Jason Terry Leaves Mavericks For Arizona Assistant Coaching Gig

Jason Terry will be joining the University of Arizona as an assistant coach, according to Shams Charania of The Athletic (Twitter link).

Terry had been serving as an assistant GM of the Texas Legends, the Mavericks‘ G League affiliate. Charania adds that an official announcement is expected on Thursday.

Terry was selected out of Arizona in the 1999 NBA draft by the Hawks. He spent 19 seasons in the NBA, including five with Atlanta and eight with Dallas.

The Jet won a title with the Mavs during the 2010/11 campaign. While in Dallas, he won a Sixth Man of the Year award. Terry had stints in Boston, Brooklyn, Houston, and Milwaukee in addition to playing for the aforementioned teams.

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14 thoughts on “Jason Terry Leaves Mavericks For Arizona Assistant Coaching Gig

    • DynamiteAdams

      Was thinking similar. This feels like a step down but it could be a passion of his to coach at his old school.

    • natsfan3437

      He came on during the season not the offseason. (I’m just guessing that this is the reason why not 100% sure)

  1. jeterleader

    I don’t blame him. a great career for the Mavs and what is he rewarded with? the ASSISTANT GM of a G league team?!? not even GM? I hope the best for him

    • wagner13

      Just because you’re a franchise icon doesn’t automatically mean you’re qualified in a front office role. Otherwise, the Hornets wouldn’t be in a perpetual state of mediocrity

  2. Simmons>Russ

    Assistant GM of the G league team. He must do next to nothing and just collect cheque’s

  3. jump shot

    Assistant GM of a GLeague team… answering emails and watching videos sent from kids across the country who played JV as juniors in high school, but believe they now have what it takes to be a PRO!
    I think I’ll go back to Arizona.

    • Natergater77

      MJ didn’t make varsity his senior year. Lots of players who didn’t start playing until they were seniors. Really, look at the best players and most weren’t 5 Star recruits. Not everyone is LeBron

  4. jump shot

    Clearly, you’re referring to Micheal Jackson – I don’t think he nor any of his brothers played varsity. The guy they call Air played varsity as a junior and senior.
    “Lots” of players didn’t start playing until their senior year. Strong statement… name me, uhhh… 5, off the top of your head. I’ll wait.
    Ok… go ahead and google it.
    My comment mentioned players that played jv as high school juniors and you brought ratings into the thread as if you were schooling me. There are 4-year varsity players who weren’t 5-star recruits.
    If my comment spoke to you and you were one of those jr yr jv guys and I offended you, I apologize. (kinda)
    My comment was that the Jet probably didn’t feel he could have the impact on his team that he’d like, so clearly he prefers to be in the trenches, get his hands dirty, and have more input in wins/losses/development, etc…

    • Natergater77

      Wow! Trigger much?

      Hakeem and Mark Eaton did not play until seniors

      Joel Embiid, Steve Nash and Tim Duncan all took the sport up late as well.

      You are correct it was MJs sophomore year he didn’t make team. I can admit my wrong there. Maybe you can admit your comment wasn’t best worded as you don’t know what Jet thought or what the job was.

      • jump shot

        Problem that I responded to your comments as you responded to mine?
        Duncan played all thru high school – I know that for a fact. But, I see what you did there… you’re trying to smoke & mirrors me by changing your narrative to “late” now. Good try!
        But, anyone knows that being Jet’s age and how he has gone somewhat backwards in his post playing career, with being an assistant GLEAGUE gm… anyone in that position – at his age – that has a chance to go get on the floor at ANY Power 5 school, let alone his alma mater, is a no-brainer.

        And, again, I apologized if I offended if you were one of those junior year jv guys, didn’t I?

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