NBA, NBPA Agree To Halt Drug Testing During Hiatus

The NBA and the National Basketball Players Association have reached an agreement to halt drug testing for players during the league’s current coronavirus-related hiatus, reports Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports. Sources tell Haynes that the agreement is temporary.

Players are typically subject to up to four random drug tests during the season and two more during the offseason, per the league’s Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Punishments, including lengthy suspensions or banishments, are severe for players who test positive for performance-enhancing drugs or drugs of abuse, while testing positive for marijuana use results in more modest discipline, starting with fines.

According to Ian Begley of (Twitter link), the pause on drug testing is meant to address concerns regarding the proximity of drug testers and the sensitivity of drawing blood during the coronavirus outbreak.

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12 thoughts on “NBA, NBPA Agree To Halt Drug Testing During Hiatus

  1. Theone23

    Hillarious. Wonder which players will show up our of shape once the season resumes

  2. illowa

    Just dont start vaping it, with what we think we know about that too, popcorn lungs?

  3. “Marv im standing outside of the Cannabless and the line is out the door. With the nba suspending drug testing, last week it was toilet paper, this week its indica sativa. But Marv from what i hear theyve all got amoeba”

  4. hiflew

    This is very unfair. Players finally get the okay to have big weed parties and they aren’t going to be allowed to have the gathering of people to enjoy it. It’s not fun to smoke weed alone, it’s just sad. It’s like drinking, you need a crowd.

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