Hawks Notes: Capela, Collins, Young, Free Agency

Clint Capela hasn’t been able to play for the Hawks since being acquired in February, but he’s confident he would have been available if the team had been part of the restart in Orlando, writes Sarah K. Spencer of The Journal-Constitution. Capela has been sidelined since December by a heel injury he suffered when he was with the Rockets.

“Way, way, way better,” Capela said of the injury, which was diagnosed as plantar fasciitis and a right calcaneus contusion. “I’ve been taking care of it all this time. Now I really feel that my heel has really healed. So it doesn’t bother me when I walk around with it or when I work out, so far. I just can’t wait to go out there and play.” 

The Hawks were expecting Capela to miss the rest of the season before the hiatus began March 11. Three extra months of rest has him feeling ready to participate if the eight teams left out of Orlando are involved in a proposed mini-summer league.

“It’s going to help me to go back to the team,” Capela said, “have a lot of workouts with the guys, get together 5-on-5, get together for some 3-on-3, get to know each other better and it’ll definitely give me plenty of time to get ready for the next season.”

There’s more from Atlanta:

  • During a Zoom meeting with reporters Friday, John Collins expressed hope that the Hawks will give him a rookie-scale extension this offseason, according to Zach Hood of Peach Tree Hoops. Collins would like to get a deal done “sooner rather than later,” meaning he would prefer an extension now over becoming a restricted free agent next summer. “I just feel like the work I put in speaks for itself,” he said. “The other players who are doing what I’m doing are in contention for those things. It’s something hopefully we can come to an agreement to this summer because I feel like I’m definitely putting in a lot of work, showing my value, my worth.”
  • Trae Young told Malika Andrews of ESPN that he was angry when he learned the Hawks wouldn’t be part of the NBA restart, even though he understands the reasoning. “I was frustrated. Obviously I wanted to play,” he said. “I understand what the NBA did and respect their decision. But I am kind of upset because I want to play.”
  • The Hawks will need a successful season to have a chance of landing any of the impact free agents in 2021, writes Chris Kirschner of The Athletic. Atlanta could have close to $60MM to spend with a good young nucleus already in place, but Kirschner notes that stars want to go where they can win right away and the Hawks don’t have a strong history of attracting free agents.
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19 thoughts on “Hawks Notes: Capela, Collins, Young, Free Agency

  1. Sillivan

    Honestly, what type of contract would John Collins get?

    Collins’ defense was poor this year and players with poor defense become overpaid especially at his position

    Collins meshes really good with Trae young, so I think he would be worth a 5-year 100 million contract, but his market price could be much higher.

  2. Simmons>Russ

    Not to low ball John Collins but If is the hawks GM I’d start the negotiations more in favour of the team (lower) more so than what he wants.

    I’d start with something like
    4 years 80mil

    Which is what Sabonis signed last off season. Sabonis then went on to become an all star this year and overtake Myles Turner as a starter for the Pacers. Sabonis has better numbers than Collins but Can use the fact Sabonis since going to the Pacers has helped them win more games whereas Collins hasn’t exactly helped the hawks win much.

    He probably comes back and says he wants more considering his back to back 20-10 seasons which he has done for almost 3 seasons. Which is a fair point. Plus that Pacers team was ready to win with Oladipo and Turner and Warren whereas the hawks have been a rebuilding team and want to win now. Which is also true.

    Think they eventually settle for something more like 100 4 years fully guaranteed which can rise to 120mil with bonuses. 5mil more a year than Sabonis. More similar to the Buddy Heild and Jaylen Brown area type deal.

    25mil a year for a 20-10 PF that has expanded his game and can play inside or outside and now wants to be apart of a big 3 and win games in Atlanta. If he plays real well and the hawks preform really well he could potentially earn 30mil a year.

  3. Sillivan

    2 years later Hawks become today’s Wolves

    Collins + Young = Towns + Russell

    Hawks don’t have cap to sign Butler

    • Simmons>Russ

      Wolves only just signed Russell so that makes zero sense. Plus the Hawks have Capela and a bunch of solid young players like Reddish Heiteur and Hunter they will definitely be better

  4. mlbnyyfan

    I agree the Hawks definitely moving in the right direction. A part of me thinks they would of been better off with Doncic though.

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      Obviously the Hawks would have been better off with Doncic instead of Young.

      • But, are the Hawks better off with Young and Reddish than they would have been with Doncic? If you’re going to compare then at least do so with the full deal.

        • Sillivan

          a figure that assesses players’ overall contribution, Doncic is the 4th-best player in the league. Young is the 14th-best player in the league.

          Reddish is a defensive talent. If he plays for Warriors his hype would be top 10 defensive player in the nba. If he plays for Hawks he could be an average defender.

  5. Sillivan

    It’s about defensive talents

    Hawks have no players rank top 150 on defense in the nba

    Wolves have no players rank to 130 in defense in the nba

  6. Sillivan

    John Collins ranks 169 at defensive rating in the in the nba

    If I were an owner, there is no way I will pay anyone 150 million with no win and no defense

    Because it’s hard to acquire good players 2 years later

  7. El Don

    John Collins must get a max contract, his numbers are insane 21.6/10.1/1.5 with a shooting line of 58.3/40.1/80.0 & a TS% 65.9 & a PER of 23.5… I mean seriously this guy IMO should be in the 3rd All-NBA team, I would rank him as the 13th best player of this season, way ahead of fellow 2017 draft members like JT, Mitchell, Bam, Fox, Kuzma…

    • Simmons>Russ

      He had a decent season but he’s definitely not a better player than Tatum, Mitchell and Bam.
      Tatum is the second best player on a contender. Mitchell is the best player on a contending team and Bam also is the second best player on an contender.

      Collins is the second best player on one of the worst teams in the league.

      • El Don

        I hear you, so the day any of those 3 have as good a season as JC then they will be as good, can we agree on that…
        BTW don’t come with wins, I don’t factor winning at all, it is irrelevant for me.
        As I always say if you had put this years Giannis in Cleveland they wouldn’t have been even close to the playoffs, winning hasn’t got anything to do with players individual performance, if you the best but your team sucks, you will never win.
        Ice Trae & JC this year were off the charts, they have become superstars in their own right & IMO without a doubt in the 3rd All-NBA team, that alone tells you how much the team let them down.
        Bam, JT & Mitchell they aren’t even close to the conversation for an All-NBA team, for me. Mitchell is just ok no more, JT is good, Bam is very good, but he is competing in an era with the best centers ever, so he is still a ways off to be that good.

  8. KnickerbockerAl

    There’s no rush to sign Collins. Hawks have good young talent. Plus a high pick in draft. They will have a much better take around all star break. They could strike gold with Edwards pick. Sabonis is a Good example. Remember most NBA contracts are based on offensive production. I prefer 2way players. Who play to win. Capela and Collins could make a solid bigs duo. Worth giving it a long look. Still best thing could happen is getting Edwards in draft.

  9. Sillivan

    Warriors would like to help Hawks to get Edwards

    Pick swap 2020 and pick swap 2021

  10. KnickerbockerAl

    Warriors hold key not only to draft. But a major trade. Even FA signings. Been reading stories. Warriors could trade down for a more ready prospect. Like Vassell, Okongwu, Bey. All can come off bench and be big contributors. Plus they will get more assets. Warriors have options and are in great position. Older vets like Gasol, Ibaka can Ring case for less money. Warriors to me are key on how this draft will go. I’m leaning to them making a trade. For this reason this draft will exciting.

    • Sillivan

      Warriors are trying to help those 7 teams at home
      They can get whoever they want
      Best option would be Knicks Bulls Hornets
      Swap pick next year

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