Pacers List Malcolm Brogdon As Week-To-Week

Pacers guard Malcolm Brogdon has been diagnosed with a torn left rectus femoris (a muscle in the quadriceps), the team announced in a press release. His status is listed as week-to-week.

He suffered the injury Wednesday at Milwaukee when a sore left hip forced him to leave the game after 11 minutes. He underwent an MRI that showed the extent of the damage.

Brogdon is putting up the best numbers of his career in his first season in Indiana, averaging 16.3 points, 4.7 rebounds and 7.1 assists in 48 games. However, he has suffered seven different injuries that have forced him to miss 15 games, according to J. Michael of The Indianapolis Star.

An extended absence for Brogdon could have a huge effect on the Eastern Conference playoff race. The Pacers are tied with the Sixers for fifth place at 38-25 and are two games behind Miami for home court advantage in the first round.

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16 thoughts on “Pacers List Malcolm Brogdon As Week-To-Week

  1. illowa

    The Bucks are looking better and better without Brogden. Curry’s already calling into work sick too?

  2. El Don

    I’d say Brogdon has done very well only missing 15 games with 7 different injuries, right?

    • x%sure

      Good catch but especially that it’s a quad injury spreading to the hip, and his production has declined, maybe he’s been playing hampered.

  3. HoopsR

    It seemed like a gross overpay at the time of his’s unfortunately looking that way.

    • No it didn’t. That’s revisionist history. Most pundits applauded IND and ridiculed MKE for being cheap.

      • HoopsR

        How is it revisionist history if I was stating my own opinion of the signing at the time? I’m not actually aware of the general mindset on this signing at the time. I’m sure a lot like it, but I wasn’t stating an general consensus. Glad we cleared that up.
        Oh pundits are stupid and what they say is useless, but good for them and mke, I wasn’t talking about them though.

      • SheaGoodbye

        I think it was less applauding for the Pacers and more complaining about the Bucks spending money.

  4. “ Best numbers of his career” is a completely false statement.

    Scoring per 36: worse. Turnovers worse. Shooting much worse. 3p% much worse. Rebounding/Steals/Blocks flat.

    Assists are up.

    If you are using raw data is scoring is up .7 points per game in 2 more

    WinShares down. VORP down. PER flat. Box Plus/Minus down.

    he was good in October and November against a cupcake schedule and has been hurt, inefficient or both since.


      • Curtisrowe

        42 percent from 3 last year…31 this year? Not quite best numbers of his career. This has been by far his worst year. He is just shooting more.

        • aircarter777

          He had the good numbers last year because he was the 4th or 5th option. He was a good player but not good enough to get what Indy paid for him especially with his long injury history.. He is all yours INDY!!!!!!

      • El Don

        It’s a lot easier to play well with good numbers or even great numbers, like filling the stat sheet in a good team, in a bad team not so much.
        When you are the 4th/5th option you unmarked all the time, when you are the 1st/2nd option you are double teamed all the time.
        Indy is a good team, but a big drop off from Milwaukee.

  5. x%sure

    Bucks thought he was not actually best at the 1 and wanted him at the 2… and that was before they got Bledsoe.

    It is a trend now to think the 1 is better than the 2 but Brogdon has lost some development forcing himself to the 1. He may miss an NBA title. Since he’s not getting more durable he may not even have a lot of time left as a good-team starter.

    • x%sure

      I was a fan but I believe the rumor that he wanted out of Milwaukee to play the 1. Hard to relate to that. Bucks rising

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