Mark Jackson Says He Wants To Coach Again

It has now been six full years since Mark Jackson last coached an NBA game, but the former Warriors head coach confirmed during a Tuesday appearance on ESPN’s First Take that he still has interest in returning to the NBA sidelines.

Asked by hosts Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman about the Knicks‘ head coaching job and the rumors linking him to the position, Jackson didn’t specifically address the possibility of replacing Mike Miller in New York. However, he joked that he appreciates “the chatter” and confirmed he’d welcome the opportunity to coach an NBA team again, whether or not that team is the Knicks.

“There are 30 NBA jobs. I don’t minimize myself to one,” Jackson said (video link). “I look forward to one day coaching again, it’s a dream of mine. … I had an incredible time in Golden State coaching for three years, developing incredible relationships, and having some success. And I look forward to the challenge of doing it once again somewhere.”

Jackson was hired by the Warriors in 2011, and after winning just 23 games in the strike-shortened 2011/12 campaign, he guided the team to 47- and 51-win seasons in the next two years, winning a playoff series in 2013. Golden State ultimately didn’t get over the hump until the following season, when Steve Kerr took over and led the team to the first of three titles in a four-year stretch.

Over the last several years, Jackson has been an analyst for ABC and ESPN. However, his name continues to pop up for certain high-profile coaching jobs. Besides being identified as a possible option for the Knicks, Jackson is also rumored to be on the Netspreliminary list of potential candidates.

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17 thoughts on “Mark Jackson Says He Wants To Coach Again

  1. jessaumodesto

    I think PJ Carlisimo will be the next coach of the Nets, maybe Jackson goes to the Knicks

  2. Simmons>Russ

    Please replace Brett Brown on the Sixers.

    Jackson is a really solid coach who manages to turn around the GSW. They went from a bottom dweller to a solid playoff team under him in only a few years and as soon as he left they won their first chip and become the dynasty.
    Sixers have the players, have the assets, have the city and fans to become a top 3 team in the league they just need a solid coach

  3. Jackson, JVG or Hammond, any one of those three would be a win for the Knicks.

    Miller did an admiral job taking over from Fiz, but the Knicks need more. Miller would be good to keep as an Assistant.

  4. If I ran an NBA team, I wouldn’t touch him with a 30 foot pole.

    But if someone did hire him, at least we wouldn’t have to listen to him on ESPN/ABC anymore. Though it was funny to hear how sour he was at the Dubs when they were winning rings right in front of him.

    • Simmons>Russ

      Why wouldn’t you touch him. He had three years at GSW and turned them around and made them what they were. No doubt without him being their they don’t start the dynasty

  5. KnickerbockerAl

    JVG is finished. He is not one for a young team. I think Mark has learned his lesson. He understands how to handle NY. I rather have Thibs than JVG. But he too may not be right for young team. Atkinson did very well in Bklyn. But not sure he is ready for big stage. One I do know. Miller has to go back to bench. Mark is my first choice. I think Atkinson would love to pay back Bklyn. He really built that team. And found gd young talent. We need a Builder who’s focused. Not worry about Dolan n media. Just build team and win. That will do all the talking.

  6. mlbnyyfan

    If JVG wanted to coach again he would have already. He’s been away too long. Maybe the Knicks go with a young coach like Stackhouse or Penny. Whatever the Knicks do they need to start making right decisions. Dolan unfortunately not going anywhere. Start winning again it’s been far too long.

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