Atlantic Notes: Harris, Rose, Celtics, T. Johnson

Sixers forward Tobias Harris admits chemistry issues have held the team back, relays Noah Levick of NBC Sports Philadelphia. Harris made the comments in an interview Friday with ESPN’s “First Take,” suggesting that injuries have played a role in a disappointing 39-26 record.

“I’ll just say, and I’ll keep it real, we haven’t had the best chemistry throughout the whole year,” Harris said. “It took us a while to kind of get everyone together, we battled injuries from the start to the end. And right now, if we’re the sleeper, then we’re the sleeper. Truth be told, how we’re viewed, that’s someone else’s opinion, but I know when I look my guys in the eye and we have conversations, we have one goal in mind, and that’s to go out there and play and win a championship. That’s the only view that matters to me. What people have to say about our team, I get it, because we haven’t met our expectations so far this year. But we have a new opportunity in Orlando to go out and just play ball, and really scratch a new surface of what we can accomplish.”

Harris also addressed the decision to restart the season in Orlando, saying he’s concerned about the rising coronavirus rate but is ready to join his teammates if the NBA can provide a safe environment.

There’s more from the Atlantic Division:

  • Knicks president of basketball operations Leon Rose tells Mike Breen of MSG Network (video link) that he understands the long-suffering nature of his fan base. “No one deserves a winner more than Knicks fans,” Rose said. “I know it’s been tough but my pledge is — we’re going to work tirelessly, we’re going to do business, we’re going to be prudent and we’re going to be in play in every aspect — the draft, trades, free agency. And we’re going to build this the right way to bring you a winner.” Rose also commented on the team’s head coaching search, saying he wants to find someone who can develop young talent and will work closely with the front office.
  • Chris Forsberg of NBC Sports Boston looks at whether the Celtics‘ schedule for the eight games in Orlando will help them move up to the second spot in the East and questions how much it matters with all games being played at a neutral site.
  • With their signing of Tyler Johnson this week, the Nets finally got their hands on a player that they offered $50MM over four years in 2016. Billy Reinhardt of NetsDaily examines what has gone wrong for Johnson since the Heat elected to match that offer sheet.
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23 thoughts on “Atlantic Notes: Harris, Rose, Celtics, T. Johnson

  1. Sillivan

    Knicks are going to make biggest noises in All 3 markets
    LaMelo Ball scores 92 points in 32 minutes in a game At age 15, scores 63 points second half, average 4 points a minute

    Ball is the best all around and most Unselfish

      • MarlinsFanBase

        Nope. It’s a Knicks fan. But it is indeed hard to tell the difference since the logic between LaVar and Knicks fans is pretty much equal.

    • MarlinsFanBase

      Ahhh…if I had a penny for every single time Knicks fans say that they will do this and do that, but then it doesn’t go well for them, I’d have a bunch of money.

      And all of this would be really sad if they were a rock bottom team right now after not getting LeBron, D-Wade, Nowitzki, Bosh, KD, Westbrook, Aldridge, Kawhi, Kyrie, Butler, etc. etc. etc. player that they guaranteed wanted to play with the Knicks in the “Mecca of basketball”.

  2. Juicey24

    I was not blown away with his games in Australia. If he will not get better in shooting procentages, he is not good for any team.

    • dust44

      Lukas team also won a championship and he won a MVP. LaMelos team was under 500 in the games he played. Zero comparison between the 2 guys. I also happen to like LaMelo and think he would b better off in Detroit with a real vet who was a superstar in Blake Griffin there to mentor him. The Knicks r a dumpster fire and will probably sign a bunch of crap vets on 1 year deals again and play them over the young guys. Also EX Knicks fan here. They lost me for good about 4 years ago

      • jimmyduz0523

        @dust44 Really… Ex Knicks fan. I take nobody serious when people Flip flops teams lolol…

      • Sillivan

        Knicks crap vets play much more time than young players
        Young players would turn out to be busts soon

  3. KnickerbockerAl

    Ball sucks Knicks will never draft him. Sillivan is Lamar lol. I’m really interested in who is going to take Ball. Cause you look at top 6 teams. Warriors have plenty stories they don’t like him. Cavs have taken a PG in last two drafts. Both are still developing. Would they take a chance. If they believe the hype. I don’t see them talking about him. Cavs absolutely need BPA. Wiseman or Edwards or Toppin. I don’t see them passing on either. TWolves could cause DRuss is more a scoring PG. But I don’t see them passing on those three players either. Hawks biggest needs are D players, and SG. Ball and Young are not best D tandem. Offensively it could work. So maybe they take him. But if those are top 3. Then you have Okongwu, Hayes, Halliburton, Okoro, Deni, Vassel who’s moving up. Pistons might take him. But I think Hayes is a better pick. If Hawks or Pistons don’t take him. He could drop to Hornets. At best Ball is 3-4 yrs away. Toppin, Wiseman, Edwards, Okongwu, Halliburton, Okoro. Even Hayes and Deni will all be ready a lot sooner. IMO all will be better.

  4. KnickerbockerAl

    You guys like the draft. You should go back and watch Vassel games. His length and shot. He’s a two way player. He passes and plays team ball. He is going to be a good pro. His excellent for today’s SF ball. Like I said he plays D. I would not be mad if Knicks took him.

    • As bulls fan, i hope knicks draft lamelo bcoz i dont want him in my bulls.please knick,draft lamelo.take him away from my bulls..

      • KnickerbockerAl

        Bulls should have a shot at. Hayes, Halliburton, Okoro, Deni. Either one would be a solid pick. Yeah dude I’m not sold on Ball.

          • El Don

            What you meaning is that somehow so many people hate on Lamelo… but all of them will regret it in a few years when is shown that apart of Wiseman there is no one at the level of Lamelo, as simple as!

    • x%sure

      I picture Vassell as a rotational player on a good team… Something that Myers has been looking for at GoldenSt. He is lean and could be pushed around in some matchups, but he combines length with anticipation, a lot of both. BleacherReport just mocked him 7th. However the Knicks just drafted a similar player, Barrett. Similar surname too

  5. jump shot

    Ball will be a bust.
    He wouldn’t even be the best player on any team in the GLeague. Most popular, tho. But, as you’ve seen with him, an Instagram following doesn’t translate to wins – or shooting percentage.
    He won’t be able to guard ANYONE in the nba. And, oh my goodness… I hope Patrick Beverly doesn’t ruin him for good the first time the face each other.

    • x%sure

      Nice diss, I assume you’re thinking of Lamelo’s high dribble and Beverly’s activity, trash talking and public-school-at-best raising. But that is a matchup Lamelo would want, a defender he could just reach around, or outstride. Good to visualize, kind of a PER guy (Ball) vs an on/off guy (PB). They may miss each other’s primes though.

      • jump shot

        Wasn’t thinking of any particular aspect of LaMelo’s game – just the fact that he’s not any good and Pat Bev (who I don’t really care for much, either) has given fits to players waaaaay better than LaMelo Ball.
        Never cared much for Lavar Ball – goin way back to when the summer league was in Long Beach before moving to LA and Vegas – and he’d come to the games pretty much trying to impersonate that he was a player to try to get girls lol. But, I will say he’s done a GREAT job with the smoke & mirrors in making LaMelo a top 3 pick based on nothing more than hype. Believe me, there’s lots of tall, young guys who can dribble and pass. Young Melo does nothing at an nba level today yet he’s about to be a very rich young man. Good for him and good for his dad. Delusional as he is, it’s working for him and his family. If he pulls it off with Gelo, Lavar should replace the guy in the White House!

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