International Notes: Micic, Campazzo, EuroLeague, Italy

Vasilije Micic, whose draft rights are owned by the Sixers, believes he can become an impact player in the NBA, relays Dario Skerletic of Sportando. In an interview with, the Serbian point guard, who currently plays for Anadolu Efes in Turkey, said he improved this season, even though it has been placed on hold because of coronavirus concerns.

“This year I feel I climbed one or two steps higher, because this season was even more successful for me,” Micic said. “My team played even better and I was an important part of that. I don’t want to just play in the NBA. I don’t want to be proud of just an NBA record. I want to be part of an NBA team, get the chance to play. Playing in the NBA alone won’t make me happy if I can’t be significant there.

“I like to play a lot. I like to control the game. This is my style of play. I could play fewer minutes, play a smaller role, but I think that during my career in Europe I have already gained the status of a player, which shows that I could play a role longer than 20 minutes, which might be waiting for me in the NBA.”

Philadelphia selected the 26-year-old with the 52nd pick in the 2014 draft. Several NBA teams have been monitoring his situation in the event of a possible trade.

There’s more international news to pass along:

  • Recent reports indicated the Spurs and Mavericks have interest in Real Madrid guard Facundo Campazzo, but his agent, Claudio Villanueva, says they aren’t the only ones, Skerletic writes in a separate piece. “In the past two years, during the season, NBA scouts have spoken to me a thousand times,” Villanueva said. “… If the NBA does not keep an eye on one of the best, it would be crazy. But there is nothing concrete, there is nothing spoken.”
  • There’s “constrained optimism” that the EuroLeague will have an announcement on the resumption of its season before the end of the month, according to Aris Barkas of Leagues in Germany and Israel both announced plans this week to return to action.
  • The encouraging news also extends to Italy, which was once the hardest-hit spot for COVID-19, adds Nicola Lupo of Sportando. Individual workouts resumed today for AX Armani Exchange Milano, although there are no plans in place to resume formal team activities.
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14 thoughts on “International Notes: Micic, Campazzo, EuroLeague, Italy

  1. Simmons>Russ

    I know I’ve said it multiple times but…

    trade Al Horford, Josh Richardson, Zhaire Smith and a 2020 first round pick for Harrison Barnes and Buddy Heild.

    Afterwards the Sixers would need to try save money, maybe trade Mike Scott or just release him. Release Neto, Robinson, Burks and Korkmaz and then sign some second round picks, vets on the minimum and maybe this guy to round out the rest of our roster.

    As for the vets we could be targeting Marco Bellinelli would be a good choice. He played here a few years ago and had one of his best season and was a great knock down shooter who could replace Korkmaz. Dion Waiters and Wayne Ellington are also Knick down shooters who could be interested as they are born near or in Philly.

    I’d offer both the Morris brothers contracts for the minimum. Both boys were born and raised in Philly and maybe they want to finish out their careers winning a title at home.

    1. Simmons. Milton. Micić
    2. Heild. Waiters/Bellinelli/Ellington. Shayok
    3. Barnes. Thybulle (rookie Vessell/Bey)
    4. Harris. Morris. Pelle
    5. Embiid. OQuinn (rookie Yurtseven)

    Simmons gets Shooters, Embiid gets secondary scorers. The team has solid defenders Simmons Barnes Thybulle Embiid. Off the bench they have lots of young players, they have a good bunch of shooters, plus they have some vet leaders.

    This team should be top 5 in the league.

    • El Don

      Right now they already are a top 5 team in the league, regardless of the RS record, wait until playoff time & PHI will fly!

      • Simmons>Russ

        They aren’t even top 5 in the east right now.
        As a huge Sixers fan, I know on paper we have a top team but in reality we aren’t. The 60 or so games so far have proved that.
        At home we have the best record in the league and if we can improve on the road we will be a top 5 team. On the road we are a below average team. I’m talking about easy wins against the Wolves, Knicks and Bulls being loses because we can’t win on the road.

        I think this trade and the FA signings make us a better team. All the players fit each other better and hopefully we can win more games on the road.
        As I’ve also said I think getting a new coach also makes us better

    • realistnotsucker

      Why would the kings trade so much for so little and have to worry about horfords terrible deal

      • Simmons>Russ

        Kings actually wanted Horford in FA before the Sixers grabbed him. They also have a need to improve on defence. Horford is good defensively and would be a solid leader for that young team and particularly for Marvin Bagley.

        Plus they regret giving both Barnes and Heild their deals and by doing this trade they clear both those deals. They do have to take Horford on a bad deal but they were high on him and 1 bad deal is better than two bad deals.
        Kings would also get back JRich who would be a solid SG next to Fox and that would be a solid backcourt. They also grab themselves Smith who was a first rounder a couple years ago and they get a extra first this year.
        Kings would be getting back a package they would really like and Sixers would be giving up a bit but getting back two players which fit the team really well. Win win situation

        • jump shot

          Smith will never be an nba rotation player. If Richardson is your starting 2 guard, you won’t have a great team. If Richardson AND Horford are in your starting lineup – even if playing for FREE – your team is average, at best (Sixers). This deal is great for the Sixers (clearly, you’re a Sixers fan) but a horrible one for SAC.
          Basically, trading two good NBA balls for a decent one, an old slippery one, and a worn outdoor ball. Not a good trade.

          • Simmons>Russ

            That’s not at all what it is.
            The kings get rid of two players they don’t want anymore, and two players with new deal they regret giving.
            In return they get back Horford who was someone they wanted a year ago but he does come with a big contract which isn’t great but 1 big deal is better than the two they currently have.
            They get back Josh Richardson who’s deal is a bargain. JRich at 26 is younger than Heild and plays smarter which would suit playing in the backcourt next to Fox.
            JRich had abit of a down year this year being a 4th option but in Miami he proved he is a solid playmaker and scorer.

            The Kings also need to improve defence and JRich is a upgrade defensively and Horford at centre is an upgrade too.
            The Kings have had a hike at centre ever since Boogie left and Horford would fill that position and with his play style he wouldn’t clog the paint which would be a great fit with Bagley who likes to play physical inside.

            The Kings would also be getting back Zhaire Smith who isn’t great no, but he does have potential and maybe a change of team can spark something from him. They also get back an extra first round pick in this years draft.

            Kings would be getting rid of regretful deals and two player they don’t want and getting back two plays that fit better, two players they want, two players that improve the team defensively and fill two positions they have struggled to fill.

            Sixers would obviously be getting a great deal too. They get rid of Horford ms deal which they regret giving him but have to take back Barnes big contract and Heilds overlaid contract. They have to give up JRich on a bargain deal and a first also. But in return get back two players which fit their system a lot better.

            It’s win win deal but I think from a neutral stand point it looks like the Sixers win cause of Horford but I think after it goes through Horford will be a solid leader and exactly what the kings need. He will put up decent numbers like 14-4-7 and Bagley will thrive next to him putting up 17-2-9.

        • realistnotsucker

          That was last year, Horford is way Worse than he was in Boston his contract has more negative value than Barnes, and as for Heild he’d command a lot by himself on the trade market, I don’t see that trade happening unless the sixers trade couple of first round picks and expiring deals

    • hOsEbEeLiOn

      Kings say pass.

      If they’re trading Hield it should be a sign and trade.

      You can look at Chicago and their 1st rounder this year plus other picks and assets. They have a young squad and a starting 5 of White, Hield, Lavine, Markarken, and Carter Jr is better than they’d get in the lottery.

      You can also look at San Antonio. DeRozan is on his way out. Hield would be an immediate cornerstone player for them.

      Or go for broke and ask Boston for Marcus Smart and all their first round picks this year. Heyward is a free agent after next season and will be 31. Hield will be 28.

      • El Don

        PHI fans say no, so no worries. SAC would make out like bandits in this trade, hence why they would say no!

      • Simmons>Russ

        Heild signed an extension already bro, plus the fact you mentioned the bulls and LaVine at SF tells me you don’t know much.
        Then you said Boston trading smart and three firsts which would never happen.

        It’s a win win deal for Philly and Kings

  2. x%sure

    Micic is spelled with little swirls underneath the “c”s in Serbian but that’s not on a USA keyboard and does not equate to Micic. It should properly be spelled Michich where no such letter exists, which is everywhere outside of Eastern Europe.

    • futuremvp

      No, it should not. It is Micić (Micich), not Mićić (Michich) – which is a different Serbian surname (basically, “ić” means “descendant of”, just like in Scandinavia you will often find surnames that have “son” or “dotir” at the end). Besides, that “ch” you are proposing is much closer to Serbian “č” than “ć” (to confuse you even further). Those are all separate sounds, and separate letters (Serbian is pretty convenient in that each sound is represented by it’s own letter, so it is much easier to write than in English, where you basically need to learn to spell each word).
      So, all in all, nobody expects you to adopt Serbian letters, but also, try not to get too creative – as a native Serbian speaker, I am perfectly OK with Micic.

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