2020 NBA Head Coaching Search Tracker

During a typical NBA league year, there’s a pretty clear-cut period in the spring when the league’s various head coaching searches take place. A team parting ways with a coach generally makes that decision when the team’s season ends, then hires a replacement sometime before the draft and free agency.

That coaching-search window in 2020 isn’t quite so obvious. With the season paused for four-and-a-half months, and only 22 of 30 teams participating in the summer restart, clubs around the league are on different schedules and the ones seeking new head coaches won’t all be doing so at the same time.

For instance, a team like the Knicks, which won’t be part of the return to play, launched its head coaching search in June. But it may still be months before certain playoff teams consider changes.

Keeping that in mind, we’re creating a space to track this offseason’s head coaching searches, whether they take place in June, October, or sometime in between. In the space below, we’ll provide frequent updates on the head coaching searches for each club that has yet to give anyone the permanent title, as well as noting other situations worth keeping an eye on.

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Updated 7-13-20 (1:37pm CT)

Active Searches:

New York Knicks

  • Current coach:
    • Mike Miller (interim)
  • Expected to interview:
    • Miller (story)
    • Former Bulls/Timberwolves coach Tom Thibodeau (story)
    • Former Nets coach Kenny Atkinson (story)
    • Former Knicks coach Mike Woodson (story)
    • Sixers assistant Ime Udoka (story)
    • Magic assistant Pat Delany (story)
    • Bulls assistant Chris Fleming (story)
    • Spurs assistant Will Hardy (story)
    • Mavericks assistant Jamahl Mosley (story)
    • Warriors associate head coach Mike Brown (story)
    • Lakers assistant Jason Kidd (story)

Thibodeau has been cited multiple times as the presumed frontrunner in the Knicks’ head coaching search, but the team is conducting a wide-ranging search rather than simply handing him the job. There’s reportedly support within the organization for Atkinson, and Miller is expected to be offered a position on the team’s staff even if he doesn’t get to keep the head job. Kidd has also been cited as a dark-horse candidate.

New York has finished its second round of interviews and expects to conclude its search sometime before the season resumes in Orlando in July.

Situations To Monitor:

Brooklyn Nets

  • Current coach:
    • Jacque Vaughn (interim)
  • Rumored candidates or targets:
    • Vaughn (story)
    • Clippers assistant Tyronn Lue (story)
    • Lakers assistant Jason Kidd (story)
    • Former Knicks/Rockets coach Jeff Van Gundy (story)
    • Former Warriors coach Mark Jackson (story)
    • Former Bulls/Timberwolves coach Tom Thibodeau (story)

Vaughn was on the job for less than a week when the NBA season was suspended in June, having coached just two games since Kenny Atkinson‘s dismissal. He’ll reportedly be given an opportunity to hang onto the job on a permanent basis, but the Nets may be seeking a more accomplished veteran coach to lead a roster headed by Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

Whichever direction Brooklyn goes, the search likely won’t begin in earnest until August or September, since the team is in position to claim one of the final playoff spots in the East.

Chicago Bulls

  • Current coach:
    • Jim Boylen
  • Rumored candidates or targets:
    • Sixers assistant Ime Udoka (story)
    • Raptors assistant Adrian Griffin (story)

It seems unlikely that new Bulls executives Arturas Karnisovas and Marc Eversley would keep Boylen in his current role, given his underwhelming results over the last two seasons and the fact that most front offices prefer to bring in their own head coach.

Sure enough, reports have indicated that Karnisovas and Eversley are leaning toward a change, with Udoka and Griffin said to be among the candidates they may target as a replacement. Still, Chicago’s new top decision-makers appear to be in no hurry to finalize anything, with Karnisovas having indicated that they want to evaluate Boylen further before making a decision on his future.

Houston Rockets

  • Current coach:
    • Mike D’Antoni
  • Rumored candidates or targets:
    • Former Knicks/Rockets coach Jeff Van Gundy (story)
    • Former Bulls/Timberwolves coach Tom Thibodeau (story)

D’Antoni and the Rockets were unable to reach an agreement on a contract extension last offseason, resulting in him entering the final year of his current deal without any assurances beyond 2019/20.

Rockets owner Tilman Fertitta and GM Daryl Morey have said all the right things about potentially working something out with Morey after the season, but it’s not unreasonable to think that Houston’s performance in Orlando this summer could be a significant factor in that decision. A first-round exit would likely put D’Antoni on the hot seat in a way that a run to the Western Conference Finals may not.

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23 thoughts on “2020 NBA Head Coaching Search Tracker

  1. bigeasye

    Obviously guys want head coaching gigs, but I’m curious if people with options would want to coach Kyrie.

  2. KnickerbockerAl

    DAntoni is perfect for Nets. Mark n Jason will also get strong look I feel.
    Forget all those names with Knicks. Wonder why Mark is not on there. It’s looking like Thibs to me. Too much talk about him. Mark, Thibs, Atkinson is who I like. If you really think about it. Thibs has more value. Got the experience. Knows NYK n NYC. He has something to prove, so is motivated. I think he’s more appealing to future FA. And defense is his thing. And that’s where this team needs most help.

    • mrshyguy99

      the problem is that alot can agree to his rotations ar eterrible . plus there a reason he coach 2 teams this be his 3rd. who wants to play for a guy who plays 7-9 players a game. what the point of a 15 man roster . do players like to play big mins and most likely feel burn out by playoffs if they even make it.

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      Is Kyrie up to being the PG in D’Antoni’s system? I doubt he can handle it.

      • jump shot

        I would imagine if Jeremy Lin can do it, Kyrie’d be above adequate.
        But Kyrie and Thibs’ 3.5 hour practices will be reality show worthy!

    • greg1

      I don’t think Thibs would be a free agent draw, he’s likely the opposite. He’s not an NBA Coach for the year 2020, he would have been much better in the early ‘90’s when you rode your top players 40 minutes a night and they wanted to play 82 games. Guys will not want to burn out early after spending a couple of years with Tom.

      If they’re going to recycle a head coach, Kenny A makes the most sense to where they are in their development currently. If they try to speed up their time to playoff contention through trades or the limited quality FA’s on the market, then Ty Lue or Mike Brown May make sense.

      Nostalgically, I would love JVG to make a return. Obviously a different NBA where some of those Knicks like Oak would not have the impact that he did then, but Balky hooked to Mitchell’s ankle being dragged around the court would be amazing.

      If they’re going to go Assistant Coach route, I would love to see what Hammond could do. She did coach the Spurs Summer League team to a title a couple of years back, and being a basketball HOF’er lend credit to her knowledge of the game. Griffin from the Raps might be a good move too, he’s spent time with one of the best young coaches in the league the last couple of years, and has been part of a championship organization.

      • harden-westbrook-mvps

        I’m thinking Becky Hammon is waiting for Pops to retire and replace him.

      • Appalachian_Outlaw

        Spot on. Thibs coaching style is going to do a lot more to hinder a team than help it. It always amazes me that his name always pops up in these searches. I can’t help but think- why?

  3. mrshyguy99

    mike d is a decent coach. but when it comes to playoff basketball that his down fall. he doesnt take teams far and only make it far once.

  4. Sillivan

    Suns were supposed to win 2 championships
    Suns win 55 games in the regular season but won only 1 playoffs game. Mike D was fired

  5. Natergater77

    So the Knicks want to bring back Woodson
    The Nets Kidd
    And the Rockets Van Gundy?

    Are the Lakers and Clippers gonna go back to Del Harris and Mike Dunlevy? Phil Jackson and the Bulls reunite, while the Pistons bring back Larry Brown?

  6. Luke, great breakdown and excellent article. Everything clickable, all the references in one place. This is fantastic. Thank you !!

  7. KnickerbockerAl

    Knicks have new management. So there won’t be recycling coaches here. The whole point of bringing Rose in. Was for new direction. Handle the youth and bring FA players. This not about top FA. It’s about those that can play with our youth. It’s finding FA in their age range. It’s why they talk about Woods. He’s only 24. This is about building a Team. Get Giannis, and any other top FA out your head. Mitch, RJ, Frank are here to stay. We have 3 picks this yr. They sign Woods that’s 6-7 players to build around. Knox, DSJ, Randle and future picks. Can all be used to get a player or two here. But you need a coach (Thibs) who build their value so they can be moved. FA will come here first cause there is a future, wining. Cause there is talent. Cause they can win in MSG. Out of all the coaches out there a Thibs will get that done. I prefer Atkinson or Mark. I wouldn’t want any one else. I see Rose taking Thibs. He fills most boxes. Knicks young guys have to step up. It’s time to see who stays and who goes. Mitch can play 30 mins a gm. Our D improves by 40% better. Thibs is a D coach so that means even more. Thibs will make this team a better team. He will get them to play so we move who needs to get moved. That’s what I see in Rose. Rose sees that in Thibs. It’s why I think he’s the choice. Thibs has plenty respect around NBA. He did well as assistant in NY. He built Celts D when they won for Doc. He doesn’t want and he ain’t going out as fired by Minny. Like I said, I’m not a big fan. But I know who he is as coach. I know Rose knows who he is. It’s why I think he will be our next coach.

    • Sillivan

      Good thought

      Just need to add

      Sign 2 of top 5 free agents then trade them for future first at trade deadline

    • Sillivan

      Let’s say you sign Gallo one year 39 million

      The trade trade him for Horford and 3 Firsts

  8. madjob33

    Brett Brown will be added to the list which will scramble where the Star coaches are interested in going

    • x%sure

      That’s were Thibs might wind up, somehow getting some morale going. I think they have now a “players coach”, so the next should go in the opposite direction.

      Philly should be better with Robinson in place of Richardson, but will Embiid and Milton be at the same level?

  9. dust44

    Not sure y Tibs and Van Gundy r even getting looks at this point. Knicks and Bulls need a guy like Atchinson. I feel like Hardy and Udoke need shots at a head spot. Nurse is a great example of just hiring the smart guy who can coach instead of going after the “big names”.

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