Enes Kanter Plans To Eventually Join WWE

Even if the NBA never comes back, Enes Kanter won’t be without a job. The Celtics center has been offered a deal to compete in the WWE and he plans on accepting it after his basketball career is over, as he tells Shams Charania of The Athletic (video link).

Kanter previously explained to JD Shaw of Hoops Rumors why he felt an attachment to professional wrestling.

“I’m very serious about it. I feel like it’s my world,” Kanter told Shaw last season. “You just got to go out there, talk trash, troll people. Lifting, I love lifting. It’s just fun, man. I don’t want to stop my sports career when I’m done with basketball. A lot of people go into broadcasting, coaching, but I want to continue opening the door in sports. That’s why I’m very serious about it.”

Kanter has been in contact with the WWE for some time, as he has relationships with some of the wrestlers in the league. The 27-year-old still has plenty of basketball left in the tank. In his eight-year career, the 2011 No. 3 overall pick has appeared in 634 games, averaging 11.6 points and 7.7 rebounds per contest.

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25 thoughts on “Enes Kanter Plans To Eventually Join WWE

    • MD300M

      Do you remember when Rodman and Karl Malone headlined a WWE pay per view on opposite tag teams?

      • phenomenalajs

        It was for WCW, years before WWE bought the league.
        I found it funny when leagues would announce Kurt Angle as the “only Olympic gold medalist in professional wrestling history.” Malone won a gold, too.

  1. formerlyz

    They’ll turn him into some stereotypical foreign heel, and then he’ll get buried by somebody, before turning him into some sort of joke character. He should definitely do it. I’m sure he’ll love advocating for a government he has issues with, and they love their 7 footers who cant move, so its definitely a win-win situation

  2. Kanter vs. Corbin, book it now.

    Could be entertaining, Enes seems to have the right personality for WWE.

  3. joeyrocafella

    It’s smart of him to not go the traditional announcer/sportscaster route

  4. phenomenalajs

    Didn’t he already have an appearance a while back? He wouldn’t be the first. They had something going briefly years ago between Shaq and the Big Show.

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