NBA G League Suspends Season

The NBA G League has followed the NBA’s lead, announcing tonight in a press release that it has suspended its 2019/20 season in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The news comes on the heels of the announcement that the NBA has suspended its season.

As Fred Katz of The Athletic points out (via Twitter), there are plenty of reasons why it makes sense to suspend play in the G League in conjunction with the NBA. The two leagues share not just two-way players and players on NBAGL assignments, but also several facilities. Additionally, G League teams often travel via commercial flights.

The G League’s regular season had been scheduled to end on March 28, with the postseason to follow. Tonight’s announcement indicated that play will be postponed, rather than cancelled, so if the NBA resumes play in a few weeks, the G League may follow suit. There’s no concrete timeline for that to happen though.

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5 thoughts on “NBA G League Suspends Season

  1. Treveon Graham

    What effect does this have on 10-day contracts? Does Sheldon Mac’s 10-day end when it should or is it paused?

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      I wondered that too. I think there has to be a minimum number of games involved, like during the AS break. So I’m guessing paused?

    • jonnyzuck

      I doubt there’s any rule on the books covering this but I imagine the league and union will come to an understanding pausing all contracts if the season is able to resume

    • Luke Adams

      My GUESS would be that they’ll be paused along with the NBA calendar in general. ie. Wednesday was day 142 of the season, but I imagine day 143 will be the day play resumes, not today.

      That’s just my speculation though.

  2. Curtisrowe

    Man, I was going to a game on Sunday, now I have to go on a hike with my girlfriend. This plague must stop!

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