Payment Of Players Uncertain Beyond April 1

The NBA has not committed to paying players in full beyond April 1 during the suspension of play, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski tweets.

The next checks are scheduled to be issued on April 1. The following payment would be due on April 15 and a league memo sent to teams on Friday said it would provide “additional guidance” on the April 15 checks.

“Force Majeure” language in the Collective Bargaining Agreement allows for a percentage of contracts to be withheld in extreme circumstances.

The NBA and the Players Association have discussed the issue, Wojnarowski adds in another tweet. The NBA can withhold 1/92.6th of a player’s salary per cancelled game — about 1% of his annual salary.

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5 thoughts on “Payment Of Players Uncertain Beyond April 1

  1. El Don

    Tough one, really. Isn’t the players fault that there is all this panic going on about the common cold/flu.
    But, on the other hand isn’t the owners neither, & if they ain’t making money they shouldn’t have to pay, real tough one.
    Were I live they forced a hotel to close down & the owner has fired on the spot all the staff, which has brought a very negative response, but I, as a one man business myself, I can understand that if you are not allowed to work & make money, how are you expected to pay others to stay home & not work.
    I really think the world economy will never recover from all this panic, flu/cold virus will keep coming every year, so probably this will keep happening every year now, can’t see how this will ever end, sad times when we are not allowed to work & forced to stay home when we healthy.
    The isolation or lock down should be for the elderly & vulnerable, they must be isolated for weeks/months to come… but for the rest we can keep living life as normal as possible, otherwise it will be the end of civilization as we know it.

      • ZacharyH

        Whuron, you clearly know something I don’t. I wonder how many have died from loss of investment and income, our economy is headed to 1930s depression era stats! Preventing a so-called pandemic by starvation and poverty is a contradiction in terms

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