Southeast Notes: Fournier, Bertans, Gordon

Evan Fournier is not a fan of Wizards forward Davis Bertans sitting out of the NBA’s return. The Magic wing tweeted, “This is what’s wrong with the NBA nowadays” in response to the report that Bertans wasn’t going to Orlando.

Seriously tho. If you think its ok to sit and watch your teammates play while you re perfectly healthy its says a lot about you,” Fournier continued in a second tweet.

Bertans, who is one of multiple NBA players expected to sit out the resumed season in Florida, will be a free agent at the end of the season, though the Magic are not expected to have the cap space to make a reasonable offer to the 27-year-old power forward, so Fournier will not have to worry about Bertans joining his team.

Here’s more from the Southeast Division:

  • Heat swingman Derrick Jones plans to play when the NBA returns, as Anthony Chang of The Miami Herald relays. Jones will hit free agency after the season and figures to be in line for a significant raise after earning the minimum during his first four NBA seasons.
  • Trading Aaron Gordon for a perimeter threat could be the best way to maximize the talent on the Magic, John Hollinger writes for The Athletic. Trading away Gordon would allow Jonathan Isaac more playing time.
  • Clint Capela, who was traded to the Hawks at the trade deadline, recently spoke about what it takes to win in the league, which is something he’ll look to help his young teammates learn. “The main goal is really to be a winning team, have this winning mentality, be able to night in, night out go get wins,” Capela said (via Sarah K. Spencer of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution). “…It doesn’t matter if you play good or bad, but you have to have that dog mentality to make stops, to at least get a win.” 
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16 thoughts on “Southeast Notes: Fournier, Bertans, Gordon

  1. I get both sides of this. Yeah I understand about being part of a team and not letting them down but at the same time this is his career. If he thinks this is the right decision in regards to making the most earnings then so be it.

  2. El Don

    I just love a player with the balls to say the truth, only the truth & nothing but the truth! Evan you are that guy! Counting that he is a much better player than Bertans will ever be, any fan should care more for what he thinks than Bertans, that’s for sure!
    But the undeniable truth, that all the fans can agree with, is that a guy who refuses to play, because he wants to make sure he gets paid, is not the type of player you want in your team, & that is a fact!
    Best way to get paid is playing & proving how good you are… of course that ain’t easy for Bertans he is well under average!

    • Jamespfunk

      Wall is healthy he isn’t playing…

      I don’t blame Bertans for not playing when he’s got a lot of money on the line and the Wizards don’t really have a shot of making the playoffs they are just being forced to play a few extra games after taking a lot of time off.

      • Magic 24/7

        Wall hasn’t played since 2018, coming off an achilles injury no less…totally different situation.

        Washington opened their facilities 3 weeks ago.

        Wizards have legit shot at playoffs. All they have to do is get within 4 back to force elimination, so all they have to is gain 1.5g on Magic or 2g on Nets. In this unique 8 game bubble situation, that’s very doable.

        What if WAS makes playoffs, or what if they just barely miss them in an elimination game…how do you think Beal and his teammates will look at it?

  3. Skip, Tampa

    Evan is making a very fair point on Bertans playing. The playoffs are also where a player can really bump up his contract value. Understand why Bertans is an opt out. Previous injury history is a concern.
    So if it’s such big problem now for the playoffs, why would a team fork out a big contract next year for the same problem as now ?
    Gordon should push Magic for a trade to the Heat.
    Magic: Nunn, Olynik, 2020 1st (Heat pick for)
    Heat: Gordon, 2020 2nd
    (Magic pick for)
    Solves needs for both teams. Also with rare good returns.

    • Simmons>Russ

      Magic already have two centre in Vuce and Bamba they don’t need Olynyk. They also have Augustine and Fultz so don’t need Nunn. Plus the heat don’t have a 2020 first to give.
      So doesn’t make any sense

  4. Simmons>Russ

    What about Aaron Gordon and Evan Fournier for Caris LeVert and Taureun Prince?

    Nets get Gordon who can help score at the 4 while KD continues to recover. Fournier gives the team more of a off ball shooter than LeBert who plays on ball more. Fournier on an expiring contract in a good FA class for this team also has value in itself. I think KD and Irving would like Gordon, particularly KD because Gordon would mean he doesn’t have to play the 4 as often

    The Magic get Caris LeVert who can score the basketball well which is what they need. He’s young and has shown some really good glimpses. He and Fultz could be a potentially good future backcourt. Prince can fill the 3 position play average defence and offence. He suits just being a average glue guy. I think Magic would love LeVert

  5. Skip, Tampa

    Actually, both teams can pick for each other and use those players in the trade.
    Olynik can also play C/PF as bench rotation player. Also allows for a 2020 1st pick swap to Warriors for Bamba.
    Not a chance DJ is even in the same league as Nunn. Plus would argue a Fultz, Nunn backcourt has serious potential.
    Magic don’t want help now, then take the Heat 2025 1st lottery protected, as has been noted before.
    Still a great deal for each.

  6. Appalachian_Outlaw

    The Wizards aren’t making the playoffs. So what is the point in Bertans playing 8 games?

    Evan should just worry about Evan, and let everyone make what they feel is the best choice for themselves.

    • Magic 24/7

      How do you know WAS isn’t making playoffs?

      All they have to do is get to within 4 bk to force elimination…so all they have to do is gain 1.5g on Magic or 2g on BRK.

      In 8 game bubble situation, that’s very doable. Any team can go on streak or slump in those conditions.

      If Beal & Wizards go on streak and just barely miss out on playoffs (including playoff $ + playoff reps for young guys)…Bertans sitting is going to look a lot different to teammates.

      Every season has 4-5 month hiatus + Wizard’s facilities have been open to him for 3 weeks already + many NBA players have been training/playing 5-on-5 long before that.

      Wall hasn’t played since 2018, so its not the same situation.

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