Atlantic Notes: Durant, Irving, Powell, Ntilikina

Nets general manager Sean Marks offered an update on the status of injured stars Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving during remote interviews this week, relays NetsDaily. Durant continues to rehab an Achilles injury that has sidelined him since last year’s NBA Finals, while Irving is recovering from shoulder surgery on March 3.

“Specifically with Kevin, this rehab and return to practice was really looking great,” Marks said. “He was on the floor again. A lot people have seen that short little video that was posted and so forth. It was remarkable to see the way he was progressing. … I’ve talked to Ky multiple times. He seems to be doing very very well, rehabbing in his apartment in Brooklyn and between here and Jersey. So he’s doing well. I know both those guys are itching to get back, but get back at 100 percent.”

Marks also addressed the team’s unsettled coaching situation, as interim Jacque Vaughn only got to coach the team for two games after taking over for Kenny Atkinson. Marks said Vaughn and his staff are staying in touch with players and expressed hope that he will get more opportunity to show what he can do before a final decision has to be made.

There’s more from the Atlantic Division:

  • Raptors guard Norman Powell is fully recovered from a twisted ankle he suffered during the team’s final game before the hiatus, tweets Josh Lewenberg of TSN Sports. Powell has been watching a couple hours of film each day during the break and is concentrating on his defense off the ball (Twitter link).
  • The Knicks are less likely to try to move point guard Frank Ntilikina this offseason than they were last summer, according to Ian Begley of Several teams said New York reached out to them with trade proposals involving Ntilikina before last year’s draft and may have accepted an early second-round pick in return.
  • There is a “growing belief” that interim Knicks coach Mike Miller will have a role with the organization next season, although he remains a long shot to become the permanent head coach, writes Marc Berman of The New York Post. Miller has been studying tape and trying to keep the team running as normally as possible under the circumstances. “We’ve done a good job of making sure throughout the week our players hear from us almost on a daily basis — from the training staff, performance staff and medical staff,” he said. “They have been very well connected with us making sure everyone is safe.”
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11 thoughts on “Atlantic Notes: Durant, Irving, Powell, Ntilikina

  1. Simmons>Russ

    Saw a trade rumour with the Nets yesterday on B/R. It said something about Gobert to the Nets for Jordan, LeVert Dinwiddie and can’t quite remember the rest.

    Made me think what about Spencer Dinwiddie, Jarret Allen, Tayshaun Prince and a first.

    Jazz add youth and depth for Gobert.
    Dinwiddie and Mitchell would be a great combo, Prince is a nice combo forward and Allen replaces Gobert like for like just got as great defensively.
    Nets have a big 4 of Kyrie LeVert Durant and Gobert with Jordan and Joe Harris off the bench.
    That’s 3 great scorers with the leagues best defender.

    • Because defence is executed by one guy doing his damnedest. Durant will see his defence decline more than his offence coming back, Kyrie and LeVert are no defensive threats. Jordan needs to hang around the paint to be effective at all, hoping guys fly into his orbit. There will be enough ways to attack that group that it will be the worst overall D Gobert would ever play with.

    • Simmons>Russ

      Gobert plus Durant and Joe Harris who also isn’t a bad defender they will be alright.

      Gobert also has played all his ball in the West with the Jazz now he will get to go to the East if he joins the Nets which is easier.
      The west has Curry Russ Harden Kawhi PG Jokic LBJ AD Doncic Porzingod Ja Zion and so on in the east he has Simmons and Embiid, Butler and Adebayo which aren’t easy but he can have rest against the likes of the Knicks, Bulls, Hornets, Wizards which he wouldn’t usually get

  2. KnickerbockerAl

    Jordan not moving. He’s Durants guy. Allen is probably on his way out. Unless he accepts backup role. Dinwiddie n Allen probably two most likely to get traded. Since KD n Kyrie have already started crying for another star. Nets have future picks. Plus the 19th pick in this draft. Definitely see them making splash, maybe during draft this yr. IMO Nttilikina is not cut out for NY. He’s soft, that’s why he is inconsistent. Tired of waiting on him. Knicks have done poor job of developing him. Now his value is low. Payton is solid backup PG. Im praying Knicks select Halliburton. He is high IQ and best 2way guard in draft. Best to play Frank n build his value n trade him.

    • andremets

      1st, why does it matter if a point guard is “soft”? Stefan Curry is probably “soft” and he’s an mvp. 2nd, I disagree that Frenchie is soft. He’s tuff on D. He just can’t shoot and doesn’t drive to the basket enough.

    • dynasty in boston

      This team (Nets) are going nowhere. Durant will not be the same player and Irving is a joke. There in Brooklyn , the inmates run the prison and those situations always implode when the pressure is on. I like KD and hope I’m wrong. But I’m not wrong about Irving.

  3. KnickerbockerAl

    If you gotta ask. That’s your answer. Steph ain’t soft . Not driving when you know he can. That’s soft. Not shooting when they let u shoot. That’s soft. Not running team n giving up ball when u are the PG. that’s soft. He’s much better on D. You can’t be soft and play in NY. See way Trier plays, he’s not soft. Frank had his attitude. He might be a 16 and 10 guy with good D now. Which is what a lottery pick should be. DSJ us soft too. NY will do that to you.

  4. Simmons>Russ

    Dinwiddie, Prince, Allen and a first for Gobert and a second.

    Jazz get a near all star level PG to play with Mitchell in the backcourt like what Conley was met to be. They get a solid combo forward in Prince. They get a replacement centre in Allen who is young (21) and puts up double doubles regularly with solid rim protection and they get a first round pick.

    Nets gets one of the leagues best defenders, to create a big 4 with Kyrie LeVert KD and Gobert. That’s 3 great/elite scorers and one of the best defenders. Off the bench you also have Joe Harris one of the league best 3 point shooters, DeAndre Jordan also a solid defender, Garrett Temple and Wilson Chandler two solid vets and a then a bunch of young guys.
    Nets elevate themselves to the elite group in the east with the Bucks, Celtics, Sixers, Heat and Pacers.
    While the Jazz remain a solid playoff team in the west get younger and add more depth and start to build around Donovan Mitchell.

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