Coronavirus Notes: Tolliver, Dudley, Testing, Asterisk

Add Anthony Tolliver to the list of players who believe there’s strong support throughout the league for finishing the season. Tolliver, a member of the NBPA executive committee, offered some insight into the players’ position during an interview with Darren Wolfson of KSTP (video link).

“I don’t think there’s any doubt that guys want to play, and I think guys want to do it in a safe way,” Tolliver said. “We need to figure out a way where we’re not putting the assistant coaches, especially the older people who would be in that environment, as long as we’re not putting them in serious health risk — I think that’s going to be the biggest key. Guys want to play ball. Guys don’t want to lose money. I think that as long as we have the protocols in place that everybody’s confident in, that’s whenever things will start to pick up some momentum.” 

It was already an eventful year for Tolliver, even before the league shutdown. He left the Timberwolves last summer to sign with the Trail Blazers, then was traded to the Kings in January. Sacramento waived him a month later, and he signed a 10-day contract with the Grizzlies on March 2. Tolliver says he was planning to ink a second 10-day deal on March 12, but the league hiatus got in the way.

There’s more coronavirus-related news:

  • Lakers forward Jared Dudley believes the season will start again in July, probably in a bubble atmosphere in Las Vegas or Orlando, relays Steve Popper of Newsday. Appearing on ESPN Radio in New York, Dudley said the amount of money at stake will drive the league to find a solution. “We’re going to be safe in this bubble because of the testing — we’re going to be doing them before every game,” he said. “That’s why Adam Silver wants to wait another month or two to be able to sign off on it because he wants everybody in society to be able to get tests first. And second, the data will show the virus that between the ages of 19 and 35, it’s what, 0.001% that someone has died and that’s not even a professional athlete.”
  • The NBA’s willingness to push back the start of next season increases the likelihood that this season will be completed, writes Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated. He adds that the decision to permit asymptomatic testing in some cities shows that the league is serious about playing again.
  • The unusual circumstances surrounding the end of the season means this year’s champion should receive an asterisk, especially if the playoffs are affected because some players have to be quarantined for two weeks, argues Ira Winderman of The Sun-Sentinel. However, ESPN’s Jalen Rose disagrees, telling Mike Singer of the Denver Post that champions have always had to overcome some type of obstacles.
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17 thoughts on “Coronavirus Notes: Tolliver, Dudley, Testing, Asterisk

  1. jgus828

    “Guys don’t want to lose their money”. That is the quote and I do t blame them, but that’s just what they need to say

  2. x%sure

    The great asterisk debate. Hilarious.
    I would say, why not an asterisk, but it’s a big deal I guess and I should pick a side. Or a punctuation. Anything but a colon. The arrow^up is underrated. Some symbols may not register ® on HR.

    • Speaking of asterisks and I know you’re not talking about this really, but you brought it up LOL. I can’t stand asterisks or the talk of them.

      Everyone is playing under the same conditions so everyone’s in the same boat and so whoever wins, wins. No asterisk. Is it different from other years? Sure. But the winner this year or whatever year is the winner. No asterisk.

      The season was shorter? It was shorter for every team. Somebody won, that’s it no asterisk. Thoughts?

      • Rewane

        But playing under the “bubble” concept would mean teams no longer have home-court advantage in the playoffs.

      • x%sure

        Yes that is my reaction, champs is champs, but an irregular season gives the pundits something to get their heads around, because it might imply a questioning of the achievement.

        I t should just be a fact for statistical purposes. For instance when I look for games missed I have to remember to account for shortened seasons. Can’t blame someone for only getting 50 in, in 1998/99!

      • Agreed, no asterisk for whoever wins.

        Asterisk beside a team like the Astros who stole signs, or the 1919 Reds with the Black Sox throwing the WS is still questionable, but makes a little sense. If the league continues and there is some form of playoffs, then the team that wins is rightfully the champions.

  3. jump shot

    Jeez, Jared… just because it’s not a professional athlete that 0.001% is still significant to those families.
    But, yes… the bottom line IS money and players are willing to take risks for it, and the league doesn’t want to have to give back any of that tv money. And, I wouldn’t doubt the commissioner being privy to information “we” aren’t, concerning the virus.

    • Can you imagine the lawsuits if someone test positive either a player or some of the team personnel, and someone passes away?

  4. Could you imagine if they have the playoffs and a player, a very important player on a team tests positive but shows no symptoms, and has to be quarantined 2 weeks. There goes the chances of that team. And imagine if things were rigged LOL.

    “I’m not even sick!!” “Yes, but you tested positive.” LOL

    • x%sure

      I doubt anyone dies in bubble resumption, if standards are maintained, but new things will happen. And some of them will derive from punishments intended to keep them safe.

      Players will point to money, guiltily, like they think they should, but I think most feel self-driven and invincible while some will look for a way out where they can blame someone else for declining.

  5. Talking about having games in bubbles in Disneyland or a Casino starting in July doesn’t sound too realistic to me, mainly because I’m sure those types of businesses will be pushing to open back up to the public by then.

  6. I’m thinking more like the Thomas and Mack Centre in LV, with a hotel completely rented out to the NBA. I agree that Disneyland is not going to want to host, unless it’s the only thing they’re allowed to open for.

  7. Meadowlark

    Hey, how about a # hash tag? Of course if you play in the British Basketball League # is called a pound sign. There’s a jolly good symbol.

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