Knicks Open To Trading Julius Randle

With the NBA’s plan to return for the 2019/20 in place, the Knicks are officially in the offseason stage, as the organization was not one of the 22 teams summoned to Orlando.

In addition to searching for a new head coach, newly-minted team president Leon Rose will also have to focus on building the roster for next season. Last summer’s big free-agent signing, Julius Randle, is someone the team would be open to trading, Marc Berman of the New York Post writes.

The Knicks have already explored moving Randle, as the team had talks with the Hornets ahead of this year’s trade deadline. Randle signed a three-year, $63MM deal last summer after New York failed to land Kevin Durant or Kyrie Irving in free agency.

Randle had flashes of brilliance this season, but his defensive shortcomings and ball-dominant style of play failed to mesh with the Knicks’ core of youngsters. Although Randle averaged 19.7 PPG and 9.7 RPG in 64 games, his strong three-point shooting from a year prior fell to 27.7%.

As Berman notes, there are some financial implications that could hinder dealing Randle, but his $18.9MM salary for next season is manageable. Also, still just 25 years old, Randle can be a helpful piece to an NBA team.

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52 thoughts on “Knicks Open To Trading Julius Randle

      • nsideindy

        Not sure who “you” would be interested in…but it doesn’t really matter. It depends on how bad the Knicks want to get rid of him

        • jr.white

          yeah….Knicks could sweeten the pot with picks if they’re *really* that desperate

    • metsie1

      Future First round pick and couple of salary dumps to make cap work. Randle is a ball stopper.

  1. Sillivan

    I am a quality trader

    Every move is easy to me

    Randle and 1 Mavs pick to Pistons for Snell

    Knicks trade Randle for cap flexibility

  2. jacobsigel1025

    Randle to Dallas for Powell Jackson and a 2nd. Dallas gets a legitimate third option alongside their two stars. Knicks save about 5 million and get young assets in return

    • processtrustee

      I agree Dallas would be a good fit as a front court compliment to Porzingas

      • wagner13

        That depends on if Porzingis feels comfortable playing the 5. He’s expressed his displeasure with taking on a traditional center role in the past

    • Simmons>Russ

      Knicks say no, Powell is most likely out for a whole year with his injury. He’s also on about 10mil a year for 3 more years. Knicks like cap space and flexibility.
      Jackson is decent but they probably largely see his skill set in Kevin Knox who they pressure have and is developing.
      You also said they get young assets…
      Powell is 28 and signed for 4 seasons, Jackson is 25.
      Julius Randle at 25 would be the youngest player in the deal, so they would be getting older assets…

      • jacobsigel1025

        28 isn’t old by any means and Powell would make more than 10 per on the open market.

        • jacobsigel1025

          Especially if Kelly Olynyk was able to pull 12 mill a year a few offseasons ago

  3. I guess if it’s the Hornets, Rozier would be involved from their end.

    That said, they have plenty of cap space. If the Knicks just wanted to salary dump and the Hornets were amiable, maybe it’s as simple as Cody Martin straight up for Randle.

    With the Knicks also having space, it could go the other way as well. Knicks could potentially get draft capital (Cavs 2020 2nd) along with McDaniels if they were willing to take back Batum at $27M player option as there is absolutely no way he’s not picking that up.

    • alproof

      The only way I would want one of them is to get both of them. Barrett Robinson Knox nucleus with this draft’s two first-rounders. I really want Okongwu and a second-tier PG (not so impressed with the first tier, unless Ball arrives with his brother).

  4. mlbnyyfan

    I agree with Greg 100% It’s all about Rozier. Not sure the appeal Knicks have with him. They tried last off season and failed. I would go after Monk or draft a PG. If Dallas is interested would be funny for Hardaway find his way back to NY again. Any chance Luka for Randle happens. LoL

  5. mlbnyyfan

    No way. If anything OKC gives the Knicks some draft picks to take that bad contract. OKC will buy him out and CP3 first on a plane to Los Angeles

  6. Sillivan

    Most trade ideas here Don’t improve Knicks cap room,which is the key to sign good free agents

    Knicks have 6 firsts next 3 years,on win mode
    Cap room cap room
    Free agents, free agents

  7. Sillivan

    NBC sports report that Warriors plan
    to keep Wiggins
    Use 17.2 million TE
    Use tax MLE
    Trade all picks 11 picks next 3 seasons

    Trade trade trade

  8. Sillivan

    My Hawks plan _ GM is Friend of Warriors

    1. Sign Christian Wood 4 years 120 million
    2. Trade John Collins to Warriors for Edwards
    3. Draft Toppin

    then trade young players and future picks for quality players

    • andremets

      Do you honestly belive John Collins is worth a top-5 pick even in a weak draft? You’d be lucky to get a pick in the 14-18 range.

  9. Simmons>Russ

    Trade ideas

    1. Randle and Portis for Blake Griffin and a first
    2. Randle for Rozier
    3. Randle, DSJ and 2 seconds for Dinwiddie and Prince
    4. Randle, Knox and DSJ for Aldridge
    5. Randle, Gibson, DSJ for Gobert and Davis

    • All American Johnsonville Dogs

      Bad ideas.

      1. Knicks need to be wise with their cap room. Blake Griffin is a name but not a good investment.
      2. Hornets need Rozier more than Randle. Hornets can go out and sign Morris from LAC to fill the need.
      3. Aldridge is a name and 34.
      4. No way Jazz do that deal. They’re not giving away Gobert for free. Plus if we are being honest they can trade Mitchell for a huge package like Paul George level and build around Gobert.

      Randle to the Nuggets for their 1st makes sense. Nuggets are losing Millsap and Grant. Randle is an immediate replacement and can serve as the option in the 2nd unit.

      • Simmons>Russ

        1. Knicks get a big name which THEY WANT and get a first
        2. Hornets don’t need Rozier they have Graham and a top pick in the draft.
        3. You didn’t mention Nets deal
        4. Aldridge is dumb
        5. Wouldn’t be for free. Why build around a defensive centre who struggles to get 15 points per game and is 27/28. Mitchell is younger and a better player hence why you would build around him. And this deal would give Mitchell some help. Randle get points and boards, DSJ could be a solid sixth man and with Mitchell helping maybe improve from his rookie year where he put up 15-5-4

        Lastly your deal is stupid. The nuggets draft really well without having top picks (Jokic, Murray, Porter Jr, Bol Bol, Morris etc) and why give up a first to get Randle when it would be cheaper to sign Grant who is a better shooter and much better defender and it doesn’t cost them a first

      • x%sure

        It is possible both Millsap and Grant could leave, making Randle more sensible. But that’s a big assumption. If one leaves, would theother?– I haven’t heard that. Maybe they’re tired of the Porter build-up.

    • Sillivan

      They don’t look alike.
      Julius Randle look more like Julius Erving, nba legend.

  10. Mconner

    What about CJ to Brooklyn with clippers pick from Knicks to them
    Knicks get Dinwiddie and Prince give up clippers pick this year and Dallas pick next year
    Blazers get Randle, Knox, Smith Jr, Allen plus Brooklyn pick this year, Brooklyn pick next year, and Dallas pick next year from Knicks

    • Sillivan

      Good trade for Knicks, not for others.

      Blazers are not on rebuild.

      Warriors look more like on rebuild than Blazers.

  11. Even the Knicks aren’t clueless enough to attach a pick to get rid of Randle. He’s overpaid and a poor fit. But they don’t need his cap space (they already have more than they can efficiently use) and his deal is (effectively) expiring. The issue is whether they would agree to take on a longer term deal for a similarly overpaid player that doesn’t fit with his current team (Rozier is that, but they passed on it previously and I don’t see it being revisited until after the draft).

    • Sillivan

      Rozier is another overpaid and poor fit

      The trade waste of time and energy

      Knicks goal is to clear the house,not taking back the same $hit home

      Knicks can make playoffs after signing good guys

  12. KnickerbockerAl

    Randle has 1 yr on contract. A 20 and 10 player at 19 mill. 25 yrs old. He is movable. Knicks ain’t giving up no picks. I still think Randle in right system. Can be a solid contributor. He needs to understand his role. Knicks definitely moving him. Been too much smoke now.

    • andremets

      As a Knicks fan, I’d be more than happy to take on some bad contracts if we get future assets in return. We still need at least 2 years of tanking (if not 3!) before we could be a serious contender. I would do Randle for Rozier and Hornet’s #1 in a heartbeat.

      I think with the depth of scoring guards in this draft, I think Rozier would pointless. If the Knicks knew they were Getting Ball or Edwards, then I could Rozier being a fit.

      • Appalachian_Outlaw

        The issue is the Hornets are in the same boat- needing picks. I’d hate to see Charlotte attach a pick to Rozier. They should just stay the course. They really need more scoring than anything else.

  13. Sillivan

    I see this happens

    If Warriors are able to use 17 million MLE
    If Knicks are not able to sign good free agents

    Knicks get Wiggins and Ball
    Warriors get Randle and Okongwu

    Warriors save 10 Million plus tax next season and save 25 million plus tax season after

  14. KnickerbockerAl

    The FA market next is not great. There are no stars who will move on. Gallinari is probably biggest name to sign elsewhere. Depending on who we draft. I wouldn’t mind having El Gallo finish his career in NY. I think only FA Knicks go after hard is Wood. Just hope they don’t overpay him. This yr with a good draft. And few gd moves (FA, Randle). Knicks can challenge for 8 seed. And still be in rebuild mode. 2021 FA season is when Knicks will get more serious. We got 3 of top 37 picks in draft. Who we draft will set us up for new direction. For instance if we get a top 3 pick. I love Halliburton. But at top 3. I have to look at Wiseman if he’s there. Or Toppin. BPA for sure. Ball I want no part of. To me top 3 guys are Wiseman, Edwards, Toppin. But it will be dictated by which team is drafting where. These are the only players I take ahead of Halliburton. And if we get Edwards, I move the pick for more.

    • Sillivan

      Point guard is the key for Knicks
      No pg the team can’t flow like a bee and fly like butterfly

      Sign all 3 free agents

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