Atlantic Notes: Knox, Durant, Robinson, Hayward

The league’s hiatus has made it much more difficult for new Knicks president Leon Rose to evaluate Kevin Knox, Marc Berman of the New York Post writes. Rose was unable to get a closer look at the second-year forward and doesn’t know if the 20-year-old is part of the team’s future, Berman adds. Rose must decide prior to the start of next season whether to pick up Knox’s $5.84MM fourth-year option.

We have more from the Atlantic Division:

  • Kevin Durant‘s agent and business partner, Rich Kleiman, said it’s unrealistic to think his client can return to action from his Achilles injury this summer, he told Sports Illustrated’s Chris Mannix. This reiterates what Kleiman said in an ESPN interview last month about the Nets forward. “I promise you, Kevin and I have not talked about that. And I know it sounds crazy, but my assumption has been that wasn’t very realistic,” Kleiman said to Mannix.
  • Mitchell Robinson‘s development may be the biggest argument to remove the interim tag from Knicks coach Mike Miller, Berman writes in a separate story. Robinson has emerged as a foundation piece, according to Berman, and his high school coach, Butch Stockton, believes Miller is primarily responsible for that. “The Knicks have done a real good job developing him and getting toward to his full potential,” Stockton said.
  • Celtics forward Gordon Hayward said the hiatus has allowed him to heal up from lingering knee and foot injuries, Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe reports. “That’s one positive from this whole thing is everybody’s been able to recover,” Hayward said. “We haven’t been able to do much, so hopefully everyone is healthy whenever and if ever we get back this year. … This has been good for everybody’s body.”
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15 thoughts on “Atlantic Notes: Knox, Durant, Robinson, Hayward

  1. king beas

    While I think Knox is awful might as well pick up the 5 mil option that’s not much for nba standards and he’s still young. Hasn’t shown anything at all yet but for once the knicks should give their young guys time to develop

    • dust44

      He hasn’t showed anything because he was playing 18-22 mins one night then not at all the next. The Knicks screwed up the development of there young dudes. Atleast Mitchell Robinson is just now starting to show some level of aptitude as a starter.

      • king beas

        Not a knicks fan and no denying they’re the worst run team in the nba but he got to start every game as a rookie and play significant minutes and was awful. Going into year 2 I’m sure they would’ve loved to play him 30 minutes a night again but when you shoot under 35% again I don’t think you should be rewarded more than 18-22 minutes a night no matter what age or draft pick. Get better and earn the minutes

    • not to worry, if/when the Knicks let him walk, some other team will give him the proper development environment and he will take off and Knicks will think it was just a matter of time for the kid and feel some sense of regret.

      The only problem in that is they should be regretting that they stink as an organization of professional basketball, not that they lack patience.

  2. mlbnyyfan

    I would’ve liked the Knicks to give Knox,Dotson and Trier more of an opportunity rather than sign all those free agents to one year deals

    • @nbabrothers

      I would trade all three because they don’t have specific skills and what we need are role players like three point specialists, etc. and pick up an all star some how from free agency. Draft picks for all three is what I would do. Knox is young but he hasn’t shown me the toughness he needs to have to be successful here.

      • 4Quarters

        Those are solid points. I thought Knox showed flashes of being able to effectively slash a bit, especially towards the end of last season — but that regressed hard this year.

        But the role player point is a good one. If we were to slot in Knox as someone with 1-job…I have no clue what that would be. He doesn’t really show comfort anywhere.

        Trier is a scorer thru & thru tho. Easy 10-14 pts a night with consistent pt

        • SuperSinker

          Ya Trier is a walking bucket idk if I was an NBA team looking for offence I’d be interested in Trier

  3. mcmillankmm

    Given Knox’s option is for $5.84M it probably makes sense to exercise it. Even if he doesn’t improve much in his third season you could use that salary as filler in a trade, also it’s $6M less then Knicks can spend in free agency, which they’ve shown to be lousy at

  4. x%sure

    The odds of Miller retuning as HC just went up! What can HOBO Rose say when a HS coach gets his say in the “search”.

  5. mlbnyyfan

    I’m still hoping Knicks somehow trade Knox and others with draft picks for Beal. Draft a point guard and move RJ to small forward.

  6. KnickerbockerAl

    Knox is just another example of failed coaching n management. Why are you talking him down now. He’s still very young. Mitchell hasn’t been treated well either. Inconsistent mins, cause of foul trouble. His offense has not grown. You do understand these picks were all 19 yr olds. Physically they are not even grown yet, You can’t expect realistically for them to play major rotation mins. Takes yrs for that. So instead of developing. This management cause of pressure of NY. Having praying for a HR with one of them. Even RJ who has an NBA ready body, struggles. They basically have killed their confidence n value the last 2 yrs. We need real authority here. Someone to take charge. Play n manage mins the right way with. Mitch, Knox, DSJ, Nttilikina, Trier, Dotson. To be able to make a intellectual basketball decision. Dotson a FA, could have been moved for 2nd rd pick while playing well. Now he’s probably walks. Same with Trier, has 1yr left. Personally I like him as backup. Others you have manage their career to either keep them and develop to play NOT SIT. Or develop to trade for talent. 19 yr olds are not saviors. 90 % of them need time and nurturing. If you are not willing to do it. Then don’t freaking draft them. Look back at all drafts. See how long it takes for 19 yr old to start playing consistently. Everyone thinks they got next Bron. Even Kobe took 3 yrs to really start showing. If you are going to draft 29 yr olds. Then you have to commit to developing for next 2 yrs minimum.

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