Justin Holiday Unsure About Going To NBA Campus

When the NBA released its six-phase plan to restart the season in Orlando, one major detail confirmed by the league was that players do not have to attend. Players would not receive their game checks in the event that they take this route, but there would be no penalty – such as a fine or suspension – beyond that.

J. Michael of the Indianapolis Star hears that Justin Holiday is the only member of the Pacers deliberating whether or not to go. Sources tell Michael that Holiday is 50/50 on joining the club in Orlando.

Holiday was one of the players on the recent Kyrie Irving-led conference call, during which the Nets point guard questioned the league for returning the play in the midst of social justice reform.

Players have until June 24 to notify their team that they will not be participating in the remainder of the season in Orlando.

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6 thoughts on “Justin Holiday Unsure About Going To NBA Campus

  1. jessaumodesto

    If Justin Holiday doesn’t go is it even worth playing the season anymore?

  2. Lionel Muggeridge

    Who cares? The only dissenters seem to be those who are out of contention, who are injured, are role players or have little chance of getting to the finals

  3. KnickerbockerAl

    Where’s Indiana going. Maybe out the first rd. I doubt it. Justin is a FA. So I guess he wants to ready for FA. He should just stay home. Players have to say if they are in by june26 I believe.

  4. Interesting point regarding upcoming FAs playing Bubble Ball. Counterpoint: If he were to have a good playoff series (even if the Pacers lose the first round), it could increase his value significantly this off-season.

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