Coronavirus Notes: Orlando, Resuming Season, Ewing

Appearing today on ESPN’s Get Up (video link), Adrian Wojnarowski confirmed that Orlando remains the frontrunner to host the NBA’s return this summer and that it may end up being the lone bubble location the league uses.

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“Everything is pointing toward a return of the NBA this season at a single site in Orlando at Disney World,” Woj said, adding that teams believe they’ll be told to recall players as early as next week.

As Wojnarowski explained, there will be plenty of calls taking place today and throughout the week, culminating with an NBA’s Board of Governors conference call on Friday, which will include commissioner Adam Silver and team owners. According to Woj, by the end of this week or early next week, we should have a better idea of what the format of a potential NBA return will look like.

Here’s more on the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on the NBA:

  • Patrick Ewing Jr. issued an update today (via Twitter) saying that his father – former Knicks center and current Georgetown coach Patrick Ewing – is out of the hospital and is improving after having contracted COVID-19. “My father is now home and getting better,” the younger Ewing wrote. “We’ll continue to watch his symptoms and follow the CDC guidelines.”
  • There’s no point in having all 30 NBA teams resume their seasons this summer, according to Steve Popper of Newsday, who argues in a column that the league would be best off minimizing the risk by just inviting the 16 current playoff clubs.
  • As we relayed earlier today, ESPN’s Brian Windhorst said during a Monday morning TV appearance that he thinks there’s a good chance only 16 teams will be involved in the resumption of the NBA season (video link). Windhorst suggests there will be “a lot of back-room haggling” over the next few days as the league weighs what proposal(s) to present to team owners on Friday’s conference call.
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8 thoughts on “Coronavirus Notes: Orlando, Resuming Season, Ewing

  1. The Human Rain Delay

    I wouldnt be totally opposed to leaving those 14 teams home but you have got to get these guys 8-12 meaningful games in the regular season against each other at least-

    Games would still count for seedings, so they are played at full speed and since your only playing playoff teams potential to make up a couple seeds if you get hot (teams above will falter) are greater

  2. Sillivan

    Nothing is perfect,best idea

    16 teams
    72 games
    7 game series
    Regular season 2 weeks
    Playoffs 8 weeks

    • The Human Rain Delay

      Yup, I think if we get 7 game series in the quarter-finals and beyond nobody is going to be complaining and its going to be all spades for the NBA –

      Might be a 5 game series for opening Rd and we hope No Mutumbo situations arise

      Have to get these guys up to game shap though by the start of the playoffs- They need a preseason workout regime and that 10 game mini season to get there-

      This is going to be 1 Hell of a show though if they pull it off

  3. Sillivan

    Warriors 12 players consist of Rookies, G league,10 days contracts
    should they go to orlando to spread virus?

  4. jump shot

    There’s talk that there will be “All-Star” teams of players put together from other teams to have exhibition games against the “Sweet 16”.

  5. x%sure

    Why play RS games that count if it’s just about the playoff 16? This could be the start of bad ideation that will sink resumption.

    • The Human Rain Delay

      To get back in game shape before the playoffs

      They cant go from practice to an all out playoff game atmosphere

      • x%sure

        Agree, but why count the warm-up game results, if that’s all they are.

        If teams play wildly different RSs, then all the year-end stats will be off.

        Let the players vote. I like the idea of two sites with different rules, stricter about suspensions first, then looser as needed second, to get playoff team attendance. At either site, the same number of official RS games would be played, to get to 70 or 72. The second will go until the champion is recognized.

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