Don’t mean to offend anyone. They usually let it slide here. Hopefully the same today :)

        • WubbaLubbaDubDub

          It’s cool Gary, imaginary friends really do make it easier to deal with stress and trauma.

      • Not sure about the Screamers. Can’t stand them myself. Especially the megaphone guys. Yikes. But just a little note here and there. Harmless.

        • claude raymond

          Actually I’m typically not a fan of preaching on this or any opinionbased site.
          BUT you weren’t directing anything at anyone in specific and to be honest it felt good to read it. You were telling us how you were dealing with this and how you felt about life.
          I’m not offended and if I was that would be egotistical of me. You had every right Gary.

  2. As mentioned before, this is going to be a serious bummer for employees of those vending companies and all of that. The little guy is going to get hurt in this not just in sports but perhaps restaurants and movie theaters etc etc are going to feel the pain for a little while.

    But word is in China they’re starting to get a handle on this so hopefully this whole thing doesn’t last long. Fingers crossed.

    • Jason Lancaster

      Yes. Global pandemics are like, totally no big deal.

      Also, the Earth is a flat disc surrounded by a wall of ice.

      • All American Johnsonville Dogs

        Global pandemic lmao is that what we are calling it?

        It’s not that big of a deal. It’s am issue that’s been blown out of proportion significantly.

        The only ones who should be concerned are kids and elderly. But coronavirus is along the same lines of mono pneumonia strep bronchitis…we don’t stop people or have people stop coming to these places during flu season…whick kills people every year.

        • kkfoot

          All American idiot has spoken. 6% mortality rate in Italy. Sure just like mono and strep.

          • All American Johnsonville Dogs

            Oh italty?

            3.4% of people who have it have died. 1 million people catch it that’s 34,000. Meaning 96.6% people didn’t die. Flu kills about 1-2% of people who catch a nasty one.

            You know why italty is so high. It has the highest average age or one of the highest average age of any European countries. Literally said if you’re older it’s gonna be worse for you lmao.

            But hey context and facts and being informed is useless for people like you apparently. Insertfootinmouth

          • All American Johnsonville Dogs

            Average age in italty is 46 years old. Lmao yeah. People near 50 and people over 50 are dying at higher rates when they get sick. Thanks einstein.

        • x%sure

          Even in Johnsonville’s particular view, it’s only a truth to certain percentage of people. Some have greater reason to worry.

          Bear in mind, presumably, additional bodies means more chances of covid19 mutation. Such facts are not in abundance though.

        • DarkSide830

          you people who think this is no big deal need to check your facts. wake up – this is the reality of things.

    • Yeah but the only thing with this one is people die quick. You hear about someone catching the virus and then a week later they’re dead. Sort of scary.

    • claude raymond

      Sports are trivial events compared to millions world wide catching the virus. There IS CURRENTLY NO VACCINE!! Just treatment strategies. If that doesn’t beat trivial then what does? Sports can survive the elimination of games (strike killed a world series). Strikes were over money issues, etc and what we’re dealing is life/death?

  3. phillyballers

    Doris Burke – was really excited for this game because it may be the last we call in an arena, and now it seems trivial. After news that the Jazz-Thunder game called prior to the tipoff.

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