Pistons Notes: Weaver Hiring, Wood, Griffin

The Pistons‘ long pursuit of Troy Weaver finally paid off Thursday when he was hired to be the team’s general manager, writes Rod Beard of The Detroit News. A league source tells Beard that Detroit had strong interest in Weaver when team president/coach Stan Van Gundy and GM Jeff Bower were dismissed two years ago, but the Thunder wouldn’t grant permission for an interview.

Weaver, 52, spent more than a decade in the Oklahoma City front office and was instrumental in building a team that reached the NBA Finals. He was an advocate for drafting Russell Westbrook with the fourth pick in 2008, even though he wasn’t projected that high. Pistons vice chairman Arn Tellem previously worked with Wasserman Media Group, which represented Westbrook.

“We’re rebuilding our roster and Troy brings a tremendous amount of experience. He’s one of those guys who has a knack for talent,” Pistons coach Dwane Casey said in an NBA-TV interview. “A lot of the growth and building they did in Oklahoma City Thunder, he was a big part of that. … The next couple of years of developing our roster is a key time in our organization.”

There’s more from Detroit:

  • In addition to Tellem and Casey, Weaver spoke with senior adviser Ed Stefanski, owner Tom Gores and the Pistons’ assistant general managers during the interview process so the organization could get a “fully rounded view,” according to James L. Edwards III of The Athletic. Weaver will be given free rein to hire more assistant GMs and support staff. Sources tell Edwards that Nets assistant GM Jeff Peterson and Clippers assistant GM Mark Hughes were both impressive in their interviews and received serious consideration for the job.
  • Re-signing Christian Wood should be Weaver’s top priority, states Ansar Khan of MLive. Wood will be an unrestricted free agent after a breakout performance over the last month of the season, but faces a market limited by financial uncertainty and a shortage of teams with cap space. Detroit owns Wood’s early Bird rights and can start his new deal at a little more than the non-taxpayer mid-level exception, which is expected to be about $9.7MM. The Celtics and Rockets both expressed interest in Wood at the trade deadline, Khan adds.
  • Weaver also faces an important decision on Blake Griffin, who still has two years and approximately $75.6MM left on his contract, writes Omari Sankofa II of The Detroit News. Griffin was limited to 18 games this season because of a knee injury and at age 31, he doesn’t fit the team’s rebuilding timeline. Sankofa notes that Weaver was part of two franchise-altering trades last summer involving Paul George and Westbrook.
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11 thoughts on “Pistons Notes: Weaver Hiring, Wood, Griffin

  1. Sillivan

    Wood contract
    Pistons want to start the deal at a little more than 9.7 million

    Wood will get far above market value

    What did Celtics and Rockets offer for Wood in February?

    • mcase7187

      I’m sure the Cs offered a one of there many 1st and maybe Sami O or Carson E

  2. Sillivan

    Market is about overpay contract

    The word “reasonable” is useless in the market

  3. KnickerbockerAl

    No one is paying Wood big money. Only knicks anus old way of thinking will. Cap is less. The guy played 12 solid gms. You would be a fool to pay max on that. I said mid level money. The guy was making minimum money. Pistons can match any money and keep him. Celts and Rockets don’t have cap space to go over mid level. So unless Teams way under cap get involved. He is not doing better than mid level. IMO he isn’t worth more than that. Now he can sign 2 yr deal. And then for cap to open up. And go fir contract then. He will only be 26. Seems to me only the Pistons n Knicks are real possibilities. Knicks have been scouting him since Drummond was traded. Pistons are not going to pay big. My guess is they do sign n trade with Knicks. This way they get value. For a player they lucked out on. Pistons best option is to look to future. Do a full rebuild. Get value for Rose. Plenty of contenders want him. Griffin is much harder to move. But OKC is home. They can have him till they rebuild back up. They can get good value (youth, picks) for all three players. I haven’t seen Wood a lot. I know Knicks have and they like what they saw. He’s a better Portis to me. Truth is I rather see him at 4 than Randle. Just pray Knicks don’t overpay for Wood. In trade or contract.

    • Luckylefty2

      Agree with you on this one. Wood is very talented but he was putting up numbers on a bad team & hasnt even played a full season yet. I would give him a 3-30, 1st year full then partial on his second and non guaranteed in his last year.

      • Roger23

        The Pistons were a “bad team” only because of the mismanagement of Dwayne Casey.

        Casey started a Small Forward (Bruce Brown) at Point Guard for 40+ losses.


        Also, Christian Woods was ready to break out & start for Blake Griffin from the start, but was clearly being held back by Casey.

  4. wright0525

    It doesn’t make sense to trade a young asset during a rebuild. The Pistons have finally admitted that they need to blow it up and start over, no chance the trade wood. Rose is going to go, and if they can trade Blake without taking on bad contracts, he’s gone.

    • Roger23

      The Pistons only need a Head Coaching change & they’re no worse than a #5 seed in the East.

  5. KnickerbockerAl

    Pistons have scouted Nttilikina in the past. Supposedly they liked him in draft. They wound up taking Kennard. So taking Frank and a future pick. I’m sure a #1 pick would do it. But that’s exactly what I’m talking about overpaying. Woods will be 28-29 by time Pistons become descent again. It’s really a good move to go full rebuild. Like I said before. I rather draft Toppin if we get top 3 pick. But Knicks when they want something. Have shown they will overpay to get it. I’m not a fan of that.

  6. Roger23

    The Pistons were a “bad team” only because of the mismanagement of Dwayne Casey.

    Casey started a Small Forward (Bruce Brown) at Point Guard for 40+ losses.


    Also, Christian Woods was ready to break out & start for Blake Griffin from the start, but was clearly being held back by Casey.

  7. steve dolan

    Wood seems to have found himself this season. I don’t know why Detroit would let him get away without re-signing him, but if he’s available, the Celtics could really use him at power forward. He and Theis could reek havok.

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