Wizards GM Discusses Free Agency, Draft, Wall

Wizards GM Tommy Sheppard took part in a Q&A on Twitter earlier today, addressing numerous topics, including the free-agent statuses of Davis Bertans and Shabazz Napier. Sheppard said both players have “shown enough” to make the team want to retain them.

“We acquired [both those players] not as rentals. We acquired them to stay here,” Sheppard said.

Bertans came to the Wizards last offseason, as part of a three-way trade that the Spurs made to create a path to sign Marcus Morris (Morris backed out of the verbal agreement with San Antonio and instead inked a deal with the Knicks). Napier joined the franchise during a midseason trade that sent Jordan McRae to Denver.

Here’s more highlights from the session with Sheppard:

  • The executive discussed Washington as a free agency destination.“Look at the [free agents] we’ve retained over the years. We’ve retained our biggest free agents. They wanted to stay here and re-sign. We attracted plenty of free agents over time,” Sheppard said, arguing that location and ownership are two of the biggest factors to attracting talent.
  • The inability to meet with and evaluate prospects in person in the coming weeks and months isn’t going to impede the Wizards’ ability to scout talent in the draft. “If we were going to decide to take a player off of one workout, we’re in a lot of trouble,” Sheppard said.
  • Sheppard added that the league’s hiatus has not been great for John Wall‘s progress. The point guard had been participating in scrimmages as he continued to rehab his Achilles injury. However, without the ability to compete against others, Wall can’t get into game shape. “He’s just not able to get out on the floor and do those things. So, when we do come to play, he will be behind, unfortunately,” Sheppard said.
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13 thoughts on “Wizards GM Discusses Free Agency, Draft, Wall

  1. Simmons>Russ

    John Wall is a winner but he’s also got a huge deal which makes it hard to get talent. For a team obviously trying to win, it’ll be hard if they decide to also keep Bertans who will cost a lot they will be paying 3 guys the majority of the cap.
    That style didn’t really work in the past for them with their other rosters in the past which had more talent to be honest.
    I think they are better off trying to trade Wall and trying to sign and trade Bertans.

    Maybe you can do John Wall for Blake Griffin deal, with you receiving back a second. Atleast his deal is 1 year less than Walls and is for 4 mil per year less.
    Draft in Cole Anthony or the next best available PG, such as Killian Hayes or Tyrese Halliburton.
    Then sign and trade Bertans for Harrison Barnes.
    Then round out the roster with a bunch of vets like Kyle OQuinn and Etwaun Moore.

    1. Cole Anthony. Smith
    2. Beal. Robinson. Moore
    3. Barnes. Brown jr
    4. Griffin. Hachimura
    5. Bryant. Wagner. OQuinn

    Beal leading a group of Barnes, a solid 2 way, role player with playoff experience, Blake Griffin a skilled and solid PF when fit, who can do a little of everything. Cole Anthony a young attacking minded PG who plays similarly to Wall. Then a bench with a mix of role players and vets.

    • the dude

      I see where you’re going here, but griff has been hurt a lot. Wall, this is really his first major injury isnt it? I’d keep him, especially since Beal re upped, and bertans wants to stay. If anything they should bring IT back

      • Simmons>Russ

        Wall Beal IT and Bertans that team doesn’t make it out the first round and Wall Beal and Bertans I’m assuming all would be on long term contracts.

        I just feel Griffin although not great anymore saves them cap space and has a shorter deal than Wall. By getting rid of Wall you open up the PG spot for a drafted player and this year there is ally of young talented PGs.

        I think by keeping Wall your heading back down the track of where you were 2012 moving forward.. trying to compete but not being good enough and having no cap space

    • I give no fox

      Harrison Barnes is not worth anything. He is getting paid way too much to be an average NBA player. Tazza, is that you? Why did you change your screen name?

      • Simmons>Russ

        Yeah it’s Tazza, phone forgot password when I tried transferring from old phone to new one.

        Barnes isn’t worth anything but it’s about how your getting him. It’s either pay Bertans 18 ish mil on a long term deal, which with Wall and Beal clogs up your cap space on 3 offensive players with a ceiling of first round exit.
        If you do a sign and trade with Bertans for Barnes, your getting back a Barnes who isn’t great but he’s a solid two way role player. Who plays to a role and is good at it.

        In sign and traded you don’t have much power because ultimately Bertans can disagree with your idea and leave, in which case you get nothing in return.

  2. KnickerbockerAl

    With this draft, Rui. Beal leading the way. Probably best for them to go young. They definitely can get a PF or PG. One that grow with team. Add what you can get for Wall (young talent, picks). They are there for 7 or 8 seed. With a much brighter future.

    • I give no fox

      John Wall has negative trade value. There is no way the wizards acquire either young talent or picks in moving him. They would have to attach an asset or take on an equally horrific contract

      • x_burner_X

        Theres one team that could take on Wall, without sending back big contracts – the stupid Knicks. Im sure they can talk themselves into something like Knox for Wall straight up, they have the cap space. I know wizards have a logjam upfront, but getting off the Wall deal would really boost their rebuild

      • Simmons>Russ

        Yeah the only team willing to give the Wizards a positive return would be the Knicks and the package would be Randle plus extras…

        Other than that your only getting back other players on big deals with negative value also. That’s why I suggested Griffin. His deal is a 1 year less then Walls and 4mil per year less.
        Getting rid of Wall opens up the PG position which is ideal for drafting a young player.

        Cole Anthony, Tyrese Haliburton and Killian Hayes are all expected to land between 5-12 which is where the Wizards will end up picking from. All three have great potential, all three would suit playing with Beal and all 3 could come into the league and be decent 10+ points 4+ assists type guys playing off a lead guard.

    • x%sure

      Somebody the Wizards have been waiting for, for a lonnng time.
      Beal signed the extension, it’s mostly up to him.
      Detroit does want to move on from Griffin, but Wall might interfere with Rose.

  3. El Don

    Guys stop dissing Wall, yes he had a big injury, which by the way was out of his control, but otherwise he has been one of the top PG’s in the league for many years, great scorer & one of the best passers in league history. Don’t believe the word getting rid of him applies, if he comes back healthy is way better than anything Washington can get for him.

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