Pau Gasol Interested In Finishing Career With Lakers

As Pau Gasol‘s professional career winds down, the legendary Spaniard says he would have interest in finishing his NBA career in the Lakers purple and gold, as Ryan Ward of ClutchPoints writes.

Gasol tells the outlet that while there have not been many opportunities to return to the team where he enjoyed his greatest successes, he would welcome the chance.

“It’s something that has been on my mind,” Gasol said. “Kind of like the potential of maybe finishing or playing my last year with the Lakers would be great. It’s appealing if you will, but the opportunity never really kind of presented itself in a serious official manner.

“I have a great relationship and love for (Lakers owner) Jeanie (Buss) and the Lakers organization and the city of Los Angeles, which is always going to remain extremely meaningful to me no matter what, but we’ll see…”

Gasol, 39, has not appeared in an NBA game since he appeared in 30 contests with the Spurs and Bucks during the 2018/19 campaign. The six-time All-Star signed with the Trail Blazers last July but was waived by the team before appearing in a regular-season game as a left foot injury hampered him.

After not latching on with another team, Gasol indicated in February that he hoped to suit up for Spain in the Olympics and was aiming for an NBA return. Given the coronavirus pandemic, Gasol will not get to suit up for Spain this summer, but would still like to play in the Olympics in 2021 if possible and hasn’t given up on a potential NBA comeback, even as he acknowledges that retirement isn’t out of the question.

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18 thoughts on “Pau Gasol Interested In Finishing Career With Lakers

  1. halofanatic

    It would be great to see him retire as a Laker. I imagine Dwight and Boogie will sign elsewhere for more money so that looks to be a potential opportunity for him to get some playing time as well.

    • Dodger Dog

      I low-key think Dwight might stay. Dude seems happy for the first time in his career.

    • mrshyguy99

      we shouldnt rely on pau at his age and his health made him miss all last season. pau at his age might be good for about 15 min a game. we need guys like howard

    • mrshyguy99

      booige for more money i doubt dude hasnt been fuly healthy in years. he need to take what he can and prove he healthy

      • Senioreditor

        Agree, he’s coming back to LA to play with LeBron and AD next season.

  2. bowserhound

    Pau should be looking to come to the Lakers as a bigs coach to help AD, Howard and McGee. It would be silly to give him a roster spot at this stage.

    • El Don

      But… he won 2 rings for the franchise, in my book that does deserve one last dance, he can still do much better than Dudley or Daniels in the roster, been a better veteran presence & team builder. I would give him a chance as quick as he is ready for next season!

  3. mcmillankmm

    He has to be wearing down at this point, can’t imagine he’ll be able to play past the ‘21 Olympics but we’ll see how his time off goes

  4. x%sure

    Odds are the Lakers will lose at least one of their three centers, so Pau makes sense to fill in.

  5. Simmons>Russ

    Pau bro you haven’t played in years and your not good anymore. Lakers have McGee Howard Cousins AD who can all play Centre and if anything if they wanted a 5th choice centre they would probably want someone young

    • L Lawliet

      They do not have Cousins. They just allow him to hang around the team. Any team can get him if they want.

      • Simmons>Russ

        Yeah they did have him for ages even tho he was injured, I 100% think when he’s fit he’s going to want to stay with Bron and AD

  6. I’d rather see Pau go back to Memphis. Would be especially good for JJJ and Clarke.

  7. dodgersvictoryagain

    Show more respect to a Laker legend laker fans. He’s a big reason they won the last two rings as a perfect compliment to 24

  8. KnickerbockerAl

    Howard had a solid yr. He’s a FA he can get more money. Cousins can also get at least 5 mill. Cousins has said he wants to stay. Pau would be a gd security. One yr at minimum. It’s a no brainer. LA can afford to let Howard walk.

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