Southeast Notes: Hornets, Jordan, Heat, Wizards

After the final two episodes of The Last Dance aired on Sunday, Scott Fowler of The Charlotte Observer writes that the second act of Michael Jordan‘s life in basketball has been “the polar opposite” of the first. While ESPN’s 10-part documentary series accurately portrayed Jordan as a wildly successful player on the court, he has been largely unsuccessful as a team owner since gaining control of the Hornets.

As Fowler acknowledges, a team owner doesn’t have nearly the same impact on night-to-night results as a star player would, but Jordan has been heavily involved in the Hornets’ personnel decisions. Since Jordan took over as the organization’s majority owner, Charlotte has just three winning seasons and hasn’t advanced beyond the first round of the playoffs.

Fowler wonders if Jordan has any more appreciation for former Bulls GM Jerry Krause than he did during his playing days, since the current Hornets owner could have used his own version of Krause since arriving in Charlotte.

Here’s more from around the Southeast:

  • There are teams in the NBA that wouldn’t be significantly affected if the NBA’s cap projection for 2020/21 (and potentially 2021/22) dips by a few million dollars. However, the Heat would feel the impact of such a change. Barry Jackson of The Miami Herald examines how the NBA’s new financial reality could alter the club’s approach to free agency in 2020 and 2021.
  • Two sources close to Heat players praised the way the franchise has been handling the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Barry Jackson of The Miami Herald. Team president Pat Riley and head coach Erik Spoelstra have both remained in constant contact with players and have advised them to put their health and families’ health first, Jackson writes. “Guys consistently have been getting attended to,” one source told The Herald.
  • Due to a positive trend in COVID-19 cases in D.C., Washington’s stay-at-home order may no longer extend through at least June 8, as previously anticipated. That could be good news for the Wizards, according to Chase Hughes of NBC Sports Washington, who notes that the team is still waiting for government clearance to reopen its practice facility.
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7 thoughts on “Southeast Notes: Hornets, Jordan, Heat, Wizards

  1. El Don

    Boy am I glad the flippin’ so-called documentary about Jordan has finished, what a lot of non-sensical drivel to exalt an egomaniac, not much reality in it… just made to try get the millennials on his side on the GOAT discussion… but he will never be at LBJ’s level, as simple as!

    • x%sure

      Looking back a few years from now, assuming this SARS-y thing gets a fix, it may look like the NBA was put on hold for a while, just to make sure everyone watches the Jordan doc!

      I’ll probably check it out though when the price is right and see how they’re telling it.

      • x%sure

        … And ABC took no time in doing just that, repeating it. It could have used more Alan Parsons Project music though.

      • Averagebro

        This is a really ignorant comment.

        You really think the NBA gave up billions in revenue and killed 100,000 people so 5M could watch a Jordan documentary?

        • x%sure

          No I don’t think that. Your mind would have to time travel and understand perceptions to get the humor, so pass on it. I’ll pass on how that death toll figure was arrived at and we can both move on.

    • the kutch

      LeBron better than Michael???….I’m a Knicks fan, and I hate the Air Jordan breathes, but, please…..No flipping way is the Coach killing, spoiled brat James even worthy enough to carry Michael’s jock…

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