Bradley Beal: Trade Rumors “A Sign Of Respect”

Despite the fact that Bradley Beal signed a contract extension with the Wizards last fall and remains locked up through at least 2022, he continues to be the subject of trade rumors and speculation. Most recently, a New York Daily News report indicated the Nets were having internal discussions about potential avenues of acquiring Beal.

That Daily News report included the caveat that the Wizards are likely uninterested in trading their All-Star guard. Beal’s agent Mark Bartelstein subsequently shot down the idea as well. Speaking to Jackie MacMullan of ESPN, Beal chose to view those rumors in a positive light, even as he downplayed them too.

“To me, I look at it as a sign of respect, that I’ve been doing good things and guys want to play with me,” Beal said. “That’s an unbelievable feeling. When you hear that Kyrie (Irving) and KD (Kevin Durant) want you, s–t, that’s amazing. At the same time, you don’t know how much there is to it, or how easy it would be to do. And I’ve put down roots in D.C. I’ve dedicated myself to this town, this community. I love it here, and it would feel great to know I could grind out winning here instead of jumping to another team.”

Beal did admit that he sometimes can’t help but think about different possibilities when he hears his name mentioned in trade rumors. However, he stressed that he has no desire to leave D.C. at this time — especially with fellow backcourt star John Wall set to be back at full strength for the start of the 2020/21 season after more than a year on the shelf with heel and Achilles injuries.

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“My biggest thing right now is that I want to play with John again,” Beal said. “I want to see him get back to that level where I know he can be, especially since my game has grown so much (while he’s been out). What can we accomplish together? I’m so happy he’s healthy, working his tail off.”

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17 thoughts on “Bradley Beal: Trade Rumors “A Sign Of Respect”

  1. Sillivan

    If owners want to trade you, you will still be traded.
    Chris Paul was traded

    Beal to Warriors for Wiggins,2020 First and 2021 Wolves First

    Wizards would take it

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      For the record, I don’t believe he’ll be traded.

      That said, your proposal here would be tough for the Wizards to turn down, I think. Wiggins is a nice chip, and the ’21 pick Wolves pick would be intriguing, I’m sure.

      • phillyballers

        Right now the Warriors have a clear lineup. Beal for Wiggins is like playing DLo all over again. Ball dominant guard to play with Steph and Klay.

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      I wouldn’t put Wall on there. I’d like to see a healthy Wall take the court, and see what he can do now. I believe he’ll be reinvigorated, to a degree.

      • What? Wall is definitely number one on that list. He was a bad contract when he was a lead guard who couldn’t shoot. Now he’s a lead guard who can’t shoot and has lost a step.

        Coming back from a major injury I hope he comes back strong.., but he’ll still be a step behind with his age, injury, and that’s nothing to say about being out of the league for a year and a half.

        • Appalachian_Outlaw

          I’d sooner have to roster Wall than Kevin Love, if I were a GM.

          For me, the list starts with Love and Horford. Wall COULD end up 3rd on that list, but I’d want to see him play healthy before deciding between him and CP3.

          • I haven’t watched Horford lately but I’ll tell you, 3 years ago Horford was the man on the Celtics. Maybe it was four years ago LOL. He was a major signing and brought instant credibility and took Boston to another level. He played amazing defense great locker room, could score a little, rebound a little just instant Championship mentality. I figure as a big man he really doesn’t slow down that much now that he’s mid thirties and should still be valuable.

            Not sure why the Sixers signed him he’s a bad matchup with Joel embiid at that foul line area. That’s where Horford plays as a shooting big man. Oh well.

            I just think Wall was horrible even before his injury. So talented yet couldn’t shoot a lick, couldn’t carry his team to a game 7 win, and now that he has unfortunately been injured and missed a year-and-a-half I just think that’s the worst contract in the league by far.

            I appreciate your opinion and not saying you’re wrong… just talking back and forth.

            • Appalachian_Outlaw

              Oh yeah, Horford definitely isn’t without any value. I just think the contract is heavy for a guy you’d basically be looking to for veteran leadership and solid minutes. Those types of players can usually be found on the cheap.

              I differ with you in opinion on Wall. If you judge him on how he performed hurt, yes, the contract looks horrid. Healthy, it may still be a bit heavy. He works well in that system though when he’s healthy, and they have a decent big. They won consistently when Gortat was there. Ideally they find a big, or a wing that can really shoot it; and you don’t put the onus on Wall to be a regular shooter.

              I appreciate you offering reason on your thought, and the back-and-forth. Talking basketball is fun when the counter debate isn’t just, “he sucks because he sucks.” Lol

  2. jessaumodesto

    Great perspective. I’ve always taken an NBA team’s lack of desire in me as a sign of respect as well

    • I don’t understand your comment. There’s a dozen teams or more that want Bradley Beal, and the Wizards haven’t traded him because of their desire to keep him instead of trade him.

        • It might have been a joke but I think he’s actually trying to take a jab at Bradley Beal.

        • Dodgethis

          If it was a joke it wasnt funny. What’s the premise? Teams are interested in Beal and he takes it as a sign of respect. This clown says teams aren’t interested in him either.. doesn’t make any sense.

  3. phillyballers

    John Wall’s contract will be the worst in NBA History.

    There are tons of bad contracts, but the only one that may be worse would be the Joe Smith debacle that cost the Wolves 4 1st round picks.

    • Dodgethis

      No contract is worse than one that also costs picks. All the wizards did was give up money. They didn’t give up additional players/team assets.

  4. KnickerbockerAl

    Who cares who makes what. It’s done signed and sealed. Move on. Wanting Beal don’t mean squat. Wall coming back. I’m sure they will take a look and see what they have. Wiz have a good draft coming up. They can strengthen team next yr. If team blows up, then trade deadline. They probably can go full rebuild. If things go well. They probably make moves to contend. I love Rui. They have whole yr to check team.

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