Suns Notes: Point Guard, Free Agency, Booker, Baynes

The Suns will miss out on important opportunities for player evaluation if the season doesn’t resume, states John Hollinger of The Athletic in a conversation with Gina Mizell. Holllinger says after going through several failed attempts to find a back-up point guard, Phoenix could have used Ty Jerome in that role for the remainder of the season to see if he can handle it. He speculates that since Jerome didn’t get the opportunity to prove himself, the Suns will wind up spending resources on the position in free agency.

If Phoenix uses all its cap space to land a power forward, that will leave a room exception of about $5MM to sign a point guard. Hollinger mentions the Clippers’ Reggie Jackson, who formed a connection with Suns executive Jeff Bower in Detroit, as one possibility, along with the Wizards’ Shabazz Napier. Hollinger adds that D.J. Augustin and Jeff Teague may also be available for that price.

He also notes that the team may opt to address the position through the draft. The Suns hold the 10th spot right now, which is probably too low to land any of the top point guard prospects, but Hollinger suggests Alabama’s Kira Lewis could be a sleeper in that range.

There’s more from Phoenix:

  • The Suns could create up to $24MM in cap room, Hollinger notes in the same piece, which might be enough to attract Danilo Gallinari, Davis Bertans or Paul Millsap, but he notes that the options will shrink if that number is lowered because a loss of revenue due to the hiatus. Depending on what happens in free agency or the draft, Hollinger suggests Phoenix may try to re-sign Aron Baynes and Dario Saric to one-year contracts.
  • In an interview with Robby Kalland of Dime Magazine, Devin Booker said Monty Williams‘ first priority when he took over as head coach was to change the way the Suns were viewed around the league. “And if that’s having to get a little nasty, play tougher, more physical, but people are going to know when they play against up some talented, hard-working guys,” Booker said.
  • Baynes is pessimistic about the potential of a “bubble” environment as a way to finish the NBA season, relays Matt Layman of Arizona Sports 98.7. “They’re trying to come up with some scenarios that would work, but I think in terms of everyone being in one hub, how’s that going to work when you have 450 guys and if one guy does test positive then you have to get back in two months of isolation to get back to playing again?” Baynes said this week in an interview with an Australian radio station. “That’s unrealistic and there’s a better way to put all those resources that are being used into something else than professional sport.”
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4 thoughts on “Suns Notes: Point Guard, Free Agency, Booker, Baynes

  1. phillyballers

    Geez these are a bunch of trash options no offense. But Millsap isnt any better than a Morris brother or about half the dudes that could be had for 6M or less per year. Including Dario.

    As far as PGs go, they could go for broke and trade up for Melo or another PG. An unknown quantity is better than Reggie Jackson.

  2. Simmons>Russ

    I like how a few teams say they need the rest of the season to evaluate players and team bonding and things.
    They shouldn’t be putting that pressure on the NBA to give them time just to watch players. They had 60 ish games to test and watch Ty Jerome as a back up and if they didn’t use that time to do so it’s not someone else fault. It’s not like the Suns didn’t have time to use him they would’ve got blown out atleast 10 times this year and could’ve played Jerome bigger minutes then if they really wanted to evaluate him.

    If the NBA does come back I think to lower the risk on the players and risk on staff they should just resume with 2 weeks of trainings and like 2 warm in games then go straight into the playoffs.
    Instead of having 32 teams and all those players involved they could half that by just doing a playoff series. Then instead of having 3 game series for the first two rounds we could have 5 game series and then 7 game series finals.
    Fans get to watch games that are more competitive and better quality.
    Yes it’s a loss for the other non play-off teams but it’s better than having no basketball for everyone. During the playoffs the other teams could continue to trading and evaluate players if they wish but that’s upto them

  3. x%sure

    Hollinger did better this time, pointing out the Suns had to make bad deals in getting rid of DeangeloMelton, TJWarren, and some seconds to make room for signing Rubio, who now has their best on/off. I do not recall those moves having Rubio as an objective, which if so, makes them look less dumb.
    (Good news: the best on/offs on the Suns are Rubio, Bridges, Booker, Ayton & Oubre– just who one would want to lead their team! FAs Saric & Baynes are pretty close to even)

    They do need to get a third guard, even though they did not seem ready to test Ty Jerome. Maybe the execs regret that now!

  4. DynamiteAdams

    The Suns do an awful job evaluating talent under normal circumstances so I’m glad they have a better excuse this year

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