Nikola Jokic Tests Positive For Coronavirus; U.S. Return Delayed

Nuggets center Nikola Jokic tested positive for the coronavirus last week in Serbia, delaying his return to the United States, report Adrian Wojnarowski and Brian Windhorst of ESPN (via Twitter).

According to the ESPN duo, Jokic has been asymptomatic since testing positive. The All-Star big man is expected to be cleared to travel to Denver within the next week, per Woj and Windhorst.

We learned last week that Jokic may have been exposed to COVID-19, having been in close proximity to KK Partizan center Nikola Jankovic, who tested positive shortly thereafter. Tennis star Novak Djokovic, who was at the same event, announced earlier today that he has tested positive for the coronavirus as well.

While Jokic’s return to Denver will be delayed, it doesn’t sound as if he’s suffering from any symptoms, and it seems likely he’ll be recovered before the Nuggets travel to Orlando in July. Assuming that’s the case, the 25-year-old will be able to participate in training camp with the team and should be good to go for the eight seeding games and the postseason.

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21 thoughts on “Nikola Jokic Tests Positive For Coronavirus; U.S. Return Delayed

  1. hiflew

    So why has Jokic been publicly identified while other players can remain anonymous? I’m sure there is a reason involving travel, but it just doesn’t seem fair. Either everyone should be identified publicly or no one should.

    • lebuck

      Sorry but this should cater to what you feel is appropriate but rather the preference of the person who tested positive. Healthcare info should always be confidential unless given consent by the patient

      • Againigan

        This isn’t a case of “The preference of the person who tested positive”. I dont see anywhere in the article or in any of the links that suggest Jokic was the one that divulged his positive test. Jokic was outed by two ESPN reporters.

        • hiflew

          Thank you for understanding my point. “Outing” someone for this is not something that should be considered acceptable because a stigma could be attached. Just look at Gobert who will likely be the “Typhoid Mary” of the NBA as long as sticks around.

          • x%sure

            Full transparency best. Surviving covid is macho anyway.

            Gobert is not a good example. He is blamed rightly as someone who spread it on purpose with frequent common gestures, who bragged about doing so. Big difference from a somewhat innocent person (Jokic attended a basketball game but without maintaining separation. He probably just breathed it in, not distributed it around).

            • andremets

              Wasn’t gobert’s only crime making a joke at the end of a press conference? Why would you make that stuff up?

              • phillyballers

                No he was touching all of his teammates things in the locker room. You living under a rock? There’s a reason Donovan Mitchell and other teammates were pissed at him.

  2. Jeff Zanghi

    Man that sucks for him — at least it’s early enough that he probably still has enough time to stay quarantined and then still be in Orlando in time for the season

    • x%sure

      Should be looked into. He did not look healthy in a tweet picture, but it would be not appropriate or fair or likely, accurate, to diagnose illness from that. Just, wth.

  3. KnickerbockerAl

    Well Denver is done. It’s a 2wk quarantine minimum. Then needs recovery and playing shape. I. Ant see being ready for restart. Why is he flying around during a pandemic. Easy to forget these guys still kids. Teams should be more in control. This is a Pandemic. Even the protesting players took big chances. You can’t have a season. If they are not all on same page. He’s lucky he is young and rich. So should be fine. 123,000 Americans have already died. Stay safe .

    • wagner13

      First of all, he’s 25 and no longer a “kid.” Secondly, the article clearly states he’s asymptomatic and expected to recover well before even training camp starts. Hold your horses before releasing a bunch of hyperbolic nonsense. On the other hand, I agree players should be more responsible regarding travel

      • KnickerbockerAl

        25 is a dumb kid. Who flies around in a pandemic. Why do you go to event where multiple people have tested positive. Why would you risk infecting your family. Stay in quarantine till the season is called. They all have a responsibility to their profession first. They shouldn’t even be out protesting. Asymptomatic does not mean you can’t transmit. Just another rich kid doing dumb things. Your responsibility is to your team and profession first. There is no reason to even go out. When you can have everything brought to you. It’s 3/4 months. It’s not a big deal. Yes he is a child

    • What is he not supposed to be his friends and family in Serbia during a global pandemic? These players are grown men and have lives outside of what you see on tv

  4. sportfan101

    Because tossing out big names put true fear into people I know that person!!!

  5. El Don

    What a surprise! Jokic has no symptoms & will recover without a problem! Doesn’t 99.9% of the people do just that! Most don’t know they have it, they shouldn’t even be tested. Getting this virus is not a death sentence!

    • phillyballers

      No it’s at 98.3% right now. Him surviving doesn’t mean his parents or loved ones will if they get infected by being in proximity to him.

      You’re being irresponsible if you’re not getting tested. Being somewhere with known positive tests and not getting tested, then going back to your family is like banging a back alley hooker with an STD with no condom and then going home to your wife or girlfriend.

      Not being able to see that you have something, doesn’t mean you don’t have it.

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