Pistons Notes: Summer League, Billups, GM Search, Roster, Grades

As one of the eight teams that won’t head to Orlando to resume the season, the Pistons have made proposals to the league for a revised summer league and earlier training camp, Omari Sankofa II of The Detroit Free Press reports.

The Pistons would like to hold a “mini-summer league” in July featuring structured workouts and games against other lottery-bound teams for their younger players. They also requested to hold a team training camp in mid-September for all players under contract for next season, Sankofa adds. That wouldn’t include free agent signings and draft picks, since that would occur in October. The start of the 2020/21 season has been pushed to December.

We have more Pistons-related news:

  • In the same story, Sankofa indicated that Chauncey Billups is a front office candidate but not for the position he covets. The Pistons are seeking a GM and assistant GM. Billups is only interested in the GM job but the front office would rather bring him in as assistant GM and groom their 2004 NBA Finals MVP for a higher-level executive position.
  • The GM search signals that senior adviser Ed Stefanski will eventually move into a background role, James L. Edwards III of The Athletic notes. The franchise prefers an experienced candidate for the GM job who can make an immediate impact and oversee player evaluations and the draft, Edwards continues. It’s also possible that the Pistons will hire multiple assistant GMs and leave the GM spot vacant for next season, he adds.
  • Blake Griffin, Sekou Doumbouya and Bruce Brown are the players under contract most likely to remain on the roster entering next season, Keith Langlois of the team’s website opines. Derrick Rose will also likely be back, though he’d be a prime trade candidate in his walk year if the team fortifies the point guard spot, Langlois adds.
  • A couple of players earned A-minuses from Detroit News beat writer Rod Beard. See all his evaluations and final grades here.
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6 thoughts on “Pistons Notes: Summer League, Billups, GM Search, Roster, Grades

  1. mrshyguy99

    since billups never work in a front office before. it wouldnt be a bad idea for a team to give him a assistant gm job and than groom him to move up in the front office.

    • I give no fox

      He doesn’t want to leave his high paid tv gig to take a lesser paying job that doesn’t include decision making

  2. Sillivan

    For Pistons GM, the two most important thing for the next 4 years is
    1. knows basketball and draft picks
    2. assets collecting

    The perfect fit for this job by order
    1. Sam Presti – Oklahoma City Thunder
    2.R.C. Buford – San Antonio Spurs
    3.Masai Ujiri – Toronto Raptors

    Sam Hinkie and Daryl Morey don’t know much basketball.

    Billups is a little better than Eltan Brand, but he is still not good enough.

  3. Skip, Tampa

    Billups would be great as an Assistant GM. He has to decide between TV and FO. In 3-6 years could be running the whole show in Detroit.
    David Fitzdale would actually make a great Asst GM on a rebuilding team.

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