Atlantic Notes: Nets, Knicks, Raptors, Sixers

Appearing on Wednesday on ESPN’s First Take (video link), Nets guard Spencer Dinwiddie said he can’t really address the possibility of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving potentially returning from injuries this summer, since that decision will ultimately be made by others, including team doctors. However, he acknowledged that Brooklyn’s outlook for the 2020 postseason would change significantly with those two stars in the lineup.

“If they are able to return and that’s the decision they make, our aspirations turn from playoffs to championship,” Dinwiddie said, per Stefan Bondy of The New York Daily News. “If they’re not able to return, which they’ve pretty much said that’s kind of the stance that they’re taking, we still want to be a team that grinds to get to the playoffs and makes a run in the playoffs.”

Unlike Irving, whose season was cut short by a shoulder issue, Durant has yet to make his debut with the Nets. While a torn Achilles tendon is a potentially devastating injury for NBA players, Dinwiddie is confident that KD will still look like a star when he returns to the court.

“I look at it like this: At 80 percent, he’s Dirk Nowitzki,” Dinwiddie said of Durant, according to Bondy. “At 100 percent, he’s the best scorer of all time, and anywhere in between, he’s still, what, a top-three small forward in the league.”

Here’s more from around the Atlantic:

  • The Knicks don’t plan to formally launch their head coaching search until they find out whether or not their season is over, sources tell Marc Berman of The New York Post. We heard on Wednesday that Tom Thibodeau and Kenny Atkinson are expected to be among the club’s candidates in that search.
  • Chris Boucher and Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, who have played key minutes in the Raptors‘ frontcourt this season, will both be free agents at season’s end. Bearing that in mind, Eric Koreen of The Athletic examines each player’s appeal, arguing that it wouldn’t be an easy decision if the team can only retain one. Hollis-Jefferson is the more versatile player, but Boucher is a better rim protector and will be a restricted free agent.
  • Looking at the Sixers‘ future with Rich Hofmann of The Athletic, John Hollinger suggests the team has painted itself into a bit of a corner with its big-money commitments to some secondary players and will need to get creative to upgrade its roster going forward.
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26 thoughts on “Atlantic Notes: Nets, Knicks, Raptors, Sixers

  1. KnickerbockerAl

    IMO Sixers should move Ben to SF. Make him develop his shot. He can still run offense from there. A scoring PG like Holiday is perfect. I like Horford and Harris. But Nutler would have been a better mix. Him at SG Ben at SF. Horford is overplayed for his role. Why would they sign him. Makes no sense to me. Harris and Horford are still great players. On the right teams. They still are all-stars to me. I would move in that direction. They can still get great value back for both. Why wouldn’t NO want Horford. A all star vet. Who can lead the young guys forward to playoffs. Gives their young bigs time to develop. He protects Ingram and Zion on D. Give them a future #1 pick. Or package by taking a contract back like. Redick and Holiday is 39 mill. Horford and (Smith or Thybulle) plus a #1 pick. That can work money wise. Now you can can move Harris to strengthen bench, team. A few teams should want Tobias. I know Knicks would take him. Randle as bench scoring could work, only one yr contract. Randle, Knox, Nttilikina, plus a #1 pick. Just a thought. Point is Tobias can bring solid chemistry players. To strengthen team for contention. Sixers really need to redo their team chemistry before it’s too late. I would love to see Ben at SF. Bird ran team from the 3. Now he’s better shooter. Ben better athlete.

    • I give no fox

      The idea for the sixers was that horford has 3 point range, is a very good defender, has playoff experience, and can play the 5. Joel Embiid has consistently missed time and they looked horrendous without a capable center. They also took him away from the celtics who are now very vulnerable in the paint.

      Honestly, I would like to let them run it backs. They didn’t have a lot of time together, even the super teams take time to gel. Your trades don’t really make sense for the sixers, giving up too much talent and depth. If they trade horford and Harris, they are back where they started two years ago, minus the cap space and draft picks. No reason for them to go backwards. Better off moving horford to the bench, he can still get 25+ minutes in that role. Just need to get a sniper or two for the wing. Ben at the point is ideal from a defensive standpoint. They are tough to matchup with

  2. Al Hirschen

    If KD and Irving play for the Nets they’ll be the co-favorite for the title.with LA

    • Nigel Mckenzie

      Nets are solid but Kyrie still has to prove it and the Bucks raps and Celtics are still really good and Miami , it’s a dog fight

  3. KnickerbockerAl

    Rumors are Rockets want Thibs. He’s probably better for a veteran team. Not anti Thibs. But I’d like to see Mark here. But he too may be courted by Nets. Nets have to sign vet coach. And probably strongly influenced by KD and Kyrie. Shoot they may go for
    D’Antoni. Cause Rockets are letting him go. His offense scheme is what they love. I guess nothing is happening till our season is over. Knicks pretty much done. Nets are out in first round. Rockets not getting to west finals. So it’s a wait and see.

    • Got to disagree on Thibs being better for a veteran team. Established players don’t like drill Sargents that run them into the ground.

  4. Sillivan

    Knicks are one of the best in the East after free agency and trade
    I am high on Rose

  5. mlbnyyfan

    Forget Harris if he truly wanted to come to NY he should of signed with them last summer. I would like to know Nets fans are saying if KD or Kyrie doesn’t return for the summer playoffs especially if they are healthy. If they are healthy and still refuse to play I’m glad they didn’t come to the Knicks.

  6. Sillivan

    I compare Knicks to Clippers two years ago

    Knicks have 51 million cap room
    76ers need to pay 60 million luxury tax as of now

  7. Simmons>Russ

    What if the Nets and Clippers swapped Lou Williams for Spencer Dinwiddie.

    Dinwiddie is stuck behind Irving but when Irving was out most of last year, Dinwiddie looked almost like an all star point guard leading a team to the playoffs. He deserves the chance to start and with Pat Beverly on an expiring deal he could take over and be the third star on that team.

    Nets get Lou Will who is like 3 time sixth man of the year and with Caris LeVert 50% of the time injured Lou would fit perfectly. I also think Spencer might grow tired being back up to Kyrie and that Lou would fit well with Kyrie and KD and DeAndre Jordan in that locker room.
    Maybe the clippers need to give up something extra like McGruder or Shamet or a couple seconds but either way Clippers would be even stronger and Nets would be even more exciting

  8. Sillivan

    field goal
    M Robinson 74%
    Jarrett Allen 65%
    Harrell 58%
    John Collins 58%
    Harris 47%
    HOrford 44%

    Harris And HOrford are Not worth 289 million contracts

  9. Sillivan

    27 years old Dinwiddie has more value than 34 yrs old Louis Williams
    Clippers have no picks avail

  10. Sillivan

    If Harris 180 million contract
    Kevin love 120 million
    Horford 109 million

    What will be Harrell contract?

    • El Don

      Much lower than all of those three, right? I like Montrzl, but he ain’t an all-star, as simple as that!

  11. Sillivan

    Knicks are crazy about wins now

    They have tons of rookie contracts

    They sign free agents then trade for diamond later, it’s called vision

  12. Sillivan

    I’d like to be Knicks GM, not 76ers GM

    I’d give John Collin 140 million max, then trade him later for diamond such as #1 overall draft pick

    • leave him be. it’s hard to be a Knicks fan and obviously this one is self medicating that problem quite heavily. And as Knicks fans go, this one is reasonably entertaining.

  13. KnickerbockerAl

    Next yr I think the #1 FA Knicks are going for us Wood. Stories are out there. They were scouting him. Towards end of season. And he had a great run since starting. I like him better than Portis. He’s also going to be 25 this yr. Fits the youth movement. Just don’t want to overpay. Portis was overpaid at 15 mill. Unless he starts (then what about Randle) shouldn’t get more than 8 mill. Knicks shopped Randle at trade deadline. Has only one yr left. Really don’t know what they want to do with him. Randle gets his TOs in check. Better shots and decisions. Someone will pay him. I’m sure that’s what he wants. A nice 5 yr contract.

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