Atlantic Notes: Tatum, Kanter, Knicks, Embiid

Celtics forward Jayson Tatum is not thinking of sitting out the remainder of season due to concerns over a contract extension, A. Sherrod Blakely of NBC Sports Boston reports. According to another report earlier this week, Tatum had expressed some reluctance about playing this summer because of an elevated risk of injury, which could potentially impact his ability to reach a max rookie scale extension this offseason. Tatum does have some concerns about contracting the novel coronavirus in the Orlando bubble and the league’s plans on addressing the issue, according to Blakely, but it’s not worrisome enough for the 22-year-old to sit out.

We have more from around the Atlantic Division:

  • While some NBA players believe that playing again this season might take the focus away from social justice reforms, Celtics center Enes Kanter believes it would be far more effective to get the point across while playing. He made those comments on The Enes Kanter Show podcast (hat tip to Justin Leger of NBC Sports Boston). “The whole world is going to be focusing on you, right? You can make a huge difference,” he said. “All the microphones will be on your face, so you can get your message out. Whatever you want to talk about, ‘Black Lives Matter,’ freedom, justice, democracy. Whatever you want to talk about, the whole world will be listening to you.”
  • The Knicks’ head coaching search will begin in earnest next week with introductory interviews scheduled with candidates, SNY’s Ian Begley tweets. Those initial conversations will be brief and take place over video conference. They will be followed by longer, more formal interviews, likely also via video conference, Begley adds. Thus far, nine candidates have been identified as probable interviewees.
  • Joel Embiid‘s contract is now fully guaranteed, but there was very little chance it wouldn’t have happened anyway, as Derek Bodner of The Athletic explains. Embiid’s salaries for the next three years were previously conditionally guaranteed, but the NBA’s recent agreement to prorate bonus clauses and performance incentives this season impacted his max contract. Even if the Sixers had wanted in the future to recoup some of the non-guaranteed money in Embiid’s contract, he not only needed to miss time with ailments related to prior injuries, but the team would have had to waive him. In that scenario, the Sixers would have still been on the hook cap-wise for the guaranteed portion of his salary.
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12 thoughts on “Atlantic Notes: Tatum, Kanter, Knicks, Embiid

  1. Sillivan

    Knicks time allocation should be
    60 hours on coach
    600 hours on free agents
    600 hours on draft picks

    But they want differently
    600 hours on coach
    6 hours on free agents
    6 hours on draft

    Knicks are still Knicks
    Knicks suck

    • Real 2K Insider

      Why would the Knicks spend 600 hours on free agents when nobody wants to play for them?

      They desperately need the right coach to establish culture they can build on.

  2. stevep-4

    Sillivan time allocation: 100% of time on pointless posts with no value. Are you a child or a childish adult?

    • hey, no picking on Sillivan. He’s not hurting anybody and you can ignore it if you like.

      He makes very accurate statements sometimes, such as here with “Knicks suck”. Plus it can be a fun mental exercise to figure out where the train of thought came from or where it’s headed.

      There are a lot of foolish posts to criticize if that’s your thing. No need to bother with the ones you can’t make sense of. And the bullying stance on someone you don’t know anything about is just ugly way to be spending your time.

      • x%sure

        It’s not all about bullying and if it was, bullying over bullying is also bullying. Usually the word “complaining” is used instead for that basically routine response, but look who ramped it up to bullying.

        What to do if making sense of Sillivan is the opposite of a fun exercise. You don’t know if a comment is fun or whatever it is you’re looking for, unless you read it, and then it’s too late. Are you suggesting the word “Sullivan” is a warning to skip the text? Let’s all gather daily to make grunting noises about the Knicks.

        • And asking someone if they are a child or childish adult is a personal attack on a commenter. Bullying.

          Saying his comments are pointless can be complaining.

  3. mlbnyyfan

    That is 100% correct Knicks suck but I can only hope for a complete turn around in my lifetime

  4. Jeff Zanghi

    Good for Kanter! Guys like Kyrie Irving are out there ‘pretending’ to be promoting not playing again this year because of the social justice issues that have been going on… when in reality exactly what Kanter is saying is true. By playing the players will have the ability to say and do whatever they want on a global stage! There seriously are very few better opportunities than the playoffs in the NBA for a player to voice their opinions/make a difference by making a statement on national TV and it’s good that Kanter is saying that — hopefully the Kyrie’s of the world will stop trying to just be the center of attention and understand that and allow the players (who aren’t hurt like Irving is) to come back and play and with it be able to get their messages out there for the world to hear!

  5. KnickerbockerAl

    When did this become about the Knicks. Yeah they have sucked. But it took Phil to finally rebuild. Trust me that’s not easy with Dolan. As it is they almost messing it up. Fizdale, management, players not growing, some regressing. This new management understands the rebuild. Knicks are in a good place. All about draft and future. It’s all youth. So how can you not be optimistic. If your a fan. Trust me real Newyorkers, NYK fans. We don’t Care what outsiders think. It’s all about the draft (3 picks). RJ, Mitch and whoever, out of young guys. Wants it. 4 #1 picks the following drafts. And the player we can make a trade for. Using these young assets n picks. And the FA or two we can sign in 2021. There are plenty of FA in 2021. We don’t need the top one. Point is the future is good. You have to start with the draft. Knicks have never done that since Ewing. Even then they didn’t do it well. Got lucky with Ewing. So all these young players, assets, picks. Is all new territory for this franchise. You draft well. We will at least build a good young core. That’s a good place.

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