Knicks Notes: Thibodeau, Perry, Atkinson, Anthony

Tom Thibodeau should have plenty of opportunities to return to the NBA next season, writes Stefan Bondy of The New York Daily News. Thibodeau, who was fired by the Timberwolves in the middle of the 2018/19 season, is frequently mentioned among the candidates to take over the Knicks. However, the Nets and Rockets are two other teams that might be interested, Bondy notes, while the Pelicans, Bulls and Hawks may also be in the market for a new coach, along with the Spurs if Gregg Popovich retires.

Sources tell Bondy that Thibodeau is confident he will be a head coach somewhere next season and has been getting advice around the league on the best opportunity. Bondy argues that Thibodeau doesn’t deserve all the blame for all that went wrong in Minnesota, suggesting that he had a good relationship with Andrew Wiggins, but couldn’t find a way to motivate Karl-Anthony Towns.

Bondy adds that interim coach Mike Miller remains a candidate to get the job on a full-time basis as new team president Leon Rose is impressed with his performance since taking over, while Kentucky coach John Calipari shouldn’t be counted out because of his close ties to Rose.

There’s more Knicks news to pass along:

  • The NBA shutdown has increased the chances that general manager Scott Perry will remain with the team, Bondy adds in the same column. The Knicks aren’t making personnel moves during the hiatus and are preparing for the draft with the current front office, which includes Gerald Madkins, Michael Arcieri and Harold Ellis, who all came to New York with Perry in 2017.
  • Kenny Atkinson isn’t the best choice for the Knicks despite his previous ties to the organization, contends Marc Berman of The New York Post. The former Nets coach hails from Long Island and served as an assistant with the Knicks under Mike D’Antoni, but a source tells Berman that Atkinson’s management late in games is considered questionable and he wasn’t able to win the respect of Kyrie Irving in Brooklyn. Berman expects Rose to seek a more experienced coach with a better track record.
  • Zach Braziller of The New York Post examines the divided opinions on North Carolina’s Cole Anthony, whom the Knicks may consider drafting, given their need for a point guard.
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23 thoughts on “Knicks Notes: Thibodeau, Perry, Atkinson, Anthony

  1. All American Johnsonville Dogs

    Knicks have a lot to do this off season.

    Cole Anthony would be a good choice. But if Tyrese Haliburton is there take him.

    Trade Randle for nuggets 1st (#20).
    Sign and trade Trier and Dotson for a couple seconds.
    Maybe the bucks sign and trade for Trier for 2 2nds.
    Maybe Thunder sign and trade a 2nd for Demeyean Dotson and shift SGA to SF.

    Far as free agent front:
    PG – Anthony (1st pick), Payton
    SG – Evan Fournier (FA, if he declined if PO), Tyrese Maxey (nuggets pick from Randle deal)
    SF – Barrett, Knox
    PF – Marcus Morris (FA), Portis
    C – Robinson, Aron Baynes (FA)

    • mcmillankmm

      Yeah, I don’t see why anyone would sign and trade for Trier/Dotson….both would have been dealt at the deadline if there was significant interest

      • All American Johnsonville Dogs

        Both restricted free agents. No interest cause teams are probably hoping they can sign them away from the knicks during the off season.

        NYK haven’t exactly shown they’d like to keep either.

        Both will probably get an offer sheet. Knicks should offer a sign and trade. Or keep them, depending on price.

    • Simmons>Russ

      First Nuggets aren’t giving up a first to bring in another PF considering they like both Grant and Millsap and have decent depth. And considering Randles deal is only for 1 year and he also didn’t exactly play amazing this year.

      Secondly I really doubt anyone does a sign and trade for those two because if they wanted them they would’ve traded for them at the deadline. Yes they might be restricted FA but Knicks haven’t been interested in either all year.

      Thirdly RJ Barrett should be the SG and I can’t see Fournier coming.

      Then lastly I doubt Marcus Morris comes back. He’s got good value and could ask for money but he also probably wants to win a ring.

  2. greg1

    Nuggets don’t have cap space for Randle.

    Trier and Dotson are likely going to need to sign min contracts, which means no team is going to agree to a sign and trade for either.

    • All American Johnsonville Dogs

      They actually do.
      link to

      Currently not but next year in 2020 they only have Jokic Murray Harris Barton and possibly Grant. Plumblee Millsap come off the books.

      • x%sure

        If Denver wants a change agent, they should get a guard, better than Trier or Dotson. They wanted Jrue Holiday.

  3. Yep it is

    Tibs is a retread Coach. I don’t understand why he keeps getting so many chances. He has never won anything.

    • steve

      Because there will seemingly always be a slew of desperate and delusional teams that from their current state view him as an actual upgrade. And for some he actually is. But yes its clear now hes never going to be the key cog at the helms of anything significant career wise, modest gains in exchange for still not having your coach of the future doesnt make a ton of sense however you slice it.

    • He has a 59% career winning percentage. He managed to squeeze 47 wins out of the Minnesota Timberwolves. They were 97-107 under him but were abysmal before him (45-119 in the two seasons prior to hiring him) and after him (36-70 since firing him).

      The Bulls were mediocre before hiring him and have been pretty bad since firing him.

      He may not have won anything playoffs-wise, but we’re talking about the Knicks here (of whom I’m a fan). It’s been seven years since they’ve even finished .500. If Thibs could get a playoff berth, the fanbase would be doing cartwheels.

  4. stevep-4

    Thibs, no matter front office changes, will never work for the Bulls again, so not sure why they are mentioned in this context.

    • windycitykid89

      I agree. After the way he was ousted, I doubt he goes back to the Bulls. I’ll be shocked if he even entertains the idea of coaching in Chicago again.

  5. Appalachian_Outlaw

    It’d be foolish to base anything off of an inability to earn Kyrie Irving’s respect, as it relates to Atkinson. Irving is the single most overrated “superstar” of this era. Unless you have a generational talent on the team, like James, you’re going to see Irving post numbers while losing a lot of games, and probably secretly driving his coach insane.

  6. x%sure

    Thibs, Miller, Calipari, Perry “in”, Atkinson “out”. The NY media is still workin’ it.
    However a NY Post link can jam up.

  7. Simmons>Russ

    Sorry but completely disagree and wouldn’t do anything All American says.

    I would start the offseason with getting a PG in the draft with LaMelo Ball, Cole Anthony and Tyrese Halliburton the people I’m interested in.

    Secondly would look at trading Randle for a big ugly contract in hope on getting a good piece of compensation.
    I’d be looking at Randle, Portis, DSJ and the Clippers first round pick (25) for Blake Griffin and the Piston pick in the draft (5).
    Knicks get a star player and another top pick in the draft. Pistons get rid of the 1 bad contract they have left and in return get back Randle, Portis, DSJ at the cost of swap back 20 places in the draft. Maybe you need to throw in a couple seconds to get it done but I’d do it.
    Target a SF such as Avdija or Okoro.

    Then lastly let Ellington and Harkless walk in FA and look to bring back some younger players and try develop them. I’d throw Thon Maker 1year 4mil, Denzel Valentine 2years 10mil and Hernagomez 2years 14mil.

    1. Anthony/Ball/Haliburton. Payton. Ntilikina
    2. Barrett. Valentine. Bullock
    3. Avdija/Okoro. Knox
    4. Griffin. Hernagomez
    5. Mitchell. Gibson. Maker

    Now you have your backcourt set, you have depth and youth at every position and outside of Griffins deal which expires in 2 years after this year you don’t have any big contracts.
    This team wouldn’t make the playoffs but they probably do win a few more games than last years and the team as a group look like they improve.

    • YOGA

      I hope my bulls draft zach,sato.haliburton pg.coby lauri,thad,opj too.i love if bulls can get jrue and between gobert or several 1 round picks.maybe 5 picks

      • Simmons>Russ

        Wow that would really blow up the Bulls. I know the front office and back room staff are making lots of moves but I’m unsure making so many moves on the court is a good thing.
        I like Zach LaVine and even if your not a fan, you can say he hasn’t developed since coming in as a raw rookie. I’d stick with him and see how much he continues to improve.
        I do agree Haliburton would be a good fit for the Bulls I like him and LaVine.

        As for the rest I’d look for a centre, Myles Turner would be my first target. The Pacers already have Sabonis playing centre.

        I’d swap Thad Young and Wendell Carter for Turner.
        Young is a former Pacer and a coach favourite of Nate McMillan, he’s familiar with the system. Carter Jr would be a solid playing PF or C off the bench.

        Then I would just roll with that for now..
        1. Haliburton
        2. LaVine
        3. Porter Jr
        4. Markeneen
        5. Turner.
        LaVine has Haliburton to help run the offence and Porter Markeneen and Turned all provide great spacing for these two to drive.

        Hopefully with some luck AD when he fits FA next year looks at his home team of Chicago as a team capable of making the playoffs regularly in the easier EC. Haliburton LaVine AD and Turner as a core…

    • “I would start the offseason with getting a PG in the draft with LaMelo Ball, Cole Anthony and Tyrese Halliburton the people I’m interested in.”

      Why Ball? He has almost no experience and his brother had the same hype and hasn’t lived up to any of it yet. Knowing the Knicks, if they drafted him, it would be a disaster.

  8. tomjoadsghost

    Tins couldn’t motivate the Max player KAT? That’s nuts KAT is a huge star, who just hoists trophies. Oh wait. No he can’t even get to the playoffs. Max player ?

    • El Don

      KAT is a top 5 player in the league, if that is not motivated… it means he would be light years ahead of the rest if he was motivated, right?

  9. Grimjac

    Maybe it’s time owners recognized that GMs like Kyrie don’t help a franchise long term. Lebron and Wade demanded Coach Spo go and Pat Riley said, “Minnesota has resources, who wants a trade”? It’s amazing when a team culture is driven by an empowered front office, and not a talented but selfish player. GM Lebron has left devastation behind every time he changed teams. Decisions should be made by people who will be around for the consequennces.

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