Three Pelicans Players Tested Positive For COVID-19

Three players on the Pelicans‘ roster tested positive for the coronavirus when mandatory testing began last Tuesday, head of basketball operations David Griffin told reporters today (Twitter link via Jim Eichenhofer).

Those three players are following the NBA’s protocol, self-isolating and being re-tested daily. After they complete their quarantine period, return two negative tests, and get medical clearance, they’ll be able to resume workouts and travel to Orlando.

The NBA announced last week that 16 of the 302 players who were tested for COVID-19 last Tuesday were diagnosed with the virus. Based on Griffin’s comments today, it sounds like three of those 16 positive tests belonged to members of the Pelicans, though he didn’t specify which players are affected.

It’s also not clear whether or not any of the three Pelicans who tested positive are showing symptoms. Teams have the ability to sign a substitute player to replace a player who tests positive for the coronavirus, but Griffin didn’t suggest that anyone is any jeopardy of missing the restart, so hopefully New Orleans’ three affected players are asymptomatic.

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9 thoughts on “Three Pelicans Players Tested Positive For COVID-19

  1. Burger425

    So that’s at least 3 facilities thg at have been shut down. We have Nets, miami, denver, Sacramento and new Orleans who have all had multiple cases. The media has failed to report on numerous staff cases and doesn’t seem aware of the fact that several teams have positive players who have not joined their teams in their home markets (likely bc they are positive and cant travel yet). We have Jabari who couldnt follow rules for a few days yet we expect hundreds of players and staff to follow bubble rules for min of 7 weeks. And florida is raging with COVID-19 and the disney employees can come and go from the bubble. Tell me again how continuing the season makes sense. Obviously safety and health are not the priority.

    • Burger425

      Since when? March or this recent round of testing? I believe that since the media reported 16, there have been at least 8 more, and I know they weren’t including staff in that 16. I also believe there are players who have not reported due to illness and they arent counted either (expect Jovic). Just wondering why they cant call it a wrap and try for a regular start in October. Its unsafe and no one knows the long term effects of this virus, even for those who are asymptomatic. Is the money that important?

      • Sillivan

        Since June 1
        Some of them are part of 16

        I am concerned that Hotel workers go home and enjoy then come back to massage nba players

  2. Jcool90

    Screw sports. Dont need them that badly. Healthcare and health is more important not to everyone but 2 me and my loved ones.

    • x%sure

      Screw truckers too? Someone has to keep bringing stuff to where you can get it. They are at greater risk than bubbled ballplayers.

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