Central Notes: Pacers, George, Giannis, Bulls

In an appearance this week on the Knuckleheads podcast with Quentin Richardson and Darius Miles, former Pacers star Paul George revisited his 2017 departure from Indiana, explaining why he felt the need to move on from the organization. According to George, “the best power forward” in the NBA had said at the time that he wanted to team up with PG13 in Indiana, but the Pacers weren’t willing to do what was necessary to make it happen.

“They’re like, ‘We’re a mid-major, we’re a small market, like, we can’t do it, we’re a small market, we can’t afford that,'” George said (per 8points9seconds.com). “I’m like, ‘The best power forward wants to come play here, like, y’all can’t make that work?’ They didn’t want to do it.”

According to J. Michael of The Indianapolis Star (Twitter links), the star power forward George is referring to is Anthony Davis. Michael also suggests that George may be overstating the Pacers’ ability to have landed AD, noting that Indiana lacked the pieces to make it happen and had no deal in place with New Orleans. It’s worth pointing out as well that the Pelicans didn’t become truly motivated to move Davis until he after he requested a trade in 2019.

Here’s more from around the Central Division:

  • Following Malcolm Brogdon‘s positive coronavirus test, coaches who have come in contact with the Pacers guard are being quarantined, a source tells J. Michael of The Indianapolis Star. Michael adds in the same story that Indiana probably won’t make any roster moves in the next week as long as none of the team’s players opt out of the summer restart.
  • Giannis Antetokounmpo was dealing with a minor knee injury when the NBA went on hiatus in March, but he’ll be ready to go when the season resumes next month, Bucks head coach Mike Budenholzer tells Jackie MacMullan of ESPN. “It’s a huge advantage for us that Giannis will be completely and totally healthy,” Budenholzer said. “He’s in a great place, both mentally and physically.”
  • In his latest mailbag, K.C. Johnson of The Chicago Tribune says that new Bulls executives Arturas Karnisovas and Marc Eversley are more likely to make modest tweaks to the roster for 2020/21 than to do anything drastic this offsesaon that breaks up the young core. The team’s two new decision-makers hope to put those young players in better position to succeed going forward, Johnson adds.
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16 thoughts on “Central Notes: Pacers, George, Giannis, Bulls

  1. Sillivan

    More and more teams are tanking for next two years drafts
    It seems that there are 4 all stars each draft

    Without free agent stars, Knicks won’t succeed next 2 years

    Next two years Bulls success will rely on trade market

  2. KnickerbockerAl

    Probably right that Pacers didn’t have the pieces. To get an AD trade done. But that doesn’t mean you don’t try. With social media having blown up. They’re not as small as they used to be. Plus when a sports franchise. Has a chance to be a true contender. That is when you go over cap. Cause winning doesn’t come around often. And if you are winning, you can afford to go over cap.
    Chicago’s path will depend a lot. On who they draft. I don’t think they pass on a solid PG. if one drops to them. Cole Anthony could be there. I think he’s worth it. Halliburton would be even better. Denni could drop to them. Or a big like Okongwu. Even Okoro could be there. They will get a solid player.

    • bdpecore

      No one said they didn’t discuss the possibility and call New Orleans to see what their asking price was (likely a king’s ransom). But they clearly lacked the assets necessary to pry AD away two years prior to him being traded. Unless giving up a haul like the Nets in the Kevin Garnett deal.

  3. Sillivan

    1 Or 2 goes to Warriors
    Is a good news for Knicks and Bulls

    Other teams are planning to keep the 1 pick

    • Why does 1 or 2 go to the Warriors? They have about a 1 in 4 chance of #1 or #2 (27%) and about a 50-50 chance of #5. Their only advantage is that they can’t fall below #5.

      • harden-westbrook-mvps

        Pretty much. Golden State has a 47.86% chance of getting the #5 pick and a 52.14% chance of getting one of the top 4 picks. Their chances of landing at #3 (12.75%) or #4 (11.97%) are almost equal to getting the #1 (14%) or the #2 (13.42%) picks.

  4. Paul George is the ex girlfriend who keeps posting about how she’s moved on three years after a break up.

  5. El Don

    Must agree with PG13 in that one, at the very least you try. Mortgage the farm…

    • Take a look at the 16-17 Pacers roster. Most of the team isn’t in the league any more. The only two players of value would be Paul George and Myles Turner. There is no way the Pacers could have put together a trade package that would have made NO answer the phone.

    • wagner13

      Indiana would’ve had to surrender their draft capital for the next five years to meet New Orleans’ demands. Thus, Indiana wouldn’t have been able to surround Davis with legitimate talent and he’d be opting out by now. Besides, it seems the Pacers are doing just fine without George. PG comes off as a Petty jerk

      • El Don

        Man moderate your language & hate for the true stars of the game, there are young ears & eyes in this forum, boy you come across as very hateful, right?

  6. kroeg49

    Evaluating the team’s young talent under Boylen as coach would be another waisted season for the Bulls.

  7. hoosierhysteria

    PG: stfu….go away and stay away. Pacers are better without him. I had 86d the loser but am Clippers fan….will wait and see. If Clippers doesn’t get ring, PG will be at the center of attention.

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