Nets Rumors: Third Star, Dinwiddie, Coach, Kyrie

In the latest edition of his Hoop Collective podcast, ESPN’s Brian Windhorst said he believes the Nets have signaled they’ll try to use some of their young talent to trade for a third star this offseason to complement Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

“We could enter a healthy debate here about whether Caris LeVert is that third star, and they may make the decision that he is,” Windhorst said. “But my feel (from) reading the tea leaves, paying attention to what (general manager) Sean Marks has said, and also being aware of some conversations that they had at the trade deadline – which was some sticking the toe in the water on some things – I think that they are going to swing for the fences whenever the offseason comes.”

As Windhorst and guests Bobby Marks and Kevin Pelton note, it’s not clear which stars on other rosters would even available via trade and whether the Nets would be willing to package players like LeVert or Spencer Dinwiddie. Marks and Pelton point out that moving a point guard like Dinwiddie could be somewhat risky, given all the games Irving has missed due to injuries in recent years.

Here’s more on the Nets:

  • Windhorst also suggested in today’s podcast that the Nets figure to seek an established head coach who would be comfortable leading a veteran team going all-in on contending. “One of the things that has been expressed sort of through the grapevine – that’s the way I’m going to say it to protect myself from the aggregators – is that Durant and Irving would like a blue chip coach,” Windhorst said. “I don’t know what this says about the way they felt about (Kenny) Atkinson, but they want a big-name coach.”
  • In a subsequent discussion on potential head coaching options for Brooklyn, Windhorst speculates that Tom Thibodeau will receive consideration from both the Nets and Knicks. As Windhorst observes, Thibodeau’s experience as an assistant for Team USA gives him a connection to Durant and Irving.
  • In the latest installment of his player-by-player look at the Nets’ roster, Brian Lewis of The New York Post focuses on Irving, writing that it’s hard to imagine Kyrie’s second year in Brooklyn being as “tumultuous” as year one was. Lewis also doesn’t close the door on the possibility of Irving returning to action in 2019/20 if the season resumes in two or three months.
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10 thoughts on “Nets Rumors: Third Star, Dinwiddie, Coach, Kyrie

  1. illowa

    Thibs can’t coach the nets, he’d run durant, dj, and kyrie into the ground and then put them out to the pasture.

  2. stevep-4

    Wow. Nets repeating almost the same mistake. Hope they don’t trade away all their draft picks too…

  3. JD Candello

    Shocking Irving and Durant already looking for cop-outs before they even take the court together –

    This is going to end ugly…..realllly ugly…. I cant wait!

  4. x%sure

    Levert is unlikely to draw a “swing for the fences”- type player given his lack of durability.

  5. KnickerbockerAl

    Nets have players n draft picks. To get another top player. Kyrie n KD think they can pull a Bron here. Problem is neither is close to a Bron. Curry, Klay, Dre are all star players. Who are team first, 2way players. All high IQ players. It’s why KD fit in so effortlessly. Kyrie hasn’t won without Bron. Ther are in for a rude awakening. The East isn’t weak anymore.

  6. phenomenalajs

    Coronavirus has taken so much air out of news I almost forgot the Nets fired Kenny Atkinson and I’m a Nets fan! I believe Jacque Vaughn coached them to a couple wins before the season was halted. I wonder if he’ll get the chance to complete the season or if they’ll bring someone else aboard during the hiatus.

  7. El Don

    It makes sense if players like Kyrie & KD wanna win, they want good players around them, Dinwiddie & LeVert ain’t gonna help anyone win a ring, much better to trade them for a SG or a PF, best the PF so they could have a great starting 5 of:
    Kyrie, Harris, KD, new star, DJ/Allen

  8. mlbnyyfan

    I still think Nets should of kept DLo Russell instead of signing Irving. I wonder if Dinwiddie would goto the Knicks. They could use a point guard.

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