NBA Planning H-O-R-S-E Competition

The NBA is working with ESPN to develop a televised H-O-R-S-E competition that would include several star players, tweets ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

The plan is for players to remain in isolation, likely in home gyms, while putting up shots against competitors. Details of the event are still being worked out, but it would provide a way to create television programming while the league remains on hiatus.

H-O-R-S-E is a popular game on playgrounds where a player attempts a shot, and if it goes in, a competitor has to make the same shot from the same spot on the court. Each failure to do so results in a letter, and the first player to spell out H-O-R-S-E is eliminated.

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22 thoughts on “NBA Planning H-O-R-S-E Competition

  1. TheBlueMeanie

    And you thought televising NBA players playing NBA2K online against each other was desperate.

    • JD Candello

      I suppose you have better ideas in this moment ?…….

      By all means grace us…..

    • Breezy

      the 2K idea was actually a good one. A lot of people watch live online gaming.

      • ThePeople'sElbow

        yeah professional gamers, not NBAers who play casually. KD complaining about the transition defense just goes to show he’s not a regular gamer.

  2. x%sure

    This could lead to marks on the court corresponding to a specific spot. Right now the best place-names are the elbow, the blocks, and the corner. “Wing” could mean several things.

    I can see small corporate logos in places consistent from court to court.
    “He shoots from the Ford!”
    Well better than some doodads painted on BB courts.

    Actually this idea works better for soccer, as a trade-off to get ads off of uniforms. Plenty of empty space on the field.

    • JD Candello

      Dont know if you were aiming for it but its actually a really good idea (mat)-

      Anything to keep a little Revenue flowing

      Someone on the football boards had the idea of making the Nfl draft a rd a night, thought that was really great as well for TV

        • Howie415

          The rules of HORSE are extremely simple. It’s schoolkids game. The rules have been passed down. It’s a playground game.

    • Howie415

      You have never played HORSE before. MJ & Bird shot a commercial around HORSE.

      • Lightning

        It was a great commercial! Through the window, off the the beam, off the scoreboard, nothing but net.

  3. There should be a playoff system to make it fun. have a playoff system. NBA vs Ex NBA. First competition between top NBA players best 3 move on. Same with Ex NBA players top 3 move on. Just no dunking because that would be so boring a big guy dunking all the time. Must be at least 10 feet from the basket.

  4. I figured this was coming, the desperate play for attention, but I thought they would have started with other dumb ideas first like a fashion challenge where guys dress up and argue who looks better while fans text or tweet in to vote. And of course the video games, perhaps a talent competition or obstacle course or just campaigning for their preferred presidential candidate. OK, the NBA would do whatever it could to prevent that. Maybe.

    Perhaps they can go retro and outfit guys with VR setups for simulated games.

  5. Howie415

    I don’t know what you guys are talking about. This is great idea. Everybody has played HORSE. I sucked at it. But guys that can make those shots are amazing.

    • if they can get Jordan, Magic and LeBron in a game with Doncic, they could have a ratings hit. Still, I don’t think you guys get how dull it can be when the guys can’t interact in person. The technology and bandwidth used has to make the presentation as close to easy communication between parties as possible.

      THAT is what is holding this idea back. If they could actually bring guys together on the same court for HORSE, it would be a fine show. The biggest issue is that this is going to perhaps look depressingly sad, but it depends on the execution of it.

  6. Bmore4ever

    I’d at least give it a look, I miss sports so I’m hoping they can make it somewhat entertaining but not sure how but would give it a try. Stay safe everyone.

  7. phillyballers

    Doing this live would be terrible. Would need a bunch of editing… remember when we had to institute a miss-tracker for the dunk contest.

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